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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Movie News

The latest film and television news stories

West Hollywood Resnorter : About these Fighter 2 claims…

If Wahlberg says so...

13 Going on 30 director Gary Winick dead at age 49

Also directed "Bride Wars", "Charlotte's Web"

Various Superhero Movie News

"Spider-Man" pics, Ruffalo talks Hulk, Hathaway confirms Catwoman

Oscars 2011 : Announcing the Winners here as they’re called!

Live blogging the Oscars

Exclusive : Dumb & Dumber sequel on the cards

Farrelly's want to reteam Carrey and Daniels

So Who’s covering ‘Arthur’s Theme’ for the Arthur redo?

And secondly, why can't it be Cross?

Here’s who won this year’s Razzie Awards…

Wins for "The Last Airbender", "Sex and the City 2" and "Ashton Kutcher"

Hole Cast #19 : Peter Weir, Ben C.Lucas

"The Way Back" and "Wasted on the Young" helmers join Clint & Alicia

West Hollywood Resnorter : Viggo the Superman villain!?

Zod makes Non sense

Various Casting News

"Jack the Giant Killer", "Bourne Legacy", "Loft", "17th Precinct", "The Trade"

Twilight actor up for new Bourne

Universal is an equal-opportunity employer

Celebrating the 69th Anniversary of the U.S Alien Invasion

"Battle Los Angeles" may have been real

Trailer for new Aussie comedy Little Johnny : The Movie

Out for your funny bone in April

Battleground Los Angeles trailer with Marty McFly’s girlfriend!

"Back to the Future" star is armed!



Teaser Trailer: House of Cards Season 5 premiere date revealed!

In a rather timely announcement, Netflix has revealed a teaser for the fifth season of political drama "House of Cards", which will debut on...