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Claire Danes »

Our exclusive interview with the “Me and Orson Welles” beauty

Jason Schwartzman »

Talks about his involvement in Wes Anderson’s “The Fantastic Mr Fox”

Rick Yune »

The former Bond villain talks about his role in “Ninja Assassin”

Rain »

A chat with Korean actor/musician Rain about his new film

Ruben Fleischer »

Clint catches up with the director of “Zombieland”

Rain & James McTiegue »

Ashley spends a few minutes with the “Ninja Assassin” duo

Scott Bakula »

Clint Morris chats to the star of screens big and small

Simon Pegg »

Moviehole catches up with him for the “Ice Age : Dawn of the Dinosaurs” DVD

John Billingsley
19 Nov

John Billingsley »

The “Enterprise” doc now aboard the “2012” ship

Eva Mendes »

An exclusive interview with one of Hollywood’s hottest!

John Cusack »

Starring in the Roland Emmerich-directed disaster epic “2012”

Chris Weitz »

Moviehole talks to the director of “The Twilight Saga : New Moon”

Lucy Dahl »

Roald Dahl’s daughter on “The Fantastic Mr Fox” movie

Chiwetel Ejiofor »

British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor talks to Moviehole about his role in “2012”

Nicolas Cage »

The Oscar Winner talks up “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans”

Scott Hicks »

Scott Hicks talks to Moviehole about his new film “The Boys are Back”

Justine Wachsberger »

Clint Morris talks to the “Twilight Saga : New Moon” actress

Taylor Lautner »

Moviehole talks to the exceedingly-modest star of the “Twilight” movies

Amanda Peet »

The beautiful actress reunites with John Cusack for “2012”

Quinn Lord »

Plays Sam in Warner Premiere’s “Trick R’ Treat”

Richard Curtis »

Has been associated with the greatest and most iconic British films

Kenny Ortega »

The director of “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” talks to Ashley Hillard


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