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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Set Pictures from Sherlock Holmes 2

Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law back on deck as the detective, doc duo!

Baz Luhrmann reading actors for Gatsby

Woman-of-the-moment Natalie Portman now in the mix

Paramount loses The Avengers!

Disney will now release it and "Iron Man 3"

John C.Reilly in Roman Polanski’s next

Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz already attached

Glee director redoing Rocky

Ryan Murphy may be bringing back the Sweet Transvestite

Mel Gibson joins The Hangover 2

No Rollergirl, sure, but they've got Martin Riggs!

Amber Heard may take on Pinhead!

"Drive Angry" co-star courted for Dimension remake

Brandon Routh may stay on as Superman

Zack Snyder open to retaining actor

International teaser trailer for Paul

Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, an alien that sounds like Seth Rogen!

Weaver wants in on Ghostbusters 3, Alien

Hopes Dana Barron joins son Oscar in long-awaited sequel

Bootleg Scream 4 teaser online

Premiered at last weekend's Spike Scream Awards

Newell, Johansson circle Zombies

Lionsgate needs a new director, new lead actress

The Hobbit Greenlit, Freeman to star

Peter Jackson film rolls February 2011

Quick News – October 16, 2010

Routh back as Superman?, "Honey" redo confirmed, Megamind

Cruise’s reps say he’s not doing Top Gun 2

But is he eyeing "Risky Business 2"!?

Exclusive : More Spider-Man Casting

Sons of Curt Connors and Richard and Mary Parker

Verhoeven doing saucy sex thriller. Something different.

"Basic Instinct" helmer directing "Eternal"

Zac Efron’s girlfriend takes off with The Rock

Hudgens in New Line's "Journey 3D" sequel

Amy Adams confirmed for Muppet movie

Chris Cooper and Rashida Jones also aboard

James Cameron directing Cleopatra 3D!?

Angelina Jolie to star in the Sony biopic

Michael J.Fox, Lea Thompson BTTF Reunion

Mother-and-son doing a photo shoot!

Sid, Dewey & Gale in new Scream 4 Pic!

And new footage premieres at the Scream Awards

Trailer for Adrien Brody’s Wrecked

It's a thriller, not a documentary on a party boy

Trailer and Poster for Drive Angry

Nicolas Cage in a fun new 3D movie from Patrick Lussier

The Hulk is coming back to TV!

The Punisher might also be invading the small screen

Lee Pace is in The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn

Playing one of the American Nomads!

Baldwin, Copley, Arterton in talks for MIB 3

Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones sequel shoots in Nov

Tom Cruise agrees to Top Gun 2!

Tony Scott offered the director's chair again

Mad Max vs Batman!?

Tom Hardy reuniting with Christopher Nolan

Beverly Hills Cop duo team for Heist flick

Ben Stiller and Alan Alda already onboard


Sneakers and Enemy of the State coming to TV

Television adaptations of '90s films "Sneakers" and "Enemy of the State" are in the works. The former, set up at NBC, hails from prolific producing...