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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Movie News

The latest film and television news stories

This Riddick 3 update brought to you by Mark Zuckerberg

"Dead Man Stalking" developments

Latest Twilight movie shut down due to snowstorms

Your boyfriend loves wild weather right now

Caffeinated Clint : Rango Dead Man’s Chest

The Verbinski/Depp trifecta is complete

Pray Priest is as good as it’s new poster!

Cool one-sheet for Paul Bettany's latest

Bambi : Diamond Edition

"A feature of immense beauty"

Various Casting News

New gigs for Helfer, Sandler, Samberg, Huston, Egan, Greenwood & more

G.I joe dumps Sienna Miller

She didn't make his Cobra Rise

Superman fanclub running new series Persons of Interest?

Caviezel, Abrams, Nolan unite!

Brie Larson will have to kiss Jonah Hill in 21 Jump Street

Plus spoilery details about her character!

New Thor poster & banner? Of Norse!

High-res goods that'll swing your hammer

High-Res look at Red Skull from Captain America

Weaving shields his true self

TRON Uprising trailer uploaded onto Interweb Grid

Mandy Moore now part of the legacy

Reports emerge of A New Hope for 3D Movies

"Star Wars" re-released confirmed

Abraham Lincoln will be packin’ nine-inches

Reznor's music likely to Slay us

Fast Five gets a name change in some markets

"Car Wars : A New Choke"

Woody and Buzz take a Jungle Cruise

No strings attached

William Atherton back on the big screen!

And it's all thanks to Tim & Eric!

Touch here for Touch Spoilers!

That being Kiefer Sutherland's new show

Pinch me! Diane Lane joins Superman!

Smallville gets a MILF

Dark Knight Rises Story Spoilers!

Coolio will not take on Robin, unfortunately

The Avengers Will Face Loki & Skrulls?

And has a teaser already been shot!?

Has Sondra Rhimes’ Off the Map flatlined?

Two of it's stars sign for new series

It’s enough to make you Batty, Deckard! Blade Runner 2?

Alcon Entertainment wants sequels,prequels


Fate of the Furious has a whopping run time!

The next "Fast & Furious" film won't be one for weak bladders and wiggly butts. According to Cinemarx.Ro (via The IMDb), "The Fate of the...