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The Passion of the Catwoman? »

Jim Caviezel starring in new film from Pitof It probably goes without saying that Jim Caviezel will never top his performance as ‘Jesus’ - "Superman" was pretty the closest he would've gotten - but who would’ve thought “The Passion of the Christ” would be his last ‘major’ movie of merit? It’s damn looking that way. [...]

Who’s playing Speed Racer‘s Parents? »

The stars of "Thelma & Louise" and "The Flintstones" in talks Susan Sarandon and John Goodman are in talks to play the proud parents of rev-head “Speed Racer”, says The Hollywood Reporter. Based on the classic 1960s series that was created by anime pioneer Tatsuo Yoshida and retooled for North American audiences, "Speed" follows the [...]

Wanna ask Kam Heskin a Question?? »

The star of "The Prince & Me" sequels One of today's most talented young actresses, Kam Heskin can currently be seen playing the deliciously evil Sheridan Crane on TVs "Passions". Film-fans would know her best as Paige Morgan in "The Prince and Me 2". Heskin, whose other credits include "Planet of the Apes", "Tomcats", "Catch [...]

Paulsen’s Adventures in Babysitting »

A remake starring Raven Symone and Miley Cyrus “Nancy Drew” scribe Tiffany Paulsen will pen the remake of the 1987 Elisabeth Shue comedy “Adventures in Babysitting”. Taking on the leads this time are Raven Symone (in the Shue role) and Miley Cyrus (who I presume will be playing the role originated by Penelope Anne Miller [...]

Breslin headed to Nim’s Island »

With Academy Award Winner Jodie Foster Jodie Foster and "Little Miss Sunshine" star Abigail Breslin are near deals to star in "Nim's Island," a Walden Media-financed fantasy, according to Variety. "Nim's Island" concerns a young girl who accompanies her scientist father to an isolated island in the South Pacific. When he is lost at sea, [...]

Weinstein’s get Hoowdwinked Again »

The Further Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood The not-terribly-successful “Hoodwinked” is about to spawn a sequel. Mike Disa (“Seven Dwarves”) has been tapped by the Weinstein Co. and Kanbar Entertainment's "Hoodwinked 2: Hood vs. Evil," a CG-animated sequel to the 2006 pic, says Variety. I gotta tell ya, when I saw the words “Hoodwinked [...]

Inglorious Bastards next for Tarantino »

Writing it while he's on the road Quentin Tarantino’s long-planned World War II film “Inglorious Bastards” – which I believe Adam Sandler was being eyeballed for a role in at one stage – is still happening, according to the man himself. Tarantino told that he’s finishing off the script as we speak. “That will [...]

DVD Interview : Stefen Fangmeier »

The director of FOX's "Eragon" Stefen Fangmeier makes his directorial debut with the exciting new fantasy adventure, "Eragon" – an epic tale of a boy and his telepathic dragon, coming soon to DVD. The movie stars talented British newcomer Ed Speleers in the title role as a simple farm boy who discovers his destiny to [...]
<i>Shrek the Third</i> footage report
2 Apr
Written by adam

Shrek the Third footage report »

On a brisk, rainy day outside of a foggy San Francisco in Northern California, the DreamWorks/PDI Studios looms amidst a conglomeration of nondescript Read more…

News on new Shrek sequels and spin-offs »

Will there be a King Arthur spin-off? By Charlotte Brewster I know that you haven’t seen Shrek the Third yet, but in case you’re already wondering, as mentioned above, yes, there will be a Shrek 4. “There is a Shrek 4, and I know the story, but you don’t, and I can’t say it, but [...]

Shrek the Third Set Visit »

By Charlotte Brewster

When asked if I wanted to visit PDI/DreamWorks to see a rough cut of Shrek the Third, I believe my Read more…

Rogue Cinematographer dies »

The sad passing of Australia's Will Gibson It’s with sad news we report the passing of acclaimed Australian cinematographer Will Gibson. Gibson’s the talented visionary behind homegrown hit “Wolf Creek” and the upcoming “Rogue” – both written & directed by his good friend Greg McLean. Gibson’s most recent project was the mini-series “Kick”. When you [...]

Moore to play Scully in X-Files sequel »

Gillian Anderson says goodbye to her trademark role Another month … another makeover for a popular film franchise. Hot on the heels of David Duchovny’s comments that the next “X-Files” movie is being brokered as we speak comes news from that co-star Gillian Anderson – who has played his sciency subordinate since the series’ [...]

Caffeinated Clint – 30/3/07 »

The "After Midnight" Rant Edition I get about a hundred requests a week from someone asking me to "plug" their new "short" film - or upcoming low-budget feature - and honestly, I just don't time have time to do that. Though I wasn't sent a copy of it, so can't tell you whether it's any [...]

Murphy and Rhys have The Best Time »

With Keira Knightley and Lindsay Lohan Cillian Murphy and Matthew Rhys have signed on to star opposite Keira Knightley and Lindsay Lohan in "The Best Time of Our Lives", says The Hollywood Reporter The film chronicles the relationships between Welsh poet Dylan Thomas (Rhys), his wife Caitlin (Lohan), his childhood friend Vera Phillips (Knightley) and [...]

Strangers and Straw remakes in the works »

Two classics gets the Hollywood oil-and-grease Hollywood’s still got their woody for remakes. First up, Variety announced today that Hilary Swank will star in and produce a remake of Patrice Leconte's “Intimate Strangers”. The film tells of a young woman who thinks she’s going to bare her soul to her new shrink, but instead gives [...]

The Transporter in a Death Race? »

Jason Statham in talks for remake of action classic The coolest cat in action cinema today, Jason Statham, is in talks to star in the remake of “Death Race 2000”, says Latino Review. Earlier this week it was confirmed that director Paul W.S Anderson was a lock to direct the film – titled “Death Race [...]

Tarantino’s Mandarin Kung-Fu movie coming »

Only it will be a part of the "Grindhouse" label Remember a few months back when Quentin Tarantino announced that he’d like to shoot an old-school Kung Fu movie, complete with Mandarin subtitles, sometime? Well, seems that sometime will be sooner rather than later – soon in Tarantino terms usually means between two and three [...]

Wahlberg doing Shyamalan’s next »

Twentieth Century Fox's "The Happening" Mark Wahlberg’s doing M.Night Shyamalan’s next film? Heh? (Dude, I can understand how “Shooter” might have been tempting for about twelve minutes, but a film that a) no studio wanted initially and, b) is the follow-up to the stinker “Lady in the Water”?) All I can say is, you’d wanna [...]

SXSW Wrap-Up Report »

Tim’s take on “Knocked Up”, “The Lookout” and more

28 Months Later? »

Spoiler Alert Danny Boyle keen on doing second sequel? Danny Boyle's not planning on squashing the Euro Zombie invasion anytime yet - not when there's good money to be made. Scooper 'Gordon' just checked in to let us know that Boyle's already penciled down his plans for the third chapter in the series. I love [...]

Anderson in a Death Race »

Instead of "Castlevania"? One of my least fave directors, Paul W.S Anderson (“Alien Vs. Predator”), is about to sparkle his magic shitdust all over a Corman classic. Anderson, says Dread Central, has departed the film version of “Castlevania” (which he was much more suited - being based on a frickin' video game) and has instead [...]


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