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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Anderson adds English class

"X-Files" star aboard Rowan Atkinson sequel

Marvel dumps Norton as Hulk! (Updated)

An unknown will play Banner in "The Avengers"

X-Men vs. Hollow Man!

Kevin Bacon to play "First Class" villain

Quick News – July 9, 2010

"Machete" trailer, "Sin City 2", Emmy Noms, "Arthur" set pics

Three more join X-Men prequel

Sadly, no confirmation of Amber Heard's Mystique yet!

Ghost Rider 2 is ‘a different trajectory’

Nicolas Cage talks about the upcoming sequel

Adventures in Babysitting Superman

Chris Columbus on WB's radar to helm "Superman" redo?

Yoko Ono in Men in Black III?

Plot and character details for second sequel

Trailer for Matching Jack Online

New drama with Jacinda Barrett & Richard Roxburgh

Exclusive : Newlander on Alan Frog’s return

Talks "Lost Boys 3 : The Thirst" and Haim

Denzel Wasington enters Safe House

"Training Day" star playing another bad guy

Dreyfuss, Ulrich back on the Box

"Jaws" star on cable sitcom; "Scream" star in spin-off

Damon still interested in returning to Bourne franchise

But under one condition

Lennon lands two new gigs

"Reno 911!" fave onboard new sequel and Anna Faris comedy

Jeremy Irons heads to Wall Street

Joining the cast of a film produced by a Vulcan!

Another delay for Mad Max?

Decision to do two films has led to the decision

James Bond 23 has been canceled

Have we seen the last of Daniel Craig as 007!?

Surfer Girl wants to ride the Mutant Wave

Another "X-Men : First Class" character revealed

Happy Snaps from Woodsboro!

Not-too-exciting set pics from the set of "Scream 4"

A Fraggle Rock movie that’s not for kids!?

What The Weinstein's are looking to do with the film

Star Wars and Titanic coming in 3D!?

Two 20th Century Fox biggies set for re-release

Taylor Lautner unleashing his inner Beast, again!?

20th Century Fox courting actor for "X-Men"

Shatner, Nimoy & Stewart back on Enterprise!?

"Buffy" star Eliza Dushku also involved in new sequel

Two new Mad Max movies on the way

George Miller shooting them both back-to-back

The President plays a role in Scream 4

Two more additions to the cast of Wes Craven's sequel

No Vacancy in Vegas Hostel

Writer, director and producer board "Hostel Part 3"

Fishburne, Schwarzenegger may be in Predators 2

Robert Rodriguez talks about a potential sequel

Exclusive : Dante talks Gremlins future

And a little on his abandoned "Batman" project

Caffeinated Clint Greats : Interview Series

Today : Tron (1982)

Breaking News : Spider-Man found!

Found him on "The Social Network"



Trailer : Trolls

The trailer for "Trolls" featuring Justin Timberlake as the troll Branch and Anna Kendrick as Princess Poppy has been released. Directed by Mike Mitchell (''Shrek...