Chats with the stars of the screen

Talks to Moviehole about his new film "RockNRolla" starring Gerard Butler and Thandie Newton

Clint Morris talks to David Lancaster, the producer of ''Starship Troopers 3 : Marauder'', hitting DVD this month. When did you decide to...

Beautiful British actress Hayley Atwell is making quite the name for herself on both sides of the Atlantic, on stage and screen. Having most...

Moviehole meets the stars of "X-Files : I Want to Believe"

Writer/director of "Step Brothers" Adam McKay talks to Moviehole about reuniting Ferrell and Reilly

Clint Morris chats to the writer/producer of "The X-Files: I Want to Believe'"

Known in Britain – and throughout the world for his brilliant comedy, Billy Connolly is equally talented at playing tough, dramatic roles. Still, it...

In ‘'The Pineapple Express'', Seth Rogen plays a weed-smoking civil servant who witnessed a murder. Danny McBride plays his dealer's dealer. Clint Morris lit...

Talks to Moviehole about the red-hot "Hellboy II : The Golden Army"

The new 'Two-Face' talks to Moviehole about "The Dark Knight"

"Norbit" director Brian Robbins reteams with Eddie Murphy for "Meet Dave"

Gary Oldman tells Moviehole that acting is no longer a priortity for him

Playing Rachel Dawes in "The Dark Knight"

The screen legend talks to Moviehole about his latest film and past successes

Moviehole talks to the director of the red-hot "Hellboy II : The Golden Army"

Christopher Nolan returns to Batman territory with his often savagely dark take on Batman with ''The Dark Knight''.

Moviehole talks to Christian Bale about donning the Cowl for "The Dark Knight"

Moviehole talks to the "Prom Night" star about her latest pic, "Finding Amanda"

Warner Bros invited Moviehole to visit the UK sets of "The Dark Knight"

Warner Bros invited Moviehole to visit the UK sets of "The Dark Knight"

Moviehole meets the producer of "The Dark Knight" - on the set of the film!

The star of the new Australian film "Ten Empty", about a young man who returns home to his mixed-up family after running away some ten years before.

The gorgeous Lucy Liu hisses along in elegant style as a snake who mentors Jack Black's Panda in the new animated comedy, Kung Fu...

Best known to international moviegoers as the director of "The Transporter" action thrillers, French director Louis Leterrier takes on the CGI-heavy reincarnation of "The...

Justin Timberlake may be one of music’s bigger stars, but as we chat in a Beverly Hills hotel room where he is busy promoting his comic turn in Mike Myers’ farcical ''Love Guru'', it is clear that there resides a certain quiet normalcy about the singer/actor.

That zany Jack Black gets animated as he takes on a reluctantly heroic panda in the new animated feature, ‘’Kung Fu Panda’’. From his hilarious stint on American Idol, to a slew of successive films, Black is as busy as ever, fitting in fatherhood and a perpetually frenetic career, as he explained to Paul Fischer.

Christina Ricci is used to small indie films, a world within her comfort zone, but she may have got more than she bargained for as the female lead in the all green screen visual extravaganza, ''Speed Racer''.

Joel Silver reteams with his ''Matrix'' directors to do something he has rarely attempted: a family film. ''Speed Racer''. Emile Hirsch takes on the iconic title role as Speed Racer who is aggressive, instinctive and, most of all, fearless.

Christina Cabot is about to become a major star, thanks to her role as Major Kathleen 'Kat' Sparr in the new blockbuster 'The Incredible Hulk'. CLINT MORRIS talks to the New York-based actress about sharing the Green Screen with the Green Guy.

They say all you need to make it in Hollywood, if you're an Aussie actor, is a showy role on an inconsequential local TV series. In the case of former ''Headland'' star Rachael Taylor, that might be true. Though she's inarguably got the talent (and the looks!), the 23-year-old actress has seemingly gone from first to fourth gear in a matter of months. CLINT MORRIS finds out how the star of a quick-to-be-axed TV soapie gets flashy roles in Hollywood blockbusters like ''Transformers'' and ''Shutter'' (opening this week).


Rosamund Pike could be in line to star in "Guernsey", from director Mike Newell ("Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire") . Don Roos adapted...