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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Movie News

The latest film and television news stories

New Pic of Chris Evans as Captain America

Full costume shot of the First Avenger!

Here’s Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man!

First official picture of Peter Parker in the suit in 2012 reboot

Quick News – January 13, 2011

"Fast & Furious 6", "Man with Iron Fist", "Ghostbusters 3" update

Tron 3 prepares to get it’s game on!

Disney is about to greenlight a "Legacy" sequel

New Red Riding Hood Poster

And stills from the new film

Van Damme’s Double Impact sequel inching closer

And an update on his "Expendables 2" involvement

Exclusive : Kennedy in Mob movie

Comedian and actor rumoured for action/comedy

Dynasty coming to the big screen!

Sorry Heather Locklear, nothing in it for you

Roth rewriting Ripley’s movie

Jim Carrey still set to star as the columnist

Terminator duo under Locke & Key

The new graphic novel inspired series

Exclusive : Robert Pattinson wants Model Citizens

More details on "Elephants" reshoots

Will David O’Russell save Vince Vaughn’s career?

"Fighter" helmer has "Two Guns" ablazing

Mrs Coen heads to Madagascar

McDormand voicing villain in animated sequel

Another Rings fave back for The Hobbit?

This is turning into a remake of 'Peter's Friends'

Exclusive : The Almighty Thor Speaks!

A chat with the other Norse God, Cody Deal

Exclusive : Battleship Update!

Brooklyn Decker offers up on an update on 2012 release

Fox axed Good Guys and Running Wilde

Hanks and Arnett shows put out to pasture

Terminator star joins Dredd

Playing one of the villains

James Bond returns November 9, 2012!

Sam Mendes directing Daniel Craig

Naomi Watts as Vicki Vale in Dark Knight Rises!?

Who are the female leads of the new Batman film?

Duchovny, Anderson, Carter ‘Game’ for X-Files 3

Duchovny wants the next one to be "big"

Quick News – January 11, 2011

"Scream 4" opening kill revealed, "Dark Knight" for Chicago, "Pippi"

Trailer for the S.W.A.T sequel

Robert Patrick and Gabriel Macht lead DTV sequel

Phineas and Ferb The Movie!

Disney Channel series coming to the big screen

Do we have a female lead for the Alien prequel?

In Space No One Can Hear You Swoon

Mike remembers the great Peter Yates

"Bullitt" and "The Dresser" helmer dead at 81

Watts, Adams may replace Theron on J.Edgar

Actress doing "Snow White" over Eastwood Pic

McKellen, Serkis officially onboard Hobbit

Reprising their roles of Gandalf and Gollum, respectively

Catwoman is Captain Kirk’s Mother!?

Pfieffer Purrfect for "Welcome to the People"


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