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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Movie News

The latest film and television news stories

Exclusive : Salt director encounters Hunter Killer

Based on the novel "Firing Point"

Will The Dark Knight Rise for Marion Cotillard? (Updated)

Every been French kissed, Bruce?

The trailer for Russell Brand’s Arthur

Dunno whether I want More or Moore?

Angry, conceited puppet? Gotta be Jason Statham!

Alicia's 'Scarlet' Letter

Hole Cast #18 : Friday Night Lights Special

Special Guest : Derek Phillips ('Billy Riggins')

Various Horror Movie News

Kidman, Firth, Breslin, Divoff, Slade, Franco, Dante to scare

Theron joins Not Another Alien Movie

In Space No One Can Hear You Aeon Flux

Hoult : Until Mad Max gets here, I’m doing Jack

"Fury" only leads to Beanstalks

We blame this next story on the rain…

Director won't fake direct Milli Vanilli movie

Smart guy aboard Die Hard 5

Virgin action director gets job

Rosenbaum makes a bald move, returns to Smallville

Lex is back, back again...

I heard Red Sonja just got hotter?

All the boys do love Mandy Lane

Quick News – February 11, 2011

Arnett on "Office", Lawrence doing Stone, "Host" helmer

First Pics from Hobbit, J.Edgar, Smallville

Hoover, Hobbits and Luthor

John Sutter : Come with Me if You Want to Live

Schwarzenegger's next movie may be...

Alex Russell : John Tucker Must Die

Jesse Metcalfe gets "Dallas" over "Wasted" guy

Movie about Tupac’s end gets a start

Antoine Fuqua directing

Fallen star now with the Angels

"Charlie's" Bosley has been cast!

Too much at stake for Phoenix to do a Vampire movie?

Dominic Cooper doing "Abraham"



Oscars 2017: Complete Winners list & Best Picture drama!

In what has been one of the most dramatic endings in Oscar history, "Moonlight" has won the Academy Award for Best Picture. The night ran...