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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Movie News

The latest film and television news stories

Major League 4 Strikes Out! Sheen on the bench!

Sequel can't afford Wild Thing

Will third time be the charm for Star Blazers movie?

"Wolverine" scribe penning movie

Dude, Where’s my Proton Pack!?

Ashton Kutcher joining "Ghostbusters 3"?

Kevin Costner for Zack Snyder’s Superman!?

Dances with Kryptonians

Notable Crocodiles of the Big Screen!

Counting 'em down, from "Alligator" to "Rogue"

Back to the Past : Miller’s Crossing

Colin revisits the Coen Brothers classic

Jay Gatsby to see Manly through three-dimensional eyes

"Gatsby" comes to Syd; August

Paramount invites Hugo Cabret around for Turkey

Film swaps studios; release dates

The Apollo 18 trailer blasts off!

Sadly, Tom Hanks does not cameo

Remaking Wookie : Lucas, lose Chewbacca from Clone Wars!

Cynical Optimist vs. Star Wars

New Muppets movie may give you both a Woody and a Buzz

Another "Toy Story" short coming

‘From the makers of Twilight and Clash of the Titans comes…’

Louis Letterier's Incredible Heist

MGM’s house is clean, Poltergeist 4 on the way!?

Cross over reboot-loving children

Brian wants to bulldoze Big Momma’s House

Like Father serves as birth control plug

Brian doubts a I Am Number Four sequel will ever happen

One will be enough for most

Clock’s ticking, you’ve got 24 hours to decide Kiefer

Will he return to TV, Dammit!

Clint Eastwood to play Golden Age Superhero!?

Clint, Jack & Warren fighting crime?

Quick News – February 18, 2011

"Sex & the City 3", "RoboCop", "Xerxes", Taylor Lautner

First Pic of Henry Cavill as Superman!?

Reboot's actor and director talk to EW

Stop! Hammer Time, new Thor trailer hits the web!

Free PopTart plug for Kellogg's!

Winstead sleeping with future President

Robin McLeavy not in "Vampire Hunter" movie

Guillermo del Toro Cuts Pinocchios’s Strings!

Jim Henson Co, Del Toro & Pathe to produce 3D Stop Motion "Pinocchio"

Lost has made Michael Emerson a Person of Interest

Ben Linus, J.J Abrams reunite

So seems Emma Thompson’s Out of Your League

Alice Eve joins "MIB III"

Hopefully Michel Gondry has a good grasp on Dick

Philip K's "Ubik" gets bigscreen treatment

Award Worthy Snitch movie? Piece of Peirce!

"Stop-Loss" helmer hits the Hood


Fate of the Furious has a whopping run time!

The next "Fast & Furious" film won't be one for weak bladders and wiggly butts. According to Cinemarx.Ro (via The IMDb), "The Fate of the...