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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Another Day, Another Remake

"Batman & Robin" scribe producing "Toxic Avenger" redo

Yelchin is Fright Night Lead

Kyle Reese takes on Vampires in remake of '80s film

Tron 3 already in the works!?

Writers of TVs "Lost" on the job

Dinner for Schmucks Trailer

The new Steve Carell/Paul Rudd comedy

Dark pic for Zemeckis

"A Christmas Carol" helmer reunites with Disney

Edgerton talks The Thing

It's a "partner piece" to the Carpenter film

Winona Ryder is a Cheater!

Spock's mother does the dirty on Kevin James

The Cynical Optimist – 6/4/10

The Film Critique V. The Movie Review

A Star Wars sitcom!?

Any milk even left in there, George!?

Apes, Voltron, Robotech reboots

All still inching forward, albeit slowly

Easter Monday Update – Latest News

"Resident Evil 4" trailer, "Ghostbusters 3" hiccup, TV

Mike remembers John Forsythe

Star of TVs "Dynasty" & "Charlie's Angels" dead at 92

The Drew List : Funniest Lines

10 most tickling lines from the movies!

Sean Connery returns to film!

Your first look at the new animated project "Sir Billi"

Letterier talks Clash of the Titans 2

Director says there are "endless opportunities"

The Notebook

"Isn't your standard romantic movie fare''

Shoot ‘Em Up

''A debilitating reliance on the absurd''

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

''warm, rich, and meaty''

Two more Clash of the Titans reviews

Brian and Ashley take on the Kraken!

Ash on African Queen, Doctor Zhivago Restorations

Both now available on Blu-Ray disc

Box Office Report : March 26-28

"How to Train Your Dragon" opens huge!

Latest News – Easter Update

"xXx 3D", "Predators" Web Chat, "American Pie 4", "RIPD"

Fast Furious 3D

Moritz on fifth "Furious", "Highlander"

Expendables trailer!

Look kids, it's Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Look Who’s Talking..Again

Travolta, Alley, Willis likely not involved

Leo gets Stoned, Hoovered

DiCaprio working with Stone, Eastwood

Moseley talks Living Dead 3D

"It's going to knock everyone's socks off"

Anna Faris joins the Army

'House Bunny' is the new "Private Benjamin"

Baywatch coming Summer 2011!

Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka scripting

New Player for Friday Night Lights

Casting underway to find new series' heartthrob


John Hawkes, Anthony Anderson, Octavia Spencer, Robert Forster to commit a Small Town Crime

John Hawkes, Anthony Anderson, Octavia Spencer and Robert Forster will headline gritty indie thriller "Small Town Crime". Written and directed by brothers Eshom Nelms and...