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Friday, September 30, 2016

Feature : The 10 Funniest Movie Lines!

"Yes, it's true...this man has no dick."

Quick News – Sep 22, 2010

"Spider-Man" poster, Charles Xavier bureid, Hurley!

The Cynical Optimist revisits The Wicker Man

No, not the dodgy Nicolas Cage remake

Who’s the new Pinhead!?….

The actor replacing Doug Bradley in new "Hellraiser"

Scott Pilgrim DVD/Blu-Ray extras announced

Wall-to-wall extras on pre-Christmas release

E.R star joins J.J Abrams’ Super 8

More cast members aboard hush-hush thriller

Marvel News : Iron Man 2 Cameos; X-Men adds another

Black Panther in Favreau's sequel!?

Tim Burton fills Frankenweenie cast

"Beetlejuice" star headlines project

Norton on being dumped as The Hulk

Talks about not being a part of "The Avengers"

Lost‘s Locke and Linus reunite for new series!

Playing black-op agents for Abrams

International, Domestic Paranormal Activity 2 Posters

Sequel to the grassroots horror hit coming next month

Peckham onboard Jack Ryan reboot Moscow

Third or fourth writer on Paramount blockbuster

No Fillion for Avengers, no Hamm for Superman

Latest news from Superhero-ville

Feature : 10 Best Movie Gangsters

Counting down cinema's deadliest foes!

The Hole Cast #5 -Jamie Williams

Special Guest : Jamie Williams from TMT

Reeves says Bill & Ted 3 could be happening

Original "Excellent Adventure" writers involved

Spartacus star has cancer; quits series

Second season was expected to air Sep 2011

Soderbergh brings back ’70s Superstar

Joining the cast of the ensemble thriller "Contagion"

Sarah Silverman goes nude for new film!

Comedian ditching clothes for Sarah Polley pic

Tom Cruise unveils Mission : Impossible 4 Title

"Romancing the Bone" didn't make the cut

First 2 cast members on J.J Abrams’ Super 8 Announced

And surprisingly they're fairly recognizable actors

New series, film for Jennifer Love Hewitt

In talks for a female version of "Big Bang Theory"

50 Sequels that Never Happened

Part 1 of 2. "Back to the Future 4", "Ghost 2", "E.T 2", "Total Recall 2" & more

Brian and Ashley go to town on The Town

Moviehole's verdict on Affleck's latest

Sacha Baron Cohen to play Freddie Mercury

The late singer of legendary band Queen

The NeverEnding Story

"Totally original Fantasy film"

Quick News – September 16, 2010

New gigs for Garner, Akerman, Wilde, Sheen, Roberts

J.J. Abrams Lands at Fox

"Alcatraz" series gets a home.

Trailer for The Fighter is online!

Wahlberg. Bale. Adams. Leo. O'Russell.

Trailer for The Tourist Online

New Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie thriller


Jessica Alba to produce Girl-10 for Fox

Fox has givenĀ a script commitment with penalty attachedĀ to "Girl-10". Produced by Jessica Alba, the show is set in the very near future and revolves around...