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Friday, October 28, 2016

Weinstein’s confirm Apollo 18 Mission

Timur Behmambetov onboard to produce

Back to the Past : Fame

Revisiting the classic musical, now 30 years old!

Quick News – November 7, 2010

More "Superman" contenders, "Tintin" pics, "Clash" sequel

James Franco to lead new Bourne?

Director Tony Gilroy may have found his hero

True Blood‘s Manganiello may play Superman

Confirms he's spoken to Warner Bros

Armstrong remaking Hitchcock classic!?

"Raiders of the Lost Ark" stuntman turns director

Wanna watch the first 2 minutes of Monsters!?

Gareth Edwards' acclaimed new thriller

X-Files 3 being written…or is it? (Update)

The Truth may be still out there...

Redband trailer for Friends with Benefits

Kunis and Timberlake go at it, no strings!

No Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man

Studio abandons idea to give Pete two girls

Breaking : Jill Clayburgh has left us…

"An Unmarried Woman" star dead at 66

Zac Efron to star in Akira?

Film based on the Japanese Manga title

Johansson going to the Zoo

Snags female lead in Cameron Crowe film

Channing Tatum Soldiers On

Cast in a Catherine the Great movie

First Look at the new Muppet movie!

Starring Jason Segel and some old friends!

TRON TV series greenlit!

Bruce Boxleitner reprising his role as TRON

What would Dougherty’s Superman sequel have been?

"Superman Returns" scribe had fun ideas

50 Original Casting Choices – Part 2

Allysa Milano as Buffy? Baldwin as Richard Kimble?

Trailer for Kutcher’s F*ck Buddies

Sleeps with best friend Natalie Portman

The Flying Nun is Spider-Man’s Aunt!

Field and Martin Sheen board reboot!

Ice Cube as Dirty Harry?

This Cop is Straight Outta Compton

James Bond 23 in cinemas November 2012

Daniel Craig's License to Kill reinstated

Former President joins Spider-Man!?

Big Name to play Uncle Ben

Shoot me Now! Rubiks Cube movie!?

Another game turns film

First look at Tom Hanks’ Larry Crowne

New pic of Hanks and co-star Julia Roberts

Roundup of the AFM Sales Posters (Updated!)

"Tree of Life", "Man on a Ledge", "11-11-11"...

Here’s a cool Beaver shot!

Teaser poster for Mel Gibson's troubled movie

Wolf Creek 2 Sales Poster Online!

'Mick's back with a few days to kill'

Bassett’s off to Silent Hill

Christophe Gans not helming 3D sequel

Scarlett Johansson to play Alien

Her weapon is her voracious sexuality


Charlie Sheen boards Major League 3 : “It’s as good as the first one”

A few years back we spoke to "Major League" scribe David S.Ward about a third film in the baseball-comedy series. Ward had written the...