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Movie News

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O'Brien has "had discussions" with the network

Michael Gencarelli on Who's In and Who's Out!

A fantasy thriller from the creators of "Underworld"

Character design from the upcoming feature film

Wilde joining Craig for Favreau's next

What he's doing instead of the new "Pirates" sequel

Michael Gencarelli's weekly box-office analysis

Shia LaBeouf does his best Bud Fox!

Yes kids, that's the 'hot girl from Chuck'!

"Star Trek" star to play legendary music composer

Julia Roberts on why she keeps turning it down

"Ravenous" director tells us his side of the story

Will be more "Dark Knight" than "Spider-Man"

Jeffrey Dean Morgan returns to comic-book flicks!

Co-created the hit series "Flight of the Concords"

Writer Kevin Williamson says why

Has Herbie's buddy ditched the duds for Rodriguez?

"Predators", "The A-Team", "Shutter Island", "Babies"

Was originally due to open July 30

The Fraze's Top 50 films of the decade!

Imaginative artwork for new John Cusack comedy

Gave us "Clerks", "Pulp Fiction", "Shakespeare in Love"

"Who don't you start calling me Gordon"

"Passengers", "Ugly Betty", "Nikita", "The Uglies 3D", "King Kong"

George Lucas doing his own CGI fantasy flick!

"Fury Road" attracts a mix of British and Oz actors

Lightning strikes for the "High School Musical" star

Katie is a ''Sex and the City''-aholic.

Conan O'Brien's final guest in remake of French film

Info on actress/filmmaker Juliet Landau's "Take Flight"


If you're going to remake a classic, put your own, unique spin on it. Clearly, that's what "Big Bad Wolves" helmers Aharon Keshales and Navot...
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