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Movie News

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Busy Producer also produced "Transformers 2" and "Star Trek"

Moviehole assigns Turney all the hard tasks!

Weeksy tells you why you should go see "My Sister's Keeper"

Another "No Country for Old Men" star up for "Wall Street 2"

And the cast and crew of the upcoming horror/comedy "Jennifer's Body"

Talks about the highly-anticipated "Iron Man 2", as well as "The Avengers"

"Secret of NIMH" remake, "Dollhouse", "Dicks" retitled, Gary Busey in Sandler's "Grown Ups"

Young hotties approached for Miley Cyrus-starring reboot

Green Hornet Seth Rogen may have found his sidekick!

"Forgetting Sarah Marshall" star onboard "Black Swan"

Feldman says sequel ''not entirely out of the picture''

Four scenes shown from the upcoming film; Favreau on "Avengers"

Comic-Con Special! Tidbits and Announcements from San Diego '09!

Actor's reps say "Under Siege" star may do "Grindhouse" spin-off

Robert Downey Jr joins the cast of Todd Phillips' next

Gary Oldman drops a bomshell at the "Book of Eli" panel

The teaser originally screened at Comic Con last year

Footage Screened; Englund Cameo Rumors Debunked

Laurent Briet doing "Strangers 2", "Wanted 2" shooting in 8 weeks

"Valentine" star joins the cast of Newman's "Emo Boy"

David Hackl to direct Dunstan & Melton script

"Saw VI" teaser, "Alice in Wonderland", "Book of Eli" & "Whiteout"

"Resident Evil 4" director, "Smallville" bombshell, "Creeps 2", Burton's "Shadows"

Logo and Title Revealed; Scene Previewed

Your chance to see scenes from "Avatar" on Aug 21, says Cameron!

Two Scenes Screened, Stewart wants to 'get' pregnant!

"Saw" and "Dead Silence" director helming video-game cum movie

"Money Never Sleeps" is one Hedge Fund Manager short

Warner Bros pick up Robert Gordon's Man of Steel script

Comic-Con, "Elm Street" Poster, "UFO" movie, Michael Jackson movie, "Pirates 4", Sienna Miller explodes!


The "Prometheus" sequel is a lock to film in Sydney. Ridley Scott was on hand today at a press conference to announce that "Alien...

To celebrate the release of SUCKER, we are giving lucky readers the chance to win tickets to the special Q&A screenings taking place in...

In addition to their report on a possible "Supergirl"/"The Flash" crossover being in the works, Bleeding Cool says The CW may be bringing Matt...

Though they're on different networks - The CW and CBS, respectively - might The Flash and Supergirl crossover into each others TV worlds, anyway? Bleeding...

A new trailer for "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies", courtesy Lionsgate UK, has been released. Jane Austen's classic tale of the tangled relationships between lovers...