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Hawaii Five-O kicked off production today

Was blessed with a traditional Hawaiian blessing

Six Green Lantern Pictures!

Your first look at Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan!

Supergirl returns to the box!

Vandervoort back for the final season of "Smallville"

Brett Ratner tackling Hercules?

"Conan" producer Avi Lerner said to be bankrolling

Porno star playing Tinkerbell!

In a film from the director of "Terminator Salvation"?

New Trailers : 15/7/2010

"Devil", "Due Date", "Howl" & "It's Kind of a Funny Story"

Exclusive : About those Superman rumours…

Some inside information on the Singer-produced reboot

Tim Allen signs for Toy Story 4

Franchise going to infinity and beyond!?

Zombieland duo are now Friends with Benefits

Harrelson, Stone join Timberlake/Kunis comedy

TV stars team up for Pellington thriller

"Hung" and "Entourage" faves in new low-budget thriller

The Hulk may hail from Shutter Island! (Updated!)

Mark Ruffalo offered role in "The Avengers"

What’s the latest on Mission : Impossible 4?

Paramount paying close attention to "Knight & Day" figs

Uni greenlights Despicable Me sequel

Also 2 short films featuring supporting characters

Yelchin, Satine for Spider-Man?

A prospective Harry Osborne and Mary Jane Watson

Betty White, Paul Rudd in Oh God! remake

Producer of the original film shepherding remake

Nolan directing Superman?

And a popular TV star auditions for the lead role!

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Haley Joel Osment’s Sex Sense

Will the "Sixth Sense" star say "I See Naked People"?

Zac Efron goes to Work

Starring and Producing in WB Workplace comedy

Tyrese, Ludacris back for fifth Furious

"2 Fast 2 Furious" stars rejoin the franchise

Caffeinated Clint Greats : Interview Series

Today : "Fright Night" (1985)

First look at Russell Brand as Arthur!

The remake of the '80s comedy starring Dudley Moore

Norton responds to Hulk axing

"I sincerely hoped it could happen" says the actor

Can you dig The Tunnel?

New Aussie film will premiere on the Internet

The Cynical Optimist : Predators

Can "Predators" really please a "Predator" fan?

Signs that The Hulk may hail from The Village

Joaquin Phoenix may be the next Bruce Banner

Directors vie for Wicked gig

Fabbo Broadway musical coming to cinemas

Moviehole Mailbag – 11/7/10

I know, I know... it's been a long time coming

Anderson adds English class

"X-Files" star aboard Rowan Atkinson sequel

Marvel dumps Norton as Hulk! (Updated)

An unknown will play Banner in "The Avengers"


Finding Dory scribe talks spin-off possibilities!

If there is a second sequel to "Finding Nemo" - and judging by those huge numbers "Finding Dory" is doing it's very likely -...