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Paramount announces Footloose cast!

Dennis Quaid to play the John Lithgow role

Quick News – June 23, 2010

"Road Train", "Conan", "Transformers 3", "Roger Rabbit 2"

Exclusive : Sheen could return to the Major League

David S.Ward returning to write and direct

Bell, Barrymore out to save the Whales

John Krasinski also onboard Ken Kwapis drama

The Drew List : Vampires

Drew Turney counts down the top 10 bloodsuckers!

Exclusive : Might Twin Peaks return?

A chat with writer and producer Bob Engels

Caffeinated Clint Greats : Interview Series

Today : "Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me" (1992)

Shutter Island

''A series of shocking twists"

Van Damme may be doing Double Impact 2

The new 1991 film in which he played twins

Patton Oswalt joins Harold & Kumar sequel

Production now underway in Michigan

Green Hornet trailer online!

The Seth Rogen/Jay Chou flick that opens at Christmas

Willis and Shyamalan reunite!

Director and Star of "The Sixth Sense" & "Unbreakable"

Friday Night Lights star going to Prom

A new ensemble teen comedy for Disney

Disney pages Doctor Strange

"Conan" writers tapped to write comic-book film

Caffeinated Clint Greats : Interview Series

Today : "The Hidden" (1987)

Moviehole at The Tony Awards

Catching up with Scott Bakula and Annette Bening

Quick News – June 18, 2010

"Battleship", "The Hobbit", "War Horse", "The Goonies"

Gilmore Girls heads to Woodsboro!

Lauren Graham playing Emma Roberts' mother in "Scream 4"

J.Edgar Hoover hails from Shutter Island!?

DiCaprio boards Eastwood & Grazer's biopic

Benjamin Walker to play a young Frasier Crane

Actor the second to board "X-Men : First Class"

Smurfs Teaser Trailer Online!

With an introduction from star, Neil Patrick Harris

Quick News : June 16, 2010

"Smurfs", "Resident Evil:Afterlife", "Monster High", "Blue Beetle", "The Double"

Are Mark and Brian Gunn any match for Shane Black?

Writers chosen for "The Monster Squad" remake

Sony to Crank out another Ghost Rider – with Cage!

Neveldine and Taylor onboard sequel

Got a problem? Odds against you? Call Russell Crowe!

Oscar Winner to star in "Equalizer" film

Old favourites return to Friday Night Lights

Original cast back for the show's final season

First Official Still from Real Steel

The Boxing-Robot movie starring Hugh Jackman

New Trailers : 15/7/10

"Tangled", "Somewhere", "The Extra Man" & More

Confirmed : Raimi directing Wizard Of Oz prequel

Robert Downey Jr to star in "Great and Powerful"

Robert Rodriguez to direct X-Men spin-off?

Fox wants to retain the services of "Predator" producer


Finding Dory scribe talks spin-off possibilities!

If there is a second sequel to "Finding Nemo" - and judging by those huge numbers "Finding Dory" is doing it's very likely -...