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Movie News

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The CW's reboot of the popular 90s drama coming this Fall

And "New Moon" footage and cast expected to be at Comic Con

Actor denies involvement in director Joe Carnahan "A-Team"!

"Che" star joins Jeffrey Dean Morgan for Sylvian White's comic cum film

Your first look at this Fall's "V", "Eastwick" and "Happy Town"

Rosario Dawson is female lead in the new Happy Madison comedy

Directing, Re-Writing and Co-Starring in the new Cameron Diaz comedy

"Salvation" stars Yelchin, Bloodgood, Dallas Howard & Common

"A cold, blunt summer movie misfire infatuated with mindless explosions"

"Schwarzenegger's cameo is one of the film's few highlights"

"Fanboys" star on "Wolfman Jack", "Spanky Johnson : Monster Hunter", and more..

Twitterings from the Premiere Screening indicate a mixed response

Justing Long spills the beans on who'll be holding the nuts!

"Terminator Salvation" director may let someone else take the reigns on sequel

Bruce Willis to star in "Grimm", a thriller based on classic fairy tales

In the David O'Russell directed drama "The Fighter", for Paramount

Stone Cold Steve Austin's next film, due in theaters 2010

Jason Lee, Patricia Arquette, Dennis Haysbert, JoAnna Garcia looking for work

Will Forte to star in spin-off of "Saturday Night Live" skit

Fixes on the Peter Fonda character's brother

Hayden Christensen and Djimon Hounsou in Mimi Leder's "Magician" movie

"Gossip Girl" star Crawford replaces Efron for Kenny Ortega-directed redo

Dan Aykroyd says female spite-catchers are in the "Ghostbusters 3" script

Sequel, starring Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, opening Nov

Playing an assassin in a new thriller from director Roland Joffe

Has Quentin Tarantino cast Sharon Stone in a new thriller he's directing?

"Star Trek" star to play collapsed-mine survivor Brant Webb?

Corey Feldman finds a way to make every woman fall in love with him

Reuniting with his "Walllander" co-star Kenneth Branagh

Spielberg and Dreamworks bringing Martin Luther King story to screens


Not surprisingly, since the original lost more money than a ripped purse, Fox has seemingly pulled the plug on a sequel to this year's...

Internet scuttlebutt has Tom Cruise circling Universal's reboot of "The Mummy". According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio have been looking for a big...

Unarguably one of the most exciting bits of entertainment scoopage on the web today, Kevin Bacon is to return to the "Tremors" franchise... 25...

Not to say he won't be playing a ghost, Mark Hamill has confirmed he'll be back for "Star Wars Episode VII". The iconic Luke Skywalker...

Abigail Breslin will headline "Freak Show", the film adaptation of James St. James’ bestselling cult novel that Trudie Styler is directing in her feature...