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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Movie News

The latest film and television news stories

Angel star in new buddy cop dramedy

USA Network's "Common Law" nabs female lead

Warner Bros distributing The Hobbit worldwide

MGM originally had international rights

Caffeinated Clint : Gets Tangled

A belated recommendation for a hairy hit

Sommers not returning for G.I Joe 2

Paramount to blame for departure?

Cynical Optimist : Mad Men Season 5 Spoiler Guide

Will the Toyota Corolla be Draper's new wheels?

Batman and Superman won’t meet on screen

Producer Charles Roven on franchise crossovers

Robert Pattinson in Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis

Colin Farrell bows out of lead role

Tom Welling one step closer to being Superman…

Fans may get their wish by mid-year

Quick News – January 5, 2011

"300" prequel, "X-Men", "Cleopatra" director, "Red Dawn" Pic

Godzilla reboot has a director!

Someone that's worked with Monsters before

First look at Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker!

Filming in Los Angeles with co-star Emma Stone

Red Band Trailer for Portman, Kutcher Bed Buddies Movie

"No Strings Attached" from Paramount

Red Band Trailer for Statham’s The Mechanic

Donald Sutherland, Ben Foster co-star

Goodman joins Hanks, Bullock September 11 Project

Stephen Daldry directed, Eric Roth written drama

Jodie Foster to make Contact again?

Starring in Neil Blomkamp's follow-up to "District 9"

Lion King, Beauty & The Beast in 3D

Disney unveils 2011 Blu-Ray 3D Slate

Pete Postlethwaite Dead at 64

"In the Name of the Father" actor loses battle with Cancer

Start date for Reeves’ Tai-Chi Tiger

Chen Hu project in the works since 2008

Exclusive : Tangled directors talk sequel

The film has just crossed the $150 million mark

Someone’s apparently seen Thor

Spoilers and brief review have surfaced online

Captain America, You’re such a Tease!

First footage from the movie ain't too exciting

Classic Movie Ads from 80’s Newspapers!

The original print ads for your favourite flicks!

10 Killer Vegetation Movies!

From "Evil Dead II" to "Poltergeist"

Back to the Past : Die Hard 2 (1990)

Colin Moore revisits a classic film each week

No Superman or Batman for Natalie Portman

.... Or so the little Black Swan says

10 Sequels that will probably be announced in 2011

Indy! McClane! Iron Man! Predator! Slimer!

10 Young Actors to Watch in 2011

Ashley Greene, Lily Collins, Brooklyn Decker and more...

Brian’s Best & Worst Films of 2010

Ariel’s rebirth, Affleck’s revenge, stuttering blues, attack of the clones


Rey’s father was revealed in The Force Awakens!?

Ever since the film hit, we've wondered - just how many boxes of cigarettes has Carrie Fisher smoked since the days of the golden...