Chats with the stars of the screen

Carly Dennis reminisces about classic science-fiction series with the show's star

Plays a clean-cut teenager in the new Terry Gilliam film, as Drew Turney discovers

Robyn Candyce talks to the trio about the new film, now opening in the U.S

In Australia to introduce her films – the ensemble romantic comedy “University: More Than Friends” and the comedy “I Can Quit Whenever I Want”.

The star of TV's "Teen Wolf" talks up his new movie "The Maze Runner"

Carly Dennings talks to the director of the newly-released DVD "Perfect Sisters"

Talks his role as antagonist Gally in YA sci-fi adventure The Maze Runner, future projects and working with the A list

The writer-director took Hollywood stars Thomas Jane and John Cusack down under to shoot his buddy-comedy heist movie in the streets of Queensland's Gold Coast.

Her most recent success is ''Rocks in My Pockets'', a comedy about depression, and her first feature length film

It was no surprise to learn Sean Astin was the first choice for the role of Jim Kent in Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s new horror series "The Strain"

Nicholas Stoller's funny frat-comedy "Bad Neighbours" has just hit the home entertainment marketplace.

Moviehole sat down with Eric and Ralph to discuss “Second Opinion”, and this is what they had to say.

We spoke on the phone in conjunction with the film and I found him to be a kind, soft-spoken subject

Mandy Griffiths talks to actor/writer Joel Edgerton and director Matthew Saville

Robyn talks to the star of the new TV series "Married", airing Thursday nights on FX

Mandy Griffiths talks to the identical twin brothers about their new movie

Versatile and exceptional actor yaks up the DVD and Blu-ray release

Mandy Griffiths sat down with Simon Bird, Joe Thomas, James Buckley and Blake Harrison

Moviehole had the chance to talk to Lillard to discuss taking on a dramatic role, his character's moral code and more

The CEO of Footprint Features talks to Lisa Carroll

Carly Dennis talks to the director of the new comedy "Happy Christmas"

Mandy Griffiths caught up with star Nathan Phillips and director Zak Hilditch to yak about "These Final Hours"

Lisa Carroll talks to the co-writer of the Marvel blockbuster

One of the best Australian films in years

Mandy sat down with Miranda Otto to talk females in film, World Cup disappointments, the Australian film industry and “Lord of the Rings”

The Australian actor talks about his work in the new supernatural horror flick

The "Star Trek" actor talks to Caffeinated Clint about his latest role

Carly Dennis talks to the actor about his role in the all-star comedy

In the director’s chair for the first time, Mandy caught up with Hossein while he was in Australia for “The Two Faces of January”

This week he will be seen as Anthony Castelluccio, the father of singer Frankie Valli, in Clint Eastwood’s film


Dakota Fanning will headline director Janusz Kaminski’s upcoming thriller “The Postcard Killings”. Marklund and Andrew Stern will adapt the script based on James Patterson and Liza Marklund’s book “The Postcard...
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