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Movie News

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Dueling follow-up's to Paul Verhoeven's movie

There's still hope for Veronica, not so much for Tobias

And being chopped from the "Wolverine" finale

Alice Eve the frontrunner for superhero movie

"Cartel" ceases production 5 weeks before filming

Taylor Kitsch reunites with "Friday Night Lights" EP

Producer says it'll be different from Arnold flick

Harrison Ford joining Jon Favreau Blockbuster

"Caesar" is a prequel to the Tim Burton film

"Final Destination" director doing 3D Shark Flick

"Batman & Robin" scribe producing "Toxic Avenger" redo

Kyle Reese takes on Vampires in remake of '80s film

Writers of TVs "Lost" on the job

The new Steve Carell/Paul Rudd comedy

"A Christmas Carol" helmer reunites with Disney

It's a "partner piece" to the Carpenter film

Spock's mother does the dirty on Kevin James

The Film Critique V. The Movie Review

Any milk even left in there, George!?

All still inching forward, albeit slowly

"Resident Evil 4" trailer, "Ghostbusters 3" hiccup, TV

Star of TVs "Dynasty" & "Charlie's Angels" dead at 92

10 most tickling lines from the movies!

Your first look at the new animated project "Sir Billi"

Director says there are "endless opportunities"

"Isn't your standard romantic movie fare''

''A debilitating reliance on the absurd''

''warm, rich, and meaty''

Brian and Ashley take on the Kraken!

Both now available on Blu-Ray disc


Writing duo Anthony Bagarozzi and Charles Mondry are set to write the screenplay for a films adaptation of Steven Moffat’s BBC 1 series "Jekyll". According to The Tracking...
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