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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Scarlett Johansson to play Alien

Her weapon is her voracious sexuality

Hole Cast #9 – Horror Special

Robin McLeavy, Sean Byrne, Tanit Phoenix, Michael Dougherty

Mad Max may be a vampire!

In "Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter"

Theron, Thomas, Farmiga for Batman?

New "Dark Knight Rises" casting rumour

Molly Shannon flying with Nun series

SNL star heads back to Television

Expendables-esque TV series coming

From the producer of "Fast and the Furious"

Lionsgate nabs Judge Dredd reboot

Filming in 3D under the direction of Pete Travis

Jesse James returns to his maker

Pitt, Domink on deck for mob comedy

Ghostbusters 3 starts filming May, 2011!?

Long-gestating sequel gets a start date!

High-Res Captain America Pics

Pretty up your desktop with these beauties!

Back to the Past : Ricochet

Revisiting the Washington vs. Lithgow thriller!

Sheen an Expendable… and a Gunslinger!?

Troubled TV star has three big movies on the way

Quick News – November 2, 2010

Alan Ball film, "Hangover 2", "Snow White", "Walking Dead"

Joel Edgerton’s got a weird kid!

"Animal Kingdom" star in fantasy fable

Ladies vie for Gatsby and Zoo

Big guns compete for Luhrmann, Crowe projects

Three words : Cold Feet. Hobbit

Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" prequel

Leonardo DiCaprio’s killer new movie

About to give Hannibal Lecter a run for his money

First look at Spielberg & Jackson’s Tintin

Starring Jamie Bell, Daniel Craig & Andy Serkis

Back to the Past : F/X

Revisiting the Brown/Dennehy classic!

Jackman NOT cameoing as Wolverine in First Class?

Clawed his way into Georgia this week

Teaser Poster for Kevin Smith’s Red State

John Goodman religious-themed horror

Carpenter to direct Darkchylde

"Halloween" helmer doing comic book movie

First look at Transformers : Dark of the Moon Logo

If it ain't broke...

The Pacific

''The money is right there on the screen''

Zemeckis offers Roger Rabbit 2 update

It's coming along slowly but surely

Quick News – October 30, 2010

Release dates, "Goonies" musical, "Hangover 2"

Moviehole at TRON Night

Previewing some new "Tron Legacy" scenes

ID4 director down to a $5m dollar budget

Emmerich doing "Cloverfield"-style movie

Costume Tests from Superman Lives!

This is what Nicolas Cage would've worn!?

Exclusive : Charlie’s Angels Pilot Details

The Who's, What's and Where's of the TV Reboot



Julia Roberts to play Framed PTA mum

Julia Roberts is set to star in "Framed", a feature film based on Christopher Goffard's L.A. Times serial "Framed". According to Mashable, Roberts will play Kelli Peters,...