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Movie News

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Tommy Lee exits Lakeshore's "Lincoln Lawyer"

The first pic from the newly reconstituted Dreamworks

As well as the poster and official synopsis

"Fringe" star toplines film adaptation of TV classic

"New Moon" director begins next film early next year

''...constantly spectacular''

Now filming in South Africa with Corey Feldman

New writer onboard; is it a sequel or prequel?

"Taken" star playing Heimdall in comic-book pic

But she might not be joined by her on-screen husband

"American Gladiators" movie... a superhero pic!?

Bringing King's "Under the Dome" to TV

Australian actress to play "Eyre"

Edward gets into some Poison Ivy!

"Seattle Grace : On Call" available online only

But not for the recently-announced reboot

Her last episode will air Sep 9, 2011

Producing, Acting in video-game movie

John Billingsley says the script was "mundane"

Whatever happened to the days of the 2-4-1?

And a "Call of Duty" movie, too?

Another 'talking animal' movie for Eddie

"Transformers" producer's fantasy flick

Anne Hathaway, latest "Spider-Man 4" contender

Former ROVE regular has written another film

Nestor Carbonell rumoured for "Star Trek" sequel

Julia Stiles rumoured for role in "Spider-Man 4"

Samurai-Swordsman movie starring Keanu Reeves

"Grey's Anatomy" star joins Christina Aguilera musical

Says he "would have loved" to have been asked


Rosamund Pike could be in line to star in "Guernsey", from director Mike Newell ("Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire") . Don Roos adapted...