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Movie News

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The feature film adaptation of the cartoon

Warner Bros chooses similar date to "Dark Knight"

ABCFamily says goodbye to "Ten Things" spin-off

Paramount has officially passed on the sequel

J.J Abrams no longer has the rights

Agron joining Sharlto Copley in "Four" movie

Two of the Moviehole guys check out Freddy 2.0!

Samuel Bayer's remake mightn't be so bad after all!

Who will play John Matrix in "Commando" redo?

"Batman 3", "Superman", "District 10", "Clash 2" & more!

Plus Wes Craven talks about the upcoming film

Gere and Grace to headline spy thriller "The Double"

The cast for "The Kennedys" mini-series fills out

The sequel to be released twelve months later

Summit confirms "Dreamgirls" director is onboard

Don't read any further if you don't want to know

Who will fill the moccasins of Jason Statham?

Smash Hit "How to Train Your Dragon" spawns a sequel

"Buried" poster, "Saw 7", "Elm Street 2", Freddy Doco

"It may not knock you on your backside"

''This sequel is up to par with the '08 original''

Dismisses the idea of a second sequel, once again

Casting Call issued for the upcoming 3D sequel

Paramount entering third-dimension for second sequel

The fees of it's ensemble cast is the hold-up

What little nods to the original have been included?

"Thing" prequel writer takes on Death

The Fraze looks back at Jason Voorhees' filmography

A list of the best intelligent machines in movies

"Ghost Rider 2", "Justice League", "Batman 3", "Ant-Man"


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