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Movie News

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"Wolverine" actor to jump into the ring for biopic

A couple set out to build a timber empire

It's about "what happened pre-Kurt Russell" says actor

Series likely to be rebooted with another actor

"Valentine's Day" co-stars reuniting for action comedy?

Film will happen with or without original star

"Barbarian" remake has MMA fighter as villain

Will Smith takes Grant role in "Suspicion"

Somehow I don't think it's "Dollhouse : The Movie"

"My Best Friend's Wedding" star in Garner remake

"The first great comedy of 2010"!?

And news on "Man of Steel", "The Flash"

"Twilight" actor drops out of one of his many projects

Bra-less 'Bella' refuels her Jett Engine

"Reveals a refreshing energy from [Kevin Smith]"

7 relative newcomers up for the role of Steve Rogers

The second trailer for the remake is here!

Ghost Rider vs Captain America in new CGI pic!

Anthony Hopkins has the "Rite" stuff

"Blade" and "Batman" scribe tackling "Man of Steel"

Justin Theroux writing/directing Ben Stiller sequel

Makes the original look like "Agnes of God"

Matt Damon to play Senator Robert F. Kennedy

Portly funnyman doing new "Sitter" comedy

TV vets in new film from "AvP : Requiem" Directors

John Michael Higgins also onboard Diaz comedy

The Coen Bros' find remake's 'Mattie Ross'

British actor auditions for "Lord of the Rings" prequel

Garner and Faris team for female take on "The Hangover"

"Lethal Weapon" scribe tackling the Man of Bronze!



20th Century Fox is developing a prequel to "The Omen", with Antonio Campos in negotiation to direct. The supernatural horror thriller will be titled "The First Omen" and...
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