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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

ABC Bringing back Alias!?

Network needs a hit now that "Lost" has finished

Emma Roberts is the star of Scream 4

Playing the role of Sidney's cousin, Jill

The Lost scenes you missed in the series finale!

Michael Emerson spills the beans on a cut scene

Billy Elliot on the short-list to play the new Spider-Man!?

Sony has whittled the list down to five names

They’re remaking old Sally Field movies now!?

And not even the really good ones!

Samson and Delilah

''It's a hard slog but worth seeing''

Who replaces Bryan Singer on the Logan’s Run remake?

A remake of the 1976 Michael York starrer

Pic, Release News, Trailer for Road Train

To be retitled "Road Kill" for the U.S Market

New Trailers 26/5/10

"The Killer Inside Me", "Grease", "Megamind" & more

Sigourney Weaver to star in Buried director’s next

Plays a para-psychologist in "Red Lights"

Christian Bale to star in John Hillcoat’s next?

Star of "The Dark Knight" & director of "The Road"

Shocker : Hot Model to replace Fox in Transformers 3

Victoria's Secret model playing Shia's love interest

Alice in Wonderland

''Chronicles of Narnia:The Hatter, the Witch and the Wonderland''

Jean-Claude Van Damme vs. Kung-Fu Panda!

The TimeCop enters the "Kaboom of Doom"

Stallone and Russell reuniting for Tango & Cash sequel?

It'd be "an old-fashioned detective/buddy movie"

Watchmen crowd bringing Mass Effect to Cinemas

"Thor" writer and "Hulk" producers onboard

Pacino as Frank Sinatra, De Niro as Dean Martin

In a film directed by Martin Scorsese. Sold!

Jason, Elena, Rayden & a Cullen partake in Deathgames

Derek Mears and more onboard indy actioner

Bowler joins De Niro and Statham in The Killer Elite

The former host of "The Mole" doing well for himself

Drew Barrymore doing another Charlie’s Angels

"Smallville" duo Millar and Gough writing reboot

Commercials director tapped for Hitman 2 gig

No word on Timothy Olyphant returning yet

Brendan Fraser quits Journey franchise

Because "Cats & Dogs 2" helmer is directing sequel

Caffeinated Clint : Happy Birthday Empire Strikes Back!

30 Years Ago This Week, The Force Returned!

Ashley Greene playing the heroine in Scream 4?

Panettiere, Bell, and Culkin also up for roles

Marked for Death

''No real need to upgrade''

Morgan Spurlock attacks San Diego’s Super-Sized Comic Con

Producing a doco with Joss Whedon

The CW 2010/2011 Schedule Announced

And Season 10 will be "Smallville's" last

James Franco starring in Planet of the Apes prequel

"Pineapple Express" star in "Rise of the Apes"

Brett Ratner offers Beverly Hills Cop 4 Update

The sequel has been in development for a decade


Disney reveals Cars 3 images & details

We haven't heard much about Disney's upcoming "Cars" threequel yet, but now USA Today have revealed the first images and some plot details about...