• Exclusive Interview : Mary Elizabeth Winstead

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead has had a ripper couple of years. Following her star turn in Final Destination 3, the North Carolina-born actress scored parts in such high-profile pics as Bobby, Grindhouse and Factory Girl. She also won the role of Lucy, John McClane’s (Bruce Willis) daughter in the last Die Hard movie...

  • Interview : Rumer Willis

    In her first major film role, the bubbly comedy “The House Bunny”, Rumer Willis, daughter of Bruce and ex-wife Demi Moore, plays something of an outsider in a sorority that caters for the outsider until an ex-Playboy bunny shows up and teaches them how to evolve. For Willis, there was always a...

  • Interview : Anna Faris

    Anna Faris jokingly says that she prepared to play a Playboy bunny by having “slept with Hef,...

  • Exclusive Interview : Steve Coogan

    Steve Coogan’s career in Hollywood has taken off in leaps and bounds. He delivers a comically explosive performance, literally, in the Ben Stiller-directed parody “Tropic Thunder” and plays a failed actor-turned drama teacher who combines twisted Christianity with barbarous Shakespeare in a sequel to Hamlet. Irreverant on screen, off screen, Coogan is...

  • Exclusive Interview : Jeffrey Nachmanoff

    While director Jeffrey Nachmanoff is not exactly new to movies, he considers the espionage thriller Traitor, to be his first directorial feature. A gripping yarn starring Australia’s Guy Pearce and Oscar nominee Don Cheadle in this post-9/11 tale of truth and subterfuge, the film began as a pitch by Steve Martin no...

  • DVD Interview : Kristen Bell & Russell Brand

    Kristen Bell says ''We were shoved into a room about a week after knowing each other and were told to use our yoga expertise and we came up with 15 of the most awkward sexual positions possible''.

  • DVD Interview : Mila Kunis & Jason Segel

    Moviehole chats to the stars of the hot new DVD release, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, Jason Segel & Mila Kunis. Q: How was it filming in Hawaii? Mila Kunis: I think it’s actually very inspiring. You wake up – we were staying in the villas – the walk to set was across the...

  • Interview : Luke Wilson

    The quieter, more introspective half of the famous Wilson duo, Owen Wilson is perfectly cast in the title role of Henry Poole, whose decision to be left alone is shattered when a nosy neighbour thinks that Christ is on his doorstep. At a time of summer blockbusters, Wilson relishes the change that...

  • Interview : Penelope Cruz

    Penelope Cruz walks into a Beverly Hills hotel room with a stunning red dress looking ravishing. Quietly reserved and ferociously guarded, Cruz is receiving strong reviews as the tempestuous ex-wife in Woody Allen’s “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”. Cruz is also starring in the erotic adaptation of Phillip Roth’s “Elegy” and is about to...

  • Exclusive Interview : Radha Mitchell

    Consistently diverse and beautiful Aussie actress Radha Mitchell effortlessly segues from Indie character-based films such as the Sundance favourite ”Henry Poole is Here”, to upcoming big Hollywood movies that pit her against A-list heavyweights Antonio Banderas and Bruce Willis, yet she always has time to make films in her native Australia. Paul...

  • Exclusive Interview : Sophie Monk

    Beautiful, blonde Australian actress Sophie Monk seemed just a tad overwhelmed facing the press during San Diego’s Comic Con where she was busy promoting her starring role in the intense new horror flick, ”The Hills Run Red”, that heads straight to unrated DVD early next year. The Gold Coast-born and raised Monk...

  • Interview : Kiefer Sutherland

    The "24" star talks about his new movie, "Mirrors"

  • Interview : Scarlett Johansson

    Talks to Moviehole about Woody Allen's "Vicky Cristina Barcelona", and Frank Miller's "The Spirit"

  • Interview : Robert Downey Jr

    Turns African American for a role in a Vietnam War movie in the Ben Stiller-directed comedy ''Tropic Thunder''.

  • DVD Interview : Greg Mclean

    Talks to The Fraze about his killer new flick, "Rogue"

  • Exclusive Interview : Mark Richards

    Talks about the new Surf Documentary "Bustin' Down the Door"

  • Interview : Javier Bardem

    Chats about his role in the latest Woody Allen-directed, Barcelona-shot romantic comedy "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"

  • Comic Con Interview : Alex Proyas

    Proyas talked to Paul Fischer about "Knowing" as well as his impending Dracula project

  • Comic Con Interview : Mark Wahlberg

    Wahlberg talks to the 'hole about his upcoming flick "Max Payne" - a film he says he originally didn't want to do

  • Exclusive Interview : Alan Rickman

    Talks about "Bottle Shock" but tight-lipped on next "Potter" movie

  • Comic-Con Interview : McG

    Moviehole catches up with the "Terminator Salvation" director in San Diego

  • Exclusive Interview : Judd Apatow

    Paul Fischer chatted one-on-one with the prolific "Pineapple Express" producer

  • Exclusive Interview : Matt Lanter

    The star of the straight-to-DVD sequel "WarGames : The Dead Code" talks to Clint Morris

  • Exclusive Interview : Paula Patton

    Moviehole talks to the star of "Swing Vote" and "Mirrors"

  • Interview : Jet Li & Michelle Yeoh

    Asian superstars team up for "The Mummy : Tomb of the Dragon Emperor"

  • Exclusive : Seth Rogen

    Seth Rogen is right at his element in the thick of Comic Con. A com,ic book aficionado from way back, he is using the opportunities promoting both Pineapple Express and Zack and Miri Make a Porno, to walk the floors of San Diego’s Convention Centre. But in between buying comics and games,...

  • Exclusive : Maria Bello

    Moviehole chats to the star of "The Mummy : Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" in San Diego

  • Exclusive Interview : The Edgerton’s

    Moviehole’s Davin Sgargetta talks to Joel and Nash Edgerton, the boys behind the new Aussie thriller “The Square”. Now that the film’s done, are you guys now getting tired of still being referred to as an actor and a stunt man? Joel: Not really. Because of the film, people are now starting...

  • Interview : Guy Ritchie

    Talks to Moviehole about his new film "RockNRolla" starring Gerard Butler and Thandie Newton

  • DVD Interview : David Lancaster

    Clint Morris talks to David Lancaster, the producer of ‘‘Starship Troopers 3 : Marauder”, hitting DVD this month. When did you decide to do ”Starship Troopers 3”? It was 2.5 years ago when the studio approached me with a 140 page script that was basically undoable with the budget they were contemplating....


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