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Monday, February 20, 2017

Movie News

The latest film and television news stories

Taylor Swift crashes Despicable reunion!

Joins "The Lorax" cast

Nobody wants to Cross Jack Shepherd!

Along Came a Fox

SxSW: Bite-Sized Movie Reviews!

A look at five films screened at SxSW 2011

We all know Summit Entertainment like Crazies

Breck Eisner doing "Witch Hunter" movie

See ya in da lobbies! Apatow snags Albert!

Brooks joins "Knocked Up" spin-off

Megan Fox gets Knocked Up!

In talks for Apatow's spin-off film

Biggs, Levy & Scott sign for American Reunion

Fourth piece of "American Pie"

The Switch

"Takes a sitcom concept and humanizes it to a lovely degree"

Tony Todd replaces Wesley Snipes in Major League 3

Willy, I hardly recognized you!

West Hollywood Resnorter : Daredevil on Slade’s slate

Infinite days of Night

How Prometheus became Logan’s run

"Devil" produced something good?

Sleeper Cell member enters the Underworld

Sequel gets an Ealy start

New gigs for Aussies Abbess, McLeavy, Tucker

Vegemite builds strong talent

Thor Premiere to be held in Sydney, Australia

Hemsworth coming home!


Stand By Me retelling for Hulu?

A TV series featuring multiple stories and characters from some of Stephen King's most well-known books is in the works at Hulu. Because it's...