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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Movie News

The latest film and television news stories

John’s Circle of Life to be a film?

Biopic on Legendary musician in the works

Bones spin-off casting out of Happy Town

Who will play the lead in "The Finder"?

Brandon Molale playing the Hulk!?

Mark Ruffalo won't be as needed as much as we thought

Streisand & Rogen Roadtrip?

The unlikely pair team up for Paramounts latest

Various Sequel News

"Hobbit", "Beethoven", "Cloverfield" and more

Big 90210 reunion this weekend!

Click on over to the Hallmark Channel...

Dreamworks doing new Guardians movie

Featuring the voice of Captain James T. Kirk

Meet your new Charlie’s Angels…

ABC reboot finds it's leads

Walker to play Abraham Lincoln!

In a new Tim Burton produced movie

Trailer for Redford’s The Conspirator

About the assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Trailer for Oz thriller Wasted on the Young

Starring Fury Road's Adelaide Clemens

Will Ferrell moves into The Office

An "Anchorman" reunion at Dunder-Muffin

Kristen Stewart to play Snow White?

"Twilight" star rumored for Universal's "Huntsman"

Clips and Pics from Friday Night Lights Series Finale

Old favourites return

Bardem not Bale for Dark Tower?

Revolving door on Howard movie rumours

Naomi Watts set for Eastwood’s J.Edgar

Guess that means there's no Batman in her future?

Deleted scenes from Blue Velvet on Blu-ray release!

Lynch thought they'd been destroyed

Quick News – January 26, 2011

McG doing "Wonder Woman"? More "Spider-Man" set pics

Nominees for the 83rd Academy Awards

"The King's Speech" nominated for 12 Oscars

Matrix 4 and 5 Rumors are Bogus!

Pimply Virgin plays pity the fool with the Internet

Nicolas Cage to star in Con-Air sequel?

Director Simon West is hoping he agrees to it

Grey’s Anatomy fave returning to TV

Starring in a new series about mobsters in 50's Miami

Franco goes from Blockbusters to General Hospital to Porn!

Kate Hudson to experience every inch


"Good package for those that like the flick"

Watch the TMNT Fight the Foot Fanmade trailer!

And a few other great fan trailers!


Finally! Patrick Stewart to play Poop!

Sony Pictures Animation today announced some new additions to "The Emoji Movie", including Patrick Stewart playing none other than Poop (!). In addition to Sir...