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Exclusive Interview : Kimberly Peirce Part II

In this second part of a 2-Part Interview with filmmaker Kimberly Peirce, CLINT MORRIS hears how fellow Aussie Abbie Cornish went with playing a...

Exclusive Interview : Jon Favreau

Clint Morris goes one-on-one with the actor cum filmmaker about his latest effort "Iron Man".

Interview : Keanu Reeves

Clint Morris talks to the "Street Kings" star whilst on a recent promotional tour of the film in Melbourne

Exclusive Interview : Tre Armstrong

Clint Morris talks to the star of the hot new musical drama "How She Move"

Exclusive Interview : Thandie Newton

Paul Fischer talks to the beautiful actress about "Run Fat Boy Run" and "Rock 'N' Rolla"

Interview : George Clooney

George Clooney, Oscar winner, is every bit the movie star yet off screen, is always gracious, funny and passionate. Clooney takes on his most...

Clint talks to Kimberly Peirce Part 1

Filmmaker Kimberly Peirce burst onto the scene a few years back with the true and tragic story of Brandon Teena, ‘’Boy’s Don’t Cry’’. Since...

Exclusive Interview : Kristen Bell

Talks to Paul Fischer about her latest film "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"

Interview : Simon Pegg

Moviehole talks to comic superstar Simon Pegg about his hit new comedy "Run Fatboy Run", opening in theaters this week

Exclusive Interview : Rachael Taylor

Paul Fischer talks to Aussie actress Rachael Taylor about her hit new film "Shutter"

DVD Interview : Sean Penn

Sean Penn has now proved himself to be just as talented behind-the-camera as he is in front of it. His latest film, “Into the Wild” hits DVD this week and Moviehole had the chance to talk to him about it.

DVD Interview : Shekhar Kapur

Moviehole talks to the acclaimed director about the sequel to "Elizabeth", hitting DVD this week

Interview : Gillian Armstrong

Guy Davis talks to the Australian director of "Death Defying Acts"

DVD Interview : Josh Hartnett

Bursting onto the big screen in the 1998 film series, ''Halloween: H20'', Josh Hartnett has evolved into one of the most successful and hardest...

Exclusive Interview : Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale has this knack of segueing from big Hollywood movies such as the upcoming ''Whiteout'', to tougher Indie dramas that include ‘’Snow Angels’’...

Interview : Ed Dolista

For the most part, Ed Dolista is just like the rest of us. He gets up every morning at 6 a.m., drives a ‘lovely’...

Exclusive Interview : Andrew Traucki

Andrew Traucki and David Nerlich have the next ''Blair Witch Project'' on their hands. For less than a million bucks, the Australian filmmakers...

Interview : Matthew Fox

Paul Fischer talks to the "Speed Racer" star in this Fast and Furious Interview.

Exclusive Interview : Timothy Spall

British actor Timothy Spall talks to Clint Morris about his latest film "Sweeney Todd"

Interview : Uwe Boll


Shane Black reveals details of aLethal Weapon 5!

When "Lethal Weapon" screenwriter Shane Black (whose new film "The Nice Guys" has just opened around the US and opens in Australia this week)...