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Reuniting with his "Walllander" co-star Kenneth Branagh

Spielberg and Dreamworks bringing Martin Luther King story to screens

"Samantha Who" gone, "Law & Order" back, "Terminator" creator says goodbye

"A significant improvement over the original in my book in almost every area"

"E.T 2" debunked, "Green Lantern", New Penn and Whitaker projects, "Chuck" lives, "Sarah Connor" dies

Wasn't it going to be an animated film though? Interesting!

Trades remark on impressive special effects, lack of character

"Gump & Co" won't ever be a movie - if the actor has anything to do with it

Playing a present-day test pilot named Rip sent to the future

"Though Fincher is still going to be way better than the greatest films of plenty of his contemporaries, this is far from his best"

"Angels & Demons" star on his next movie, "Men who Stare at Goats"

... on my mind this week. "Prison Break" finale, "Star Trek" sequel rumours, Lindsay Lohan, Remakes

A modern-day take on the classic Orpheus legend

Hemsworth also cast in the remake of MGMs "Red Dawn"

Anthony Hopkins and Ridley Scott reuniting for another "Hannibal"? no!

"Scrubs"! "V"! "Dollhouse"! "The Middle"! "Amazing Hank"! "The Forgotten"! and more..

"It could’ve been overall a bit pacier, but its quite a thrilling ride"

Legendary star of "The Castle", "Ned Kelly" and "Homicide" passes away

"A Lonely Place for Dying", "Mona Lisa" redo, "Killer Elite" Statham, "Scrubs" renewal

Network affiliates may save popular comedy series from the scrap heap

Scorsese and DiCaprio reunite for a Frank Sinatra biopic at Uni?

Spielberg's crowd bringing 'Evil Ed' back to cinemas

"Fast and Furious" Producer rebooting Sylvester Stallone 'Classic'

A couple of one-time "Expendables" stars in Abel Ferrera film

MGM have first dibs at "Terminator Salvation" sequel, but can they afford it?

And a little bit on Schwarzenegger and you-know-who's cameo

Chris Ashworth from "The Wire" talks about his "Salvation" role

About the highly-anticipated "Terminator Salvation" and more...

The star of "Observe and Report", "Scary Movie", "Just Friends" & "Smiley Face"

"Fast and Furious" star onboard new Simon West actioner



A new teaser for the upcoming "Kickboxer" reboot, "Kickboxer Vengeance" has been released. The film stars Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dave Bautista, Gina Carano, Georges...

Warners are considering bringing DC title "Teen Titans" to the big screen. JoBlo reports that the film may merge with the Cyborg film that has...

That "Gremlins" reboot we've been hearing about? More sequel than anything - at least according to series star Zach Galligan. Appearing at London's Prince Charles...

The "Prometheus" sequel is a lock to film in Sydney. Ridley Scott was on hand today at a press conference to announce that "Alien...

To celebrate the release of SUCKER, we are giving lucky readers the chance to win tickets to the special Q&A screenings taking place in...