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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Anchorman : The Rich Mahogany Edition

''Ferrell's tailor-made for the role''

Voris, Reiff tapped for Karate Kid 2

Sequel to the Jaden Smith-starring remake

Quick News – August 27, 2010

Ooodles of bits and pieces today folks!

Jeremy Renner starring in Mission : Impossible 4

Alongside some guy named Tom Cruise

Albert Brooks playing a Gangster!?

Playing against type in the thriller "Drive"

Are these two ladies the opeening kills of Scream 4…

Casting rumour for Wes Craven's "Scream 4"

Angelina Jolie might be Unforgiven

A new thriller from the writer of "The Usual Suspects"

Final Destination 5 plans to kill off annoying male cheerleader!

Cast announced for 3D sequel

Saw director heads to Vampire Prison

Melbournian filmmaker looks to "Nightfall"

Channing Tatum stuck in a Big Chill

Actor's "Dear John" scribe and co-star also involved

Many of Whedon’s scenes and lines won’t be in The Avengers

Don't worry, he's still onboard!

Gibson, Foster want more Maverick

Maybe Brett Maverick can save the troubled Gibson?

Andie MacDowell joins the cast of Footloose

"Four Weddings" star playing reverend's wife

Jesus goes Camping

Jim Caviezel and James Frain in new Joel Silver thriller

Trailer for Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours Online

A true story starring James Franco

Pics of Ryan Kwanten in Superhero Guise

Pics from "Griff the Invisible"

Who’s Who in Hellraiser : Revelations?

Besides Pinhead, who are the characters?

What’s Verhoeven doing instead of Thomas Crown 2?

Schwarzenegger likely won't be involved

Joey, Jack & Jill

Katie Holmes joins Sandler and Pacino comedy

Australia’s Chris Egan up for M:I 4

Zegers and Mackie also in contention

The Hole Cast #1 – Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg

Clint Morris and friends talk up the latest


Superman actress in new Hellraiser

Victor Garcia resurrects Pinhead!

The Godfather : Coppola Restoration

''Stylistically masterful''

Hoffman confirmed for Little Fockers

Reprising his role as Stiller's Pop

Doug Liman goes Back to the Future!

"Bourne Identity" director wants to "Kill"

Dimension announces Piranha sequel

No, James Cameron won't be directing it

Jessica Alba : Spy Kid!

Will play Jessica Wilson, Spy & Mother


''It does glitter; glows, in fact''


Ben Affleck teases Deathstroke in upcoming DC film?!

Ben Affleck has taken to social media to share a cryptic clue as to the identity of the next DC movie villain... Affleck uploaded a video (below)...