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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Giamatti to Shoot ‘Em Up with Hangover crew

Joins the cast of the comedy sequel

Hole Cast #10 – Gareth Edwards

The director of "Monsters" joins our weekly podcast

Will The Goonies 2 Happen?

The Astoria adventurers will return in some shape or form

Natalie Portman pens raunchy comedy

Queen Amilda asks you to "BYO"

Lynch, Trejo, Glover & Schaal join Muppet movie

Starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams

The Exorcist

"A stellar release Warner Bros"

Quick News – November 12, 2010

Spider-Man dies, Free tix, Three Stooges off?

Dino De Laurentiis dead at 91

"Dune" and "Flash Gordon" producer passes away

Paramount confirms sequels to Zoolander, G.I Joe

And more in their quarter earnings report

Willis, Hall to Lay the Favorite

The next film from acclaimed director Stephen Frears

AMC cancels Rubicon

James Badge Dale now available for work

Who will be the Bat Girl!?

Portman, Knightley, Watts on the short list

Hutcherson, Rock Journey Set Pics

"Mysterious Island" shooting in Hawaii

Working Title summons up Merlin movie

King Arthur's magic man pal coming to cinemas

Ghostbuster, Hulk, Ghost in Wes Anderson’s next

"Moon Rise Kingdom" casts up!

Jon Favreau’s doing a Castle movie!

"Iron Man" helmer circles high-concept Disney flick

Summer lover joining Spider-Man?

Has Webb found the new Betty? Meantime, the former also has a new film

Rachel McAdams back for Sherlock Holmes 2?

Adler may be returning in Guy Ritchie's sleuthy sequel

Ryan Kwanten in Bruce Beresford’s next

Joining Camilla Belle in true story, "Zebras"

The Goonies : 25th Anniversary Edition

"2.40:1/1080p transfer is an absolute feast for the eyes!"

Lost Boys 3 : The Thirst

"Actually feels more like a SyFy pilot"

Journey 2 Start of Production Release

Luis Guzman also aboard sequel

Quick News – November 10, 2010

"Spider-Man", "Captain America" Tank Pics, Conan ratings

Roland Emmerich film Shut Down

Speculation on why "The Zone" has been canned

Wanna see Aronofsky’s RoboCop? It’ll cost you $150m!

It ain't cheap to rebuild ED 209

The Walking Dead gets a second season

The biggest series in cable history

Rodriguez, Dafoe, Vega in Schrader’s Jesuit

Manola Cardona also onboard drama

My Son is a Schmuck!

Steve Carell meets his Pa in "Imagine"

Three in the mix to play new Spartacus

Replacing Andy Whitfield on the series

Hall, Pearce will be Dancing in the Dark

Duo board James Marsh's new film


Viola Davis to star in heist thriller Widows

Viola Davis has become attached to star in Steve McQueen’s ("12 Years a Slave") upcoming heist thriller “Widows” for New Regency. “Gone Girl” screenwriter and novelist Gillian...