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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Quick News – December 1, 2010

"X-Men : First Class", "This Mean's War", "Alcatraz", "Burn Notice"

Mary J.Blige in talks for Rock of Ages

Tom Cruise also in talks for Shankman musical

Marc Singer returns to V!

Played Mike Donovan on the original '80s series

Trejo : Script for Machete 2 is complete

Border-crossing vigilante may be back in business

No, Nielsen was not onboard Naked Gun 4

Though the film was in the works at one stage

10 More ’80s sequels we’ll likely see

You can thank TRON Legacy for this bunch!

Puck! Smith finally finds his Hit Somebody lead

Seann William Scott originally set

Buffy and Harsh Realm stars return to TV

Playing cops in new shows for TNT and TBS

Hathaway, Franco hosting 2011 Oscars

Youngsters have control of the podium

Clint’s 10 Favourite Leslie Nielsen Performances

Remembering the veteran actor and his best work

Leslie Nielsen (1926-2010)

"Naked Gun" star passes away, aged 84

The Hobbit enters the third dimension!

Peter Jackson will be using the RED cameras

Hole Cast #12 : Harry Potter

This Week : "Deathly Hallows" and much more

First look at the Spider-Man musical!

Don't Turn Off The Dark premieres in NYC this week

Film based on Pink Floyd song in the works

Will tell the story of music teacher Alan Renshaw

Affleck : Why I turned down Superman

And a new casting rumour surfaces

It’s not the years, Zombie, it’s the mileage

Cameo rumours for "Zombieland 2"

Duchovny, Anderson talk X-Files 3

Respond to the claims made in the French magazine

10 Great Trailers for 10 Bad Movies

Great previews comes with great responsibility

Brian says The Rock returns to form in Faster!

Most of it is 'efficient, bloody, and brooding'

Shrek Forever After

''Something greater than simple free-throw mockery"

Video interview with Monsters Gareth Edwards

Shot on his recent trip to Australia

Couture reunites with Willis on Set Up

"Expandables" reunion on Mike Gunther thriller

Perlman, Zane onboard Scorpion King sequel

Currently shooting in Thailand

Kristy Swanson wants to be in Buffy reboot

Warner Bros remaking it without Whedon

Renner confirms he’s taking over M:I franchise

Oscar Nominee to replace Tom Cruise

Wahlberg responds to Drake’s Fortune rumours

Based on the video game of the same name


Sneakers and Enemy of the State coming to TV

Television adaptations of '90s films "Sneakers" and "Enemy of the State" are in the works. The former, set up at NBC, hails from prolific producing...