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Brad Bird for M:I 4?

Paramount chasing three unlikely directors

Robert Culp (1930-2010)

"Greatest American Hero" star dies at age 79

The Buck Stops with 3D

Frank Miller's off, Paul W.S Anderson's on "Rogers" film

MIB’s burnt by Magic Candles?

Will Smith has a choice to make this year

Who’s writing the Laverne & Shirley movie?

Only a job for an Oscar Winner, of course

New Toy Story 3 Images!

Meet Mr Pricklepants and Dolly, thanks to Disney!

Smith’s Red State gets Financing!

Three years after the filmmaker first announced it

Moviehole Mailbag (March 24)

The much-welcome return of everyone's favourite reader!

The Twilight Saga : Eclipse Poster!

First look at Jacob, Bella & Edward's new one-sheet!

Craven commits to Scream 4

"Let Me At It" the returning director says

Box Office Report : 19-21

Third week's the charm for "Alice in Wonderland"

A Taste of Kat : Anticipated Flicks

What Katie Crocker can't wait to see...

Popeye returns to cinemas!

Marvel's Avi Arad producing for Sony Animation

Valmont vs. Megatron!

Malkovich, MrDormand & Jeong board "Transformers"

Spy Hunter to Roll, without Rock

Warner Bros taps "Sgt.Rock" scribe to pen feature

Chris Evans is Captain America!

"Fantastic Four" star accepts the role of Steve Rogers

Palmer still giving us the Creepers

Ray Wise returning for second sequel to "Jeepers"

At Play in the Fields of the Worthington

Jessica Chastain lands female lead in thriller

Slater heads to Fox

Third TV series in the works for '80s Bad Boy

Letterier may direct Avengers

''I am on the shortlist", says "Incredible Hulk" helmer

Caffeinated Clint : Branding

Someone might want to remake this column?

Tim Burton directing Thing!

"Alice in Wonderland" wants you to click your fingers

Final Destination 5 is a go!

Warner Bros' chief said the studio "couldn't resist"

Another 80s classic being remade

Has Hollywood no respect for us old coots?

Various Casting News

New gigs for Bridges, Witherspoon, Foxx, Ulrich

Throw JLo Overboard!

Will Smith's shingle remaking another 80s fave

The Cynical Optimist – 19/3/10

The Fraze ponders the mysteries of TVs "Lost"

New Expendables Poster

There's guns-a-plenty in this spiffy new one-sheet

Predators trailer, Arnold update

Was Rodriguez able to convince Schwarzenegger to cameo?

Set Visit : Tron Legacy

Moviehole invited to the set of the Disney sequel



Warcraft: The Beginning

To celebrate the release of “Warcraft: The Beginning" in Australian cinemas 16 June, Moviehole has your chance to win one of five in season double...