• Robert Lorenz

    For a film by first time director, “The Trouble With The Curve” boasts an impressive cast – Amy Adams, John Goodman, Justin Timberlake and, at...

  • Adrianne Palicki & Josh Peck

    You have to feel a little bit sorry for Chris Hemsworth back in his first few years of Hollywood. Even with those dashing good looks....

  • Lee Unkrich

    Despite having played a hand in some of the most visually impressive animated blockbusters of the past decade, many of those now out in re-issued...

  • Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris & Berenice Marlohe

    Ok. I’m going to say it. ‘Skyfall’ is my favorite Bond film EVER. I know, big call, but Sam Mendes won me over by grounding...

  • Neal Acree

    Neal Acree is a composer without fear as he’s pretty much tackled all areas of music, whether it be for television (“Stargate SG-1” and “Sanctuary”),...

  • Guy Edmonds

    Guy Edmonds has completed the rounds of essential Australian series such as “Home and Away” and “Underbelly: Razor”, and is about to hit the L.A....

  • Paul Thomas Anderson

    He’s responsible for some of the meatiest cinema fare out there, with his latest ”The Master” up there with some of the most dramatic, emotionally-stirring...

  • Lachy Hulme

    When he was offered the chance to be involved in friend and Radio/TV personality Ed Kavalee’s self-funded comedy telemovie “Scumbus”, acclaimed Aussie actor Lachy Hulme...

  • Paul Fenech, Jabba & Elle Dawe

    Paul Fenech is famous for writing, starring in, directing and producing outrageous and controversial Aussie comedy, mostly as the character Pauly Falzoni in “Pizza” and...

  • RZA & Eli Roth

    Usually in a story about a director, you’d say something about his or her filmography and style, but in the case of rapper turned actor...

  • Marc Webb

    “The Amazing Spider-Man” hits DVD and Blu-ray today; to celebrate the sticky coming’s of the lounge-room premiere of the pic, we caught up with director...

  • John Hawkes

    It’s probably too early to call an Oscar result (we haven’t seen Hitchcock or Lincoln yet) but whatever happens, John Hawkes will give the pack...

  • Ben Affleck

    At the Toronto Film Festival premiere of ‘Argo’ I sat next a lady who I can only describe as “an over-reactor”. She was gasping and...

  • Alan Arkin, John Goodman and Bryan Cranston

    Alan Arkin, John Goodman and Bryan Cranston are three very impressive guys. Between them, they’ve starred in over 300 movies, been nominated for hundreds of...

  • Phoebe Tonkin

    Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin ("Tomorrow When The War Began", TV's "Secret Circle") talks to Mandy Griffiths about her inspirational new website YourZenLife, and her latest...

  • Laetitia Casta

    Laetitia Casta’s new film “War of the Buttons” is a stunning love story set in France during World War II. The beautifully shot film, directed...

  • Teresa Palmer

    To celebrate the upcoming launch of her new inspirational website “Your Zen Life” with fellow Australian actress and close friend Phoebe Tonkin, we spoke with...

  • Sean Stone

    The filmmaker son of legendary Oliver Stone talks to Drew Turney about his film "Greystone Park"

  • Olivia Thirlby

    Talks to Moviehole's Drew Turney about her role in Lena Dunham's wonderful "Nobody Walks" and the action-packed "Dredd 3D"

  • Benicio Del Toro

    You wouldn't normally think of gravelly-voiced screen villain Benicio Del Toro as the type of guy that would idolize Hollywood's most famous modern-day sing-song dancing...

  • Joe Swanberg & Radio Silence

    Part of the filmmaking collective of the brilliant new horror film "V/H/S"

  • Deepak and Gotham Chopra

    Moviehole had the chance to ask both Deepak and Gotham Chopra about the making of "Decoding Deepak"

  • Andrea Arnold

    Talks to Moviehole's Justine Ashley about her latest film, "Wuthering Heights"

  • Geoffrey Wright

    Moviehole’s Hugh Humphreys had a chat with the "Romper Stomper" director to coincide with the film's Blu-ray release

  • P.J Hogan

    Hugh Humphreys sat down with PJ Hogan in Sydney to talk about "Mental"

  • Guy Pearce

    Mandy Griffiths goes one-on-one with Guy Pearce about "Lawless" and the upcoming "Iron Man 3"

  • Tim Burton

    Drew Turney talks to Tim Burton about returning to the world of "Frankenweenie" for a full-length feature film

  • Richard Gere, Nicholas Jarecki & Nate Parker

    Alicia with Richard Gere, director Nicholas Jarecki and Nate Parker for their financial thriller 'Arbitrage'

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Rian Johnson

    Alicia Malone sits down to talk to the star and writer/director of "Looper", one of 2012's best films!

  • Elizabeth Banks

    The star/producer and director Jason Moore talk about the exciting new movie "Pitch Perfect"