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Jamie Foxx helps Jason Bateman murder his Boss!

Oscar Winner joins the cast of "Horrible Bosses"

Mary Jane Watson hits The Road with Bella Swan!

Kirsten Dunst joins Walter Salles' latest flick

Trailer for Damon’s The Adjustment Bureau is Online!

Based on the story by Philip K.Dick

Collette and Hogan reunite for Muriel’s Wedding Reunion

Collette playing the lead in "Mental"

Snake Plissken drawn into the Underworld!

Kurt Russell's new film announced at Cannes

District 9 star demands he play Spock!

Why did Sharlto Copley walk from D.J Caruso's new film?

Jean-Claude Van Damme & Dolph Lundgren in 3D!

Next "Universal Soldier" jumps on the bandwagon

Caffeinated Clint Greats : Interview Series

Today : "Near Dark" (1987)

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Headlining New Line comedy with Jennifer Aniston

Judd Apatow to save Jennifer Aniston’s film career?

"Friends" star doing "Wanderlust" with Paul Rudd

Behold the trailer for Abrams & Spielberg’s Super 8!

That top secret low-budget blockbuster has a preview

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"Fright Night" Cast, "Conan" & "Green Lantern" set-pics

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Drew Turney with cinema's best speeches!

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Hannibal Lecter joins Arabian Nights

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Adam Frazier tells you why the remake ain't too shabby

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''Dwight had a vision of a dark, R rated movie''

Exclusive : De Niro, Hulme, Mendelsohn join Killer Elite

More names joining Jason Statham/Clive Owen actioner

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''The smoothest, most pleasurable ride you’ll have all year''

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The new and returning characters you can expect to see

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Both premiering in a lounge-room near you!

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Casting for the sequel is underway

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"Star Wars" star aboard "Genesis" adaption

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Sony officially announces "MIB 3D" for 2012

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Wait, there's two new "Shrek" movies!?

Is Bella Swan the Girl with The Dragon Tattoo?

Kristen Stewart and more want David Fincher remake

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Dwayne Johnson vs Vin Diesel in "Fast Five"?

Forget Sarah Marshall, Brand’s got a Greta!

"Greenberg" star aboard "Arthur" remake

Lost star finds employment with Dreamworks

"I am Number Four" and "Real Steel" like Island Boy



Trailer : Star Trek Beyond

A new trailer for "Star Trek Beyond" - this one featuring Rhianna's song 'Sledgehammer' - has been released. "Star Trek Beyond," the highly anticipated next...