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Movie News

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The stars of the 2005 comedy "Just Friends" reunite

Stevenson, Townsend, Asona onboard?

Disney and McG walk away from "20,000 Leagues"

Warner Bros expected to make an announcement shortly

The new mini-series from Spielberg and Hanks

70s TV hearthrob starred in "Felony Squad" & "Charlie's Angels"

The Equalizer passes away, age 79

Screen vet joins Bruce Willis for comic-book pic "Red"

Teaming with Broken Lizard and Guillermo del Toro, respectively

Barrymore bringing "Charlie's" back to network television

Fox don't want to make "Independence Day" sequels

Stallone sequel has a different storyline now

Part 1 : Screw Your Original Ideas!

"Crystal Skull" writer directing big-budget actioner

Jason Priestley brings "Freerider" to cinemas

Rocky, James Bond and The Pink Panther may be for sale

"Buffy" vet to pen remake of "Fright Night"

Reuniting with his "Mean Streets" co-star Bob De Niro

'Justice League' event penned by Geoff Johns

Another great Joss Whedon series bites the dust

Actresses auditioning for lead female in Raimi sequel

The original Howling Mad Murdock has a cameo

Louis Letterier's remake of the 1981 classic

Francis Lawrence directing; Chad St. John writing

The new one-sheeters for the 2010 actioner

Dolph Lundgren has been approached to appear in remake

ABC cancels struggling drama "Eastwick"

Winona Ryder and more aboard Aronofsky's "Black Swan"

Rachel McAdams as The Black Cat in "Spider-Man 4"?

"Moon" director tackling Summit's "Source Code"


Gillian Anderson, most recently seen in Fox’s ‘X-Files,’ which premiered to 50 million viewers worldwide, is in negotiations to join the all-star cast of...