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Dead Like Me movie greenlit! »

Short-lived series gets DTV spin-off treatment This is bound to please, well, not only fans of the TV show but anyone whose dead sceptical anytime rumours pop up suggesting a feature film of a cult TV series is in the works (because such rumours are usually piss and wind). “Dead Like Me”, the popular TV [...]

Bana goes Back to the Future! »

Starring with a Mean Girl in "Time Traveller's Wife" The old ‘Hulk’, Eric Bana – he inherits the title from Lou Ferrigno – is set to star smash-out for New Line’s “The Time Travellers Wife”, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Rachel McAdams is already set to play the female lead – the wife, if you [...]

Apted is new Narnia director »

"Gorillas in the Mist" director tackling "Chronicles" Despite Neil Burger (“The Illusionist”) being approached to helm it, directing duties on the next “Narnia” film have gone to Michael Apted (“Gorilla’s in the Mist”), according to Aint it Cool News. Andrew Adamson, director of the first two instalments in the cash-cow series, has decided to sit [...]

Beckinsale as Barbarella? »

Inheriting the loin-cloth from Jane Fonda Kate Beckinsale. Shaggy Bra. Cloth Pants. Working up a Sweat. Sold. The “Underworld” babe is a supposed “frontrunner” for the “Barbarella” remake, according to The Daily Express. The same paper apparently said Sienna Miller was the frontrunner – and that was just two days ago; so don’t go making [...]

Its Official : Grindhouse split Down Under »

But the good news : "Are We Done Yet?" will remain in tact! As discussed in this weeks Caffeinated Clint, the heavily anticipated "Grindhouse" has been pulled from its May release slot in Australia and postponed till later in the year - at which time it will be split into two separate movies. Roadshow Film [...]

Indiana Jones star nixed from fourth film »

No, it's not Sean Connery All these "Indiana Jones 4" announcements are making fan-boys do a jig... this'll stop them dead in their tracks. No Sallah. One of the series’ most popular characters, Indy’s hefty subordinate Sallah, played by John Rhys-Davies, will not be back for "Indiana Jones 4" (or "Indiana Jones and the City [...]

Colin Firth… Dancing Queen? »

More join the cast of Universal's "Mamma Mia!" Colin Firth is set to sing for his supper. The British actor – best to known Western audiences for his role in the “Bridget Jones” films - will join Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan in the new musical cum movie “Mamma Mia!” - a big-screen makeover of [...]

Van Damme doing a horror movie? »

In a movie described as 'The Exorcist meets The X-Files' Jean Claude Van Damme’s going to branch out - either that or he’ll do one of those stretchy long manoeuvres like he did in “Time Cop” and claim its versatility; nah, in all honesty, I think there’s a place for JC in today’s movie climate [...]

Studios vying for J.R’s Children »

New Tolkein book may become a movie, too Another J.R Tolkien novel looks set to get the big-screen treatment – but first, its got to sell as a book first. Tolkien's son and literary executor Christopher, now in his eighties, constructed "The Children of Hurin" from his father's manuscripts, and said he tried to do [...]

Ridley Scott has Child »

Fox2000 pic based on the book of the same name Ridley Scott will re-team with the studio that helped him unleash the “Aliens”, FOX, for “Child 44”, a tense thriller based on the [as-yet-unreleased] novel of the same name. Set in Stalinist Russia, Variety says the film revolves around an officer in the secret police [...]

Grey’s Anatomy star is one of These »

Washington is new Nathan Scoggins film “Grey’s Anatomy” favourite (maybe too strong of a word) Isaiah Washington has snagged a part in the new film, “The Least of These”. In the film, Washington – so good in “Clockers” (1995) all those years ago – will portray a priest with a troubled past who's transferred to [...]

Recon sequel premieres in London »

A new actioner from director Christian Veil Always happy to support fellow webbies and more importantly, the indy film.’s John Fallon (“Deader”) and head-honcho Berge Garabedian feature in “Recon 2022: The Mezzo Incident”, which will have its World Premiere at the renowned Sci-Fi London Festival in England on May 5th, 2007. Directed by Christian [...]

Anthony Hopkins’ meaty new role »

Joining the cast of "The Wolfman" remake? Anthony Hopkins is about to take a bite out of James Hampton's book – or at least he will be if he accepts his latest juicy (as in ‘calf meat’) role. The actor’s set to gnaw on human flesh again as the star of “The Wolfman”, a remake [...]

24 star saddles up for Hell Ride »

From Leatherface to Leather Jackets “24” star Eric Balfour (Milo) will leave the comfort of his CTU desk for a “Hell Ride”. According to Dread Central, the always-in-work actor (whose other credits include the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” remake; the pilot of “Buffy” and several episodes of “The OC”) has been thrown a helmet for the [...]

New stills from New Harry Potter »

Warner Bros' "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" Warner Bros has kindly provided Moviehole with two new stills from the forthcoming "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". (L-r) TOM FELTON as Draco Malfoy, MATTHEW LEWIS as Neville Longbottom, EMMA WATSON as Hermione Granger and JAMIE WAYLETT as Vincent Crabbe in Warner [...]

Sam Raimi on The Hobbit »

Responds to rumours he's directing "Rings" prequel So, is Sam Raimi directing “The Hobbit”…. Or not? From the moment Bob Shaye told Peter Jackson to clear-out his bedside drawer at the New Line bunker, one name has been touted to take up the bearded Kiwi’s position on the “Rings” prequel: Sam Raimi. The “Spider-Man” and [...]

Hulk 2 writer talks Norton casting »

And what will different about the new movie? Zak ‘don’t blame me for X-Men 3’ Penn waxed lyrical with Coming Soon about Edward Norton being cast in “The Incredible Hulk” – a film he also put pen to paper on. "I couldn't be happier about Ed Norton," he told the site. "I worked on the [...]

Three Women and a Bank »

Ted Danson joins new Katie Holmes comedy Having just graced his 107th unsuccessful sitcom, Ted Danson has decided to return to the slightly-kinder world of cinema. The former "Becker" star will join Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah and Katie Holmes in "Mad Money"; a comic caper about three co-workers, all with their own motives, who hatch [...]

The Titans Strike Back »

"Empire" scribe writing "Clash" remake George Lucas's go-to guy Lawrence Kasdan - he penned "Empire Strikes Back", "Return of the Jedi" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark" - has been tapped to rework an old Harry Hamlin movie. Kasdan's penning Thunder Road's big-screen remake of "Clash of the Titans" - one of Hamlin's first films; [...]

Mandylor brothers in Tenebrous »

Co-starring a former "Twin Peaks" hearthrob Costas and Louis Mandylor are teaming for “Tenebrous”, a new Supernatural Thriller from director Joel Bender (“R.S.V.P”). The film tells of a down-on-his luck writer who moves to a small town in the South and discovers that a dead legend has risen and is killing the local townspeople. To [...]

Edward Norton is The Incredible Hulk »

Actor taps into his 'Primal Fear' I’m the guy that likes the “Incredible Hulk” TV show – yep, I’m the one – so my opinion’s worth about as much as a quarter melted to the cement, but Edward Norton… as Bruce Banner? Ah, er, Um, Yeah...what was that they were saying about not making this [...]

Prince by the Bay »

"Transformers" director announces next project Studio Exec : This 'Prince of Persia' movie is gonna be big, right? Studio Exec #2 : In scale? Yeah. Bigger than JLo's rump! Studio Exec : In that case, there's only one man for the job... All [in harmony] : Michael Bay! has confirmed that Michael Bay will [...]


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