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Indiana Jones & The Battle of Shaker Heights »

Shia LaBeouf confirmed for "Indiana Jones 4" The Drip's packed with a confirmation this morning. Shia LaBeouf - starring in this weekend's "Disturbia" - is CONFIRMED for "Indiana Jones 4". "We are excited about bringing Shia into our Indy family," said Steven Spielberg, via "His talent has impressed not only his audiences throughout his [...]

The Weeksly Late Edition – 13/04/07 »

Channel 9 pick up the rights to Bill Paxton’s new show!

Dreyfuss and Midler reunite! »

"Down and Out in Beverly Hills" duo back together Dick Dreyfuss. The Divine Miss M. Back together?! Who said cinematic comedy had gone to the Hogs?… um, er, Dogs?! For the first time since 1986s “Down and Out in Beverly Hills”, Richard Dreyfuss and Bette Midler will be sharing that creamy multiplex screen. They’ve both [...]

The Spider-Man recasting rumours begin »

First up, a former sitcom star that once ran into Michael Myers There’s been a few worrying rumours crossing the webbly wires the last couple of days regarding Tobey Maguire and who they’ll get to replace him in “Spider-Man 4” should he decide to sit it out in the hope of a “Seabiscuit” sequel. Cinemablend [...]

Dreyfuss bathing in Sweetwater »

As opposed to 'Salt water' in "Jaws" One of the best actors of our times – and a guy that’s not used enough – Richard Dreyfuss (“Jaws”, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, “Stakeout”) will return to the curtain-surrounded silver screen in “Sweetwater”, a new sports drama. According to Variety, Henry Simmons will co-star in [...]

The Jiu-Jitsu Kid »

Chiwetel Ejiofor snags lead in new David Mamet actioner Here’s one that’s posters are bound to be slapped across the walls of every dojo near and far. Acclaimed screenwriter/playwright David Mamet and Sony are teaming on a film set within the white walls and pine floors of the Jiu-Jitsu fighting world. Set to start production [...]

Nine for the taking »

Rob Marshall re-teams with The Weinstein Company Rob Marshall will direct a remake of the cult 80s hit “Xanadu”…. Ok, no he won’t… that was just a joke for the three readers of today’s “Caffeinated Clint”… Nope, the “Chicago” helmer is singing for The Weinstein Company’s “Nine”. Yep, it’s another Broadway show cum movie. "Inspired [...]

Ricci on track for Speed Racer »

The film that no longer stars Vince Vaughn The artist formerly known as Wednesday Addams is on Speed. Speed Racer that is. And even then, I don’t know if she’s actually “on” Speed Racer or merely in the film. Christina Ricci. “Speed Racer”. She’s snagged a part. Ricci will play Trixie, Speed's loyal and courageous [...]

Another Night at the Museum? »

Thomas Lennon on his upcoming slate Clint here, Just got off the CB with Thomas Lennon, one of the chaps behind the “Reno! 911” phenomenon, who filled me in a little on what he’s got coming up in the future. It’s looking pretty sunny on his side of the fence. As we speak, he’s in [...]

Caffeinated Clint – 13/04/07 »

On the "Decaf" again Folks, things have been madder than Mel Gibson on a drinking binge here, hence the no “Caffeinated” columns this week – and the shorter one this week – but stick with me. For fucks sake, what are you doing read this anyway? Go out and see “Grindhouse”! It needs your money! [...]

Moviehole MailBag – 12/04/07 »

A quick one while he's away... Got a Question for Clint to answer? Wanna make a comment on something? Then drop us a line Letters From Pat : Hey, love the site! So I was just wondering if there was any news on the new college movie that Richard Linklater is directing? Is it a [...]

Bond boys bring back Barbarella »

Neal Purvis and Robert Wade to pen the script A remake of “Barbarella” has been discussed longer than Paris Hilton’s been out of diapers – 18 months and counting! – and its again back on the drawing board. Producers Dino and Martha De Laurentiis have completed a rights deal that will allow them to reinvent [...]

Washington and Whitaker are the Great duo »

Starring in a new 1930s set sports drama Powerhouse duo Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker set to team on “The Great Debaters”, a new fact-based drama for producer Oprah Winfrey (!). According to Variety, Washington – who has long considered directing the pic too, and still may – will play a volatile coach who molds [...]

Traill to direct Bullock’s latest »

"Premonition" star in new romantic comedy Despite the fact that her latest film is now considered one of Rotten Tomatoes’ worst films of all time, Sandra Bullock’s still in work. The actress will star in “All About Steve”, with the powers-that-be tapping short-film director Phil Traill (he also co-wrote that shocking Aussie thing, “Opal Dream”) [...]

Your first look at Get Smart »

See the new Maxwell Smart and 99! Filming has begun on Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Village Roadshow Pictures’ comedy “Get Smart,” starring Steve Carell (“The 40-Year-Old Virgin”) and Anne Hathaway (“The Devil Wears Prada”). The announcement was made today by Jeff Robinov, President of Production, Warner Bros. Pictures. Inspired by characters from the classic television [...]

Various Sequel News Items »

"Mummy 3", "Punisher 2", "Bond 22", "Trainspotting 2" etc Various bits of sequel news today. Both The Herald Sun and Variety confirm that Rachel Weisz will not be back for the next instalment of “The Mummy” franchise. She has opted out of returning; Brendan Fraser will instead headline the film solo. The writers are factoring [...]

Smallville resident skyrockets into Flash »

There is life beyond Lana for Whitney Former “Smallville” star Eric Johnson (Whitney) has snagged the much-coveted role in the Sci-Fi Channel’s new series “Flash Gordon”. The network has been trying to decide whether to cast a young twenty-something actor in the role or go older – they’ve opted to go younger. Thirty-something actor Chris [...]

Iron Man wears Bibb »

Playing the feisty-reporter in the series Foxy Leslie Bibb (probably best remembered for her role on TVs “Popular”; she was also in “The Skulls”, “See Spot Run” and “Talladega Nights”) has joined the already choca-bloc all-star cast of prospective superhero hit “Iron Man”. The blonde beauty will play the film’s resident fast-talking reporter. In addition, [...]

Still Fast, Still Furious »

Morgan snapped up to write "Furious" sequel number three Chris Morgan has been to write the fourth instalment of “The Fast and the Furious” franchise. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Morgan did such a knock-up job on last summer’s “Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” that Universal asked him back to pen sequel number three. [...]

First Look : Hairspray »

Moviehole previews the upcoming musical LOS ANGELES. Summer is fast approaching an the studios are bracing themselves for one frenetic, competitive summer movie season. While many online press have so far been treated to sneak peaks of the likes of 'Shrek the Third' and 'Spider-Man', even fewer were invited to the first sneak of 'Hairspray'. [...]

Wanna see Transformers footage tomorrow? »

Join Moviehole tomorrow in MELBOURNE! Email Now! Be Quick! Email Clint before 9am tomorrow if you'd like to attend!!

Tom Hanks signs on for Da Vinci sequel »

Ron Howard's "Angels & Demons" to lens in June reports that Tom Hanks has signed on to star in the sequel to “The Da Vinci Code” - “Angels and Demons”. A scooper for the site says that Hanks is going to score “[the] biggest salary ever paid to an actor in the history of [...]


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