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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Brian : Shrek, You’re Confusing me Buddy!

Wait, there's two new "Shrek" movies!?

Is Bella Swan the Girl with The Dragon Tattoo?

Kristen Stewart and more want David Fincher remake

The Rock starring in Fast & the Furious 5!?

Dwayne Johnson vs Vin Diesel in "Fast Five"?

Forget Sarah Marshall, Brand’s got a Greta!

"Greenberg" star aboard "Arthur" remake

Lost star finds employment with Dreamworks

"I am Number Four" and "Real Steel" like Island Boy

Dobby the House Elf vs. Captain America!

Toby Jones playing a villain in superhero movie

Kristen Stewart goes On The Road with Walter Salles

The film adaptation of Jack Kerouac's novel

Release Dates for Apes, M:I 4, Twilight :Breaking Dawn

Sequels and prequels coming your way in '11

Wilma Flintstone gives up Weed[s]

Elizabeth Perkins quits the Showtime comedy

The next 3D family movie will give you chills!

Twentieth Century Fox greenlights another "Ice Age"

Secret J.J Abrams Movie : Trailer description surfaces!

Will screen with all prints of "Iron Man 2" in the U.S

Dreyfuss reprises Jaws role for a big check!

Matt Hooper returns to the big screen this year

Tony Scott giving Mickey Rourke dual Whiplash

"Man on Fire" team reunited for two new movies

Clint’s Bits – May 5, 2010

Lohan does Porn, "Machete" gets trailer, McLovin in T3

Will the next Die Hard be one to, er, Skip?

"Hitman" scribe aboard Bruce Willis sequel

The Drew List : Criminal Heroes

Drew Turney's top 10 slightly immoral male protagonists

Joel McHale nails the House Bunny

Its full speed ahead for "Soup" host's film career

Dark Crystal 2 finally on the way – thanks to Australia!

Aussie effects-house, directors & writer onboard

Are Romy & Michele off to another Reunion?

Mira Sorvino says a sequel has been discussed

Confirmed : Vaughn directing X-Men prequel!

"First Class" hits theaters June 3, 2011

Sam Rockwell joins Indiana Jones for Cowboy Pic

Reuniting with "Iron Man 2" director Jon Favreau

Grave, Inception, Elephant Posters

Three new posters for three upcoming films

Shrek Forever After Poster!

The splashy new one-sheeter for the final "Shrek" hits the net

Paramount passes on Zoolander 2, too!?

Studio passed on "Anchorman" sequel last week

McKellen on Hobbit : We’re in a bit of limbo at the moment

Reprising Gandalf, but has no contract yet

Caffeinated Clint : Looking for the next big horror remake?

Clint has a handful of suggestions for Hollywood

Freddy’s Revenge will be broadcast in 3D!

Warner Bros confirm plans for "Elm Street" sequel


''Knows just how to treat the plague: roughly and uproariously''

Josh Lucas headlining Oz film Red Dog

Story of a dog that united a mining community

The trailer for Alexandre Aja’s Piranha 3D is online!

A loose remake of the Joe Dante classic


Pitch Perfect 3 pushed back to December 2017

Universal has pushed Elizabeth Banks' "Pitch Perfect 3" back from the middle of next year to December 22, 2017. Previously set for release on July 21,...