Chats with the stars of the screen

Moviehole talks to the distinguished voice behind Astro Boy's Dr. Elefun

Clint Morris talks to the Australian star of the highly-anticipated "Saw VI"

Voices the character of KW in "Where the Wild Things Are"

Talks about "An Education" and the upcoming "Wall Street 2"

A chat about his role in Steven Soderbergh's "The Informant"

Popular British actor starring in "The Damned United" and "New Moon"

Moviehole talks to her for the Australian release of "The Box"

The "Couples Retreat" co-star talks to Moviehole

Moviehole catches up with the "Final Destination" scribes in L.A

We catch up with the veteran actress about her role in "Whip It"

Clint Morris and Ashley Hillard go toe-to-toe with the "Whip It" star

The talented actress turns filmmaker with the wonderful "Whip It". Clint and Ashley report.

Clint and Ashley talk to the stars of "The Final Destination"

Moviehole's Exclusive Interview with the "Whip It" star

Plays Shaggy in Warner Premiere's "Scooby Doo : The Mystery Begins"

Stars in the highly-anticipated "Zombieland" with Woody Harrelson

Clint Morris chats to the stars of "Mao's Last Dancer"

The author and star of "Mao's Last Dancer" talk to Clint Morris

Clint Morris talks to the Creature/Effects Maker about "Surrogates"

Clint Morris chats to the new 'Velma' from "Scooby Doo : The Mystery Begins"

Clint Morris talks to 'Fred' from "Scooby Doo : The Mystery Begins"

Talks about his role in "The Loved Ones" and the upcoming "Eclipse"

The star of stage and screen talks about his role in "The Informant"

Clint Morris talks to 'Daphne' from "Scooby Doo : The Mystery Begins"

Clint Morris chats to the director of the highly-anticipated "Fame" remake

The writer/director of the confronting new Australian drama, "Van Diemen's Land" talks to Clint Morris

An Exclusive Chat with the star of "Jennifer's Body" and TVs "Big Love"

An Exclusive Interview with the Australian actress about "The Surrogates"

Bruce & Demi's daughter stars in the new horror film, "Sorority Row"

Director and Producer, respectively, of "Anvil"


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