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SDCC : del Toro doing Pinocchio

And a horror anthology series for cable TV

SDCC : RoboCop is Gone. Kaput. Canceled.

Darren Aronofsky was to direct MGM reboot

SDCC : Ruffalo about to unveiled as Hulk!?

The "Avengers" deal may be done.

Lawrence talks X-Men : First Class

Plays Mystique in the Matthew Vaughn-directed pic

SDCC : Tron Legacy Panel Photo Gallery

Piccies of Bridges and co in San Diego today

SDCC : The Expendables Panel

Stallone, Willis, Lundgren, Crews and Couture in attendance

SDCC : Saw 3D Movie Trailer

"All my work has been leading to this"

SDCC : New Red Trailer

Based on the graphic novel by Warren Ellis

SDCC : Whedon confirmed for The Avengers

Confirmed the news on the Whedon/Abrams panel

SDCC : Tron Legacy Press Conference, Trailer, Footage

An embed of the trailer can be found here!

SDCC : Del Toro remaking Eddie Murphy movie?!

Co-writing, producing movie based on Disney attraction

Oliver Stone considering Scarface sequel?

Don't start lining up just yet, film fans!

First Stills from Drive Angry

Flick from Patrick Lussier; starring Nicolas Cage

Karl Urban is Judge Dredd!?

In the long-awaited reboot of the comic book classic

Brad Pitt starring in Zombie movie!

Film version of Max Brooks' "World War Z" happening!?

Exclusive : Steven Seagal doing Series Television!

TV "Justice" is coming, Steven Seagal-style!

Nothing like a Hangover from Singha Beer!

Guess where "The Hangover 2" is headed?

Thor and Captain America CC Teaser Posters

UPDATE! Another "Thor" still surfaces!

The Big Blue

"A film with legs"

Trailer for Worthington’s The Debt

John Madden's remake of the '07 Israeli film

Joseph Gordon-Levitt could be The Riddler

"Inception" star to be "Batman 3" villain?

Exclusive : Kutcher returning for Valentine’s Day sequel?

Garry Marshall directing "New Years Eve"

James Gammon (1940-2010)

"Silverado" and "Major League" succumbs to Cancer

Star Trek sequel rolls in January

Bruce Greenwood hopes to be back onboard

Hansel & Gretel in 3D Poster, Press Release

Michael Bay's The Institute shepherding family flick

Here’s the trailer for Faster

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnston's returning to action!

Sam Raimi heading to Tombstone!

"Spider-Man" director doing another western

Quick News – July 20, 2010

Newies for Tim Burton, Rob Lowe, Daniel Radcliffe

Various Sequel News – 19/7/10

"M:I 4", "Austin Powers 4", "Lost Boys 3", "Breaking Dawn", "Transformers 3"

McKay says Anchorman 2 is dead

But there's a possibility of a "Step Brothers 2"


Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Writer and director Taika Waititi ("What We Do in the Shadows" and the upcoming "Thor: Ragnorak") has come out of nowhere (New Zealand) to make the best...