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Bruce Willis comedy has undergone a title change

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John Malkovich and Anne Hathaway in "Spider-Man 4"

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John Cena starring in a PG-rated family drama?

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Kate Bosworth heading to Tokyo

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Teaming with Summit Entertainment for "Vlad"

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A 2nd Pic from "Deathly Hallows Part 1" thanks to WB

Jack Sparrow, the Revolutionary Hero?

Making his animated feature film debut

''I can’t wait to see it all pasted together''

"Charlie & Boots" star as a WWII pilot

Sony has provided us with high-res snaps

Where did you get your movie news in '84?

Vin Diesel confirms "Pitch Black 3" location scout

"What happens when the ‘60s really hit"

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"Gossip Girl" star to play beauty-queen cum singer

Alyson Hannigan slams reboot plan

New Line sends us a fresh pic of a pedophile


Gillian Anderson, most recently seen in Fox’s ‘X-Files,’ which premiered to 50 million viewers worldwide, is in negotiations to join the all-star cast of...