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Movie News

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Sam Worthington out; Depp may join Jolie now

AFM Posters, "3 Men and a Bride", "Roger Rabbit 2"

ABC said to be interested in Emmerich's "2013"

"Say Anything..." 20th Anniversary DVD Event in NY

"Rambo 5", "Creepshow 3D", "Bait in 3D", "Hawk the Hunter"

"300" star in Ralph Fiennes' directorial debut

Will be set in Sidney Prescott's hometown, Woodsboro

"Grey's Anatomy" star in comedy from "Hangover" scribes

The stars of "It's Complicated" reunite for the Oscars!

Shawny Levy bringing books to screen in 2011

Starring in family dramedy "The Descendants"

Owen Wilson providing the voice for title character

"Lost Boys 3", "Let Me In", "Elm Street" review, "24" casting

Film Franchise up for grabs this month!

''Well directed and performed''

''...the video transfer is hard to judge''

Liv Tyler drops out of independent romantic-comedy

"Bucket List" duo reuniting for raunchy new comedy?

Robin Hood's Mrs takes up with "Criminal"

Read these first, before asking me the question... again

Bella's Birthday Party Scene from the November release

In particular, the scene he shares with Arnie & Willis

Was planning to do films with Michael Jackson

Live behind-the-scenes updates from the set!

''Tough, violent, comic book-like''

Was originally going to hit stores in December

Giorgio Serafini takes over Wesley Snipes project

Robert Zemeckis essentially confirms sequel plans

Ready to douse the unsuspecting with hot coffee!

"Expendables" star joins director Abel Ferrara's latest


Right from the opening credits, with its hilarious mockery of everyone associated with the film (the director credited as “some douche” and Stan Lee...