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Movie News

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Yvonne Strahovski in new David Parker/Nadia Tass family drama

And over $3 million in Australia

"The A-Team" may have found it's Baracus! Who could it be!?

Moon Bloodgood's infamous topless scene to premiere on home video

Has had talks with Martin Campbell about donning the tights

About "Terminator Salvation", "Terminator 5" and "20,000 Leagues"

Actor keeping tight-lipped about the inevitable super-sequel

What you won't be seeing in this month's "Terminator Salvation"

"V For Vendetta" director may take the reigns on "Conan"

"Fly" scribe to write & direct Dark Castle horror pic

I don't really know what it is about "Wayne's World" that's so damn addictive - and for that reason have been sitting on this review for about a week now.

If you're only looking to own one of the "X-Men" movies on Blu-Ray - this isn't even a consideration

''Honestly, if I were to buy only one "X-Men" movie on BR, this'd be it''

''As I reported at 2:45 PM today, put a fork in it. It's done"

Actor starring in a remake of "Jekyll & Hyde" for Universal

"Saw" team remaking Charles Kaufman's 1980 horror classic

Simon West to direct "Death Race" star in remake of Bronson classic

"Pulp Fiction" star to play pirate-negotiator Andrew Mwangura

Diesel starring in film adaptation of video-game

Faris and Regina Hall ready to bring back Cindy and Brenda!

Director J.J Abrams says it's possible that a latter-day Kirk may return

And you can forget about Schwarzenegger returning to the role

The sequel to the cult hit "Donnie Darko"

Third film in the popular series due next year

The new Scott Adkins-Isaac Florentine actioner

"Spider-Man 4" rumblings, "Dead of Night" Pics, "Titans" Set Snaps and more!

Next season of "24", scheduled to start filming in a month, may be delayed

It's called, er, "Details" and co-stars James McAvoy and Laura Linney

Katie Holmes joins "Hellboy" director for new Miramax thriller

A funny doodle to tie-in with the release of Kyle Newman's fab flick!



The first promo for FOX's "Grease: Live" - airing in January - was released tonight. The 30-second-tease, featuring castmembers Julianne Hough, Aaron Tviet, Vanessa...

A sequel to the upcoming "Kickboxer" remake, "Kickboxer : Vengeance" is already in the works. Headmon Entertainment and Acme Rocket Fuel have announced that they've...

Ed Sheeran has filmed a cameo in the next "Bridget Jones" movie. The 24-year-old crooner shot scenes with "Bridget Jones's Baby" star Renee Zellweger on...

Tom Amandes,best known for his role on The "Everwood", will do a two-ep guester on The CW's "Arrow". The show reunites Amandes with...

Or should I say... SuperBOY? We saw a first from-behind glimpses of the Man of Steel on the "Supergirl" pilot but the CBS series is...