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Movie News

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Look kids, it's Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Travolta, Alley, Willis likely not involved

DiCaprio working with Stone, Eastwood

"It's going to knock everyone's socks off"

'House Bunny' is the new "Private Benjamin"

Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka scripting

Casting underway to find new series' heartthrob

One-Sheeter has no room for any Whiplash

The Oscar Winner's latest bypassing theatres

Oscar Winner Rachel Weisz to take on 007!?

Ready to kick E.T's ass in two more films

Timur Bekmambetov directing "Victor" movie?

"X-Men" writer going head-to-head with "Twilight"

Legendary Pictures and WB co-producing

Sam Shepard replacing the late Paul Newman

In picture form, via his Twitter account

Moviehole talks to Jason Flemying

Moviehole talks to Sam Worthington

The Fraze gives us a rundown on his recent viewings...

Lensing this Summer for an October release

Had a scheduling conflict with another movie

Seems "24" has had it's day

Ask him questions about the forthcoming "Predators"

Singleton to direct Taylor Lautner action movie

"Cop Out" star joins the cast of gritty police drama

The newie from Michael Cera & Edgar Wright!

''bring expectations down to a dull roar"

Paramount chasing three unlikely directors

"Greatest American Hero" star dies at age 79

Frank Miller's off, Paul W.S Anderson's on "Rogers" film


Dakota Fanning will headline director Janusz Kaminski’s upcoming thriller “The Postcard Killings”. Marklund and Andrew Stern will adapt the script based on James Patterson and Liza Marklund’s book “The Postcard...
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