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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Quick News – August 10, 2010

"Fast Five" Pics, "Green Lantern 2", "Romantics" trailer

Reese Witherspoon to play Peggy Lee

In a Nora Ephron-directed biopic

Scott Bakula to Quantum Leap again!

'80s series coming to the big screen


''...a great package''

Patricia Neal (1926-2010)

Star of "Hud" and "Day The Earth Stood Still" dies

John Jarratt heads to Hollywood!

Tarantino's loss is Julian Richardson's gain

Entourage coming to an end

Remaining 6 episodes to air in 2011

The Cynical Optimist vs. The Other Guys

You're legally obliged to laugh at Will Ferrell

Exclusive : Lundgren on Universal Soldier 4

The 3D sequel was announced earlier this year

Taylor Swift back for Valentine’s Day sequel?

Ashton Kutcher has also been approached

Scott for Nemesis, Hannibal the Conqueror

"Top Gun" director linked to two biggies

Rhames back for Mission : Impossible 4

Luther Stickell teams with Ethan Hunt once again

Wright, Skarsgard in talks for Dragon Tattoo

The David Fincher-directed remake of the Swedish hit

Baruchel talks canceled Justice League movie

Would have been "just fucking epic"

Tom Cruise’s MI:4 Pay Cut

Don't feel too sorry for Mr. Mapother

More trouble for Don Quixote?

Gilliam says financial problems have delayed the film

Tarantino knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men!?

"Pulp Fiction" director to do Pulp Comic Movie

The remake’s bloodline must be severed!

"American Werewolf" do-over nabs a writer

Watch The Avengers teaser!

Comic-Con tease narrated by Samuel L.Jackson

Dermot Mulroney must love dogs!

Update! Seems he's not in Kevin Smith's pic after all

Temple Hill is Punch Trunk in love with Babar

Animated series coming to the big screen

Mortensen, Adams go On the Road

Walter Salles' adaptation of Kerouac's book

Besson to have his period of Grace

"Taken" producer rehires Maggie Grace for space-thriller

Moviehole Mailbag – 4/8/10

Answering some of the emails that have come in

Little Fockers Poster Online

Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro back for more giggles

Caffeinated Clint Greats : Interview Series

Today : "Gremlins" (1984)

Police Academy writers revealed

Guttenberg also talks "3 Men and a Bride"

Release date for Breaking Dawn Part 2

Start counting down the sleeps, kids!

Footage from Dylan Dog Online!

Starring "Superman Returns"' Brandon Routh

Sommers directing G.I Joe sequel

Channing Tatum to reprise her role as Hauser


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