Chats with the stars of the screen

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The "Veronica Mars" star on his new movie "Searching for Sonny"

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Alicia Malone talks to the cast of "Total Recall" for Moviehole

In Australia to talk about "Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter", a highly-anticipated new pic from producer Tim Burton

Director of "Battleship" for the Blu-ray release; plus exclusive clips and a chance for you to win a copy of the film on BD!

The star and playwright behind the terrific "Killer Joe"



The first clip from Warner's "Batman v Superman" has been released. The peekaboo sees Henry Cavill's Man of Steel unmasking a chained-up Batman (Bruce Wayne)....

If a second sequel to the now-classic "Anchorman" comes to be, writer-director Adam McKay expects it to team Ron Burgundy with the online community. Speaking...

The next "Predator" flick has a script, Last Summer, it was announced that Shane Black ("Iron Man 3") and Fred Dekker ("The Monster Squad")...

The long-gestating Tupac biopic is back on, with music video and commercial director Benny Boom at the helm, says THR. Boom replaces Carl Franklin, who...

It's confirmed : Christopher McQuarrie will be back at the helm of the next "Mission : Impossible" installment. The "Usual Suspects" scribe is the...