• Interview : Sam Worthington

    "I was a brick layer. I built houses and never wanted to act. When I was 19, I met a young girl who auditioned for the premier drama school", says the "Terminator Salvation" star.

  • Interview : Robert Picardo

    The sci-fi vet chats about "Stargate Atlantis", "Star Trek : Voyager", and his upcoming stint on TV hit "Castle" with Nathan Fillion

  • Exclusive Interview : Kyle Newman

    The director of "Fanboys" talks about the film's long road to the big screen with Clint Morris

  • Exclusive Interview : Pete Docter

    The "Monsters Inc" director now tackles old age and regret as dominant themes of his beautifully poetic and funny "Up".

  • Interview : Terminator Salvation cast

    Ashley talks to Common, Moon Bloodgood, Bryce Dallas-Howard and Anton Yelchin from "Terminator Salvation"

  • Interview : McG

    After a screening of "Terminator Salvation" last week, I had the opportunity to talk to director McG ("Charlie's Angels", "We are Marshall") about the highly-anticipated sequel

  • Interview : Christian Bale

    "Dark Knight" star now playing John Connor in McG's "Terminator Salvation"

  • Interview : MyAnna Buring

    "Descent" actress now starring in the crazy comedy "Lesbian Vampire Killers"

  • Exclusive Interview : Gary Sinise

    The "CSI New York" star talks about his new film, the dramatic doco "Brothers at War"

  • Exclusive Interview : Ewan McGregor

    In "Angels and Demons", McGregor co-stars as a priest on duty in the Vatican during impending papal elections

  • Interview : Amanda Tapping

    The star of TVs "Sanctuary", a unique series shot almost entirely using green screen techniques.

  • Exclusive Interview : Rachel Weisz

    From Rian Johnson's "The Brothers Bloom", revolving around two swindling millionaires who have decided to take on one last job.

  • Exclusive Interview : Chris Ashworth

    Star of TVs "The Wire" plays Richter in "Terminator Salvation"

  • Exclusive Interview : Anna Faris

    CLINT MORRIS talks to Faris about playing the ‘nasty' of the new Seth Rogen starrer, ''Observe and Report''

  • Exclusive Interview : Leonard Nimoy & Zachary Quinto

    Moviehole talks to both old and new Spocks - Zachary Quinto and the legendary Leonard Nimoy

  • Exclusive Interview : John Cho

    At first glance, the casting of Korean-born John Cho as the iconic Sulu in J.J. Abrams' ''Star Trek'' reboot may not be an obvious choice, until one sees what he does with the once chair-driven character.

  • Exclusive Interview : Hugh Jackman

    Ten years ago when we first met, Hugh Jackman was barely known. How the mighty have risen.

  • Interview : J.J Abrams

    Talks to Ashley Hillard in Los Angeles about the forthcoming "Star Trek"

  • Exclusive Interview : James Toback

    Takes on one of the world's most controversial celebrities, boxer Mike Tyson, in "Tyson"

  • Interview : Channing Tatum

    Talks to Moviehole about his role in "Fighting", as well as the upcoming blockbuster "G.I Joe"

  • Exclusive Interview : Bai Ling

    Stars opposite Jason Statham in "Crank : High Voltage" a film she did because it was "free and fun"

  • Exclusive Interview : Joe Wright

    Ashley Hillard talks to the filmmaker about the new drama starring Robert Downey Jr and Jamie Foxx

  • Exclusive Interview : Eric Christian Olsen

    Talks to Clint Morris about his role in Will Gluck's new comedy "Fired Up", as well as what lies ahead for the 31-year-old actor

  • Exclusive Interview : Paul Dano

    Ashley Hillard talks to the star and executive producer of the new comedy "Gigantic"

  • Exclusive Interview : Zac Efron

    Clint Morris chats to the star of "17 Again" about what it's like knowing he grows up to look like Matthew Perry!

  • Exclusive Interview : Paul Walker

    Paul Fischer caught up with the amiable actor to talk about "Fast and Furious"

  • Interview : Vin Diesel

    Our Los Angeles Correspondent caught up with the actor to chat "Fast and Furious"

  • Exclusive Interview : Jeffrey Katzenberg

    Katzenberg recently flew downunder for the premiere of "Monsters Vs. Aliens 3D". Davin Sgargetta caught up with him to discuss his magnificent new pic

  • Exclusive Interview : Tom Donahue

    Director of "The Guest of Cindy Sherman" which takes a look at New York's art scene of the last few decades

  • Exclusive Interview : Cary Joji Fukunaga

    Winner of Best Director at Cannes for "Sin Nombre", which has finally seen the light of day stateside


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