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With Guest Host Captain Cumquat!

Nathan Fillion series back for it's second season

Sam Raimi hints at lesser foes for ''Spider-Man 4''

"Wolverine" producer on the sequels and spin-off's ahead

Warner pulls project from Australia due to U.S Dollar

Bojana Novakovic added to the cast of "Devil"

Diesel's publicist says actor is still onboard

''an astonishing piece of hackneyed plotting''

Jessica Manafort's ''Bandits'' like ''Thelma & Louise''

Wilkinson, Wood, Bledel & Kline in Redford Pic

Ryan Reynolds to star in new cross-dressing comedy

Taggart reuniting with Axel & Billy for Ratner sequel

And Stallone talks ''Death Wish'' remake

Ridley Scott bringing David Peace's ''Riding'' to cinemas

New "Godfather'' films? A ''Joker'' spin-off? ''Tremors 5'' progress?

To coincide with the release of "Wolverine" on DVD

John McClane's sidekick moves on to James McAvoy

'''ll need to watch it two or three times''

To celebrate the release of "Wolverine" on DVD!

Some men only get to wear the suit once...

Chris Pine goes from Starfleet to Langley?

"Stargate 2", "Hobbit", "New Moon", "MI:4", "Friday Night Lights", "Daybreakers"

"True Blood" co-stars reunite for the big screen

Chris Pine to star in new D.J Caruso film

Will Smith's fee may hold up "Independence" sequel plans

Jolie set to star in another Tom Cruise-reject?

To coincide with the release of "Wolverrine" on DVD this week

Thanks to Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Headed for Australian Film Festival; Opens Wide in U.S

To celebrate the release of "X-Men Origins" on DVD


Nicolas Cage is set to headline Hannibal Classics’ thriller “Vengeance: A Love Story” from director Harold Becker. John Mankiewicz adapted the screenplay from Joyce Carol Oates'...