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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Movie News

The latest film and television news stories

West Hollywood Resnorter : Viggo the Superman villain!?

Zod makes Non sense

Various Casting News

"Jack the Giant Killer", "Bourne Legacy", "Loft", "17th Precinct", "The Trade"

Twilight actor up for new Bourne

Universal is an equal-opportunity employer

Celebrating the 69th Anniversary of the U.S Alien Invasion

"Battle Los Angeles" may have been real

Trailer for new Aussie comedy Little Johnny : The Movie

Out for your funny bone in April

Battleground Los Angeles trailer with Marty McFly’s girlfriend!

"Back to the Future" star is armed!

Get drunk on the teaser trailer for The Hangover 2

Bradley Cooper Monkeying around

New image from Rise of the Apes

James Franco can talk to the animals

Hank Azaria to play Moe on the Big Screen!?

Farrelly's still need "Three" cast

Wolfgang Peterson serving up Prunes on the Battlefield

"Old Man's War" coming to cinemas

Hear an Alien curse in all-new Paul trailer

Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Ellen Ripley

Matt, do you think you can pull off Dr. King?

Greengrass directing "Memphis"

Columbus, Bier convert some foreign currency

Remakes for "Harry Potter" and "In A Better World" helmers

Sneak Peek of Terrence Malick’s Next Flick

"Tree of Life" helmer already has another ready

Thelma & Louise : 20th Anniversary Edition

"Essential viewing for both sexes"

Raging Bull : 30th Anniversary Edition

''If you've got the 2009 release, no need to upgrade''

Morrison to Snyder : Don’t make Superman a Wimp!

Comic writer on Man of Steel reboot

Michael Rosenbaum will wear a bald cap on Smallville

Things are getting hairy for Lex

Jack Bauer wants to Touch audiences

Sutherland's TV return a lock

Michael Bay transforming Zombie genre

Producing "Zombies vs Robots"


Demi Moore returns to TV for Empire arc

Film icon and celebrated actress Demi Moore will guest-star in a multiple-episode arc on broadcast's No. 1 drama, "Empire", beginning this spring on FOX....