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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Movie News

The latest film and television news stories

Watch the new TRON : The Next Day short!

Bridges the gap between the original and "TRON Legacy"

SXSW : Day One

Duncan Jones' "Source Code", coming-of-age teen comedy "Blacktino",

Hole Cast #20 : Maeve Dermody, Andrew Traucki

"Griff the Invisible" and "The Reef" show

Breaking! Another Super 8 Trailer hits Twitter!

Kyle Chandler's Friday Night Frights

Say hi to your new direct-to-DVD star, Megan Fox!

"Passion Play" skipping cinemas

A wet Gina Carano beats up a Jedi!

Set Pics from Soderbergh's "Haywire"

John Connor swaps Skynet for Spells

Male lead of TVs "Secret Circle" cast

Leash chats to the new Bosley, Ramon Rodriguez!

"Battle : LA" star scores threesome

Is your Smurf itching for a new full-length trailer!?

High-resolution la,la,la,la,la,la's!

Official Synopsis For Super 8 Revealed

Biopic on a cut-price motel chain

Bond scribe to shake, stir and oil RoboCop

Studio taps Zetumer for reboot

Back to the Past : Angel Heart

Revisiting the De Niro classic

Moviehole visits the set of Russell Brand’s Arthur

Chatting with Brand, Jason Winer & Helen Mirren

Del Toro talks Universal’s Madness

Filmmaker talks "Madness"

John Locke left the Island for Tenessee?

Terry O'Quinn heads to "Hallelujah"

Julianne Moore to play Sarah Palin!

Yes, the star of "Sarah Palin's Alaska"

The King is Undead, long lived the King

Colin Firth playing a vampire!?


Stand By Me retelling for Hulu?

A TV series featuring multiple stories and characters from some of Stephen King's most well-known books is in the works at Hulu. Because it's...