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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Movie News

The latest film and television news stories

Cameron talks True Lies TV series

Has few answers than we've questions

I Spit On Your Grave DVD/Blu-ray Trailer

Steven R.Monroe's remake of the horror classic

Quick News – December 18, 2010

New Posters, TV casting, Ron Howard's picks for "Dark Tower" lead

Trailer for Cooper, De Niro film Limitless

Australia's Abbie Cornish also in the movie

The UK trailer for Paul packs in more laughs!

The new Simon Pegg/Nick Frost comedy

Tony Scott may direct 24 : The Movie

Billy Ray no longer involved

Brett Easton Ellis’ next : ‘Die Hard meets Jaws’?

"American Psycho" writer doing Shark flick

Brolin : Men in Black 3 is no Jonah Hex

They even have a script!

Heather Morris says she’s a Buffy contender!?

"Glee" star says she may be the Chosen One

Is Superman headed to Canada?

"Man of Steel" may shoot in, well, Smallville

Quick News – December 17, 2010

"Spider-Man" postponed, "Halloween 3" update, "Torture Chamber"

Blake Edwards Dead at 88

"Pink Panther" creator; husband to Julie Andrews

Lucasfilm kill Han Solo!

The Force is Unleashed on Popular Character

Stargate Universe has been axed

The remaining episodes to air next year

Batman replaces Iron Man in Space Project

Clooney joining Bullock in "Gravity"

Sequels to Rounders and Bad Santa greenlit!

Weinstein/Miramax unite to produce sequels

No J.R Ewing in Dallas reboot!

TNT couldn't find the moolah to bring him back

Exclusive : Streetdance 2 3D Casting, Yo!

Synopsis for sequel also revealed

Trailer for Robert Pattinson’s latest, Water for Elephants

"Twilight" star's latest looks fabulous!

Rhames talks next Mission, Piranha sequel

Will he be involved in either?

Battlestar Galactica gives birth to Sexy Evil Genius

Katee Sackhoff headlines black comedy

Sex in the City on New Years Eve

Sarah Jessica Parker & more on "Valentine's Day" sequel

Will there be a sequel to The Other Guys?

Adam McKay keen on doing another

Bill Pullman bringing the Schwartz to Torchwood

Actor aboard the fourth season

Amazing trailer for Malick’s The Tree of Life

Highly-anticipated new Brad Pitt/Sean Penn film

Paltrow, Cruise in talks for Rock of Ages

The new Adam Shankman musical

Test footage from Superman Lives!

The canned Tim Burton/Nicolas Cage movie

Quick News – December 15, 2010

"Tron 3", "Superman", TV castings, "Zoolander 2", "Ghostbusters 3"


Amy Schumer to play Barbie

In a case of genius casting, Sony is in negotiations with comedian Amy Schumer to headline the upcoming live action "Barbie" film. Schumer will play Barbie...