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Caro falls into Sky »

Reuniting with her "North Country" studio “North Country” helmer Nick Caro has signed on to adapt and direct Ken Dornstein's memoir "The Boy Who Fell Out of the Sky" for Warner Bros. Pictures. The film will tell the story of Dornstein's brother David, who died with 269 others in the 1988 Pam Am Flight 103 [...]

Night out for the King of Scotland »

Forest Whitaker joins Keanu Reeves in new actioner Forest Whitaker will follow up his Oscar Winning role in “The Last King of Scotland” with another FOX film, “The Night Watchman”, says The Hollywood Reporter. Based on an original idea by James Ellroy, "Night" centers on a veteran LAPD cop (Keanu Reeves) who turns to alcohol [...]

Schnabel to direct Myers as Guru Pitka »

The Canadian funnyman's next movie Marco Schnabel, the second-unit director of “Austin Powers in Goldmember”, is being upped to director status for the next Mike Myers jaunt. Schnabel has been tapped by Myers and Paramount to direct the Canadian funnyman’s return to the bigscreen as the advice-dispensing Indian Guru Pitka. The movie, which takes up [...]

Winstone is the new Short Round? »

Another addition to the "Indiana Jones 4" cast “Indiana Jones 4” is starting to resemble a Golden Globes After Party. On top of the recently announced Cate Blanchett and Shia LaBeouf, Ray Winstone (“The Proposition”, “The Departed”) has joined the cast. He’s playing Indy’s new sidekick. The Hollywood Reporter hasn’t been able to dig up [...]

Stallone joining Bastards and Avatar? »

Sly talking to Tarantino and Cameron about new roles Though he recently announced that he’s never actually spoken to Quentin Tarantino about the movie – and thus, the rumours suggesting he had were void – things may have changed in regards to Sly Stallone taking part in QT’s WWII epic “Inglorious Bastards”. Yahoo! Movies – [...]

Mortal Kombat movie series rebooted? »

Insider and Director confirm it'll be like "Batman Begins" Just like the long-gestating “X-Files” sequel, the third “Mortal Kombat” movie has been swimming in the Development Hell Channel for quite a few years now. Apparently, and again like the former, it’s delay can mainly be attributed to legal issues. Insider ‘Rayden’ gave us a quick [...]

X-Files movie finally happening? »

Duchovny says they'll start next year, if not earlier I’ve got to be honest and say that I never thought another “X-Files” movie would ever happen. I really didn’t. Sure, they - the producers and the cast – like to keep the rumour alive (once a year someone from the cast and crew likes to [...]

Gervais and Kinnear go to Town »

New "Ghost" story from David Koepp This should be good. Ricky Gervais and Greg Kinnear, two of today’s best comic actors, are pooling their talent for “Ghost Town” – sounds like a damn theme park attraction – from “Indiana Jones 4” scribe David Koepp. (Koepp was paid $2 million bucks for his script – nice [...]

Abbie Cornish is a Bright Star »

Aussie actress in talks for new Campion pic When I interviewed Abbie Cornish a few years back, here in Melbourne, for her role in the local film “One Perfect Day” it didn’t for a second enter my mind that I was sitting across from the next Cate Blanchett. Nothing against the girl – she seemed [...]

Wanna ask Todd Farmer a Question?? »

Horror scribe is our latest "Ask a Celeb" victim By now, you no doubt know the drill : You come up with a question for our 'Victim' (usually to do with their movies or career; save the 'wanna bonk me?' questions for another outlet), email them to me here with the subject header "Ask Todd". [...]

Updated!" >From The Fountain to The Fighter Updated! »

Aronofsky to direct new Damon/Wahlberg movie? Update! : Variety has confirmed that Aronofsky will indeed direct the movie. Just knew he was holding back when he was recently answered Moviehole readers’ questions in our Ask a Celeb feature – but possibly for good reason. Doesn’t sound like anything’s in stone yet. Darren Aronofsky, director of [...]

Once Upon A Time In Sin City? »

Depp and Banderas might join sequel When you get that 2008 almanac for Christmas make sure you dig up a marker and pencil in “Sin City 2” on there somewhere - I know, nobody likes to taint a newly bought calendar, but believe me this thing’s sounding damn special. According to MTV, Johnny Depp and [...]

Who is Alan Dale playing in The Dark Knight? »

We've got the answer Wondering who local boy Alan Dale ("The OC", "Ugly Betty") is playing in the forthcoming Caped Crusader Crusade, "The Dark Knight", I dropped a contact an email to see whether we can get any kind of hint on who the New Zealand-born actor might be in the film. The answer? No [...]

Michael Biehn Makes a Comeback »

James Cameron may want him for a role in "Avatar" 2007 may indeed be the year that Michael Biehn makes his comeback. The star of “The Terminator” and “Aliens” hasn’t had a lot going on - nothing worth mentioning anyway – for the past decade or so, but all that’s about to change thanks to [...]

Dawn of the Army of the Dead »

A new Zombie film for Zack Snyder I’m all for a resurgence in the zombie movie – especially if they’re going to be different – so long as they’re all good. Seeing as if this new one is being captained by the chap that made the terrific “Dawn of the Dead” remake (some may disagree [...]

DiCaprio & Scorsese doing Wolf »

Based on the book "The Wolf of Wall Street" Joined-at-the-hip or what? Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese will re-team for their fourth pic together – excluding the ten other projects they’re developing together – a film version of the book “The Wolf of Wall Street”, says Variety. Nope, not the lycanthrope version of the Gordon [...]

Nat to Prey on movie theatres »

Pop star to make film debut in new George Miller movie Busty Rock-Chick Natalie Bassingthwaighte – known for fronting the band Rogue Traders, as well as her long-standing stint as the vixen Izzie on TVs Neighbours – will make her silver screen but in the new supernatural horror flick “Prey”. According to The Herald Sun, [...]

Sanford and Son the movie? »

With the stars of "Guess Who" and "Drumline" Here we go again…. With the “Dallas” and “I Dream of Jeannie” films deferred, Columbia has spotted a windowpane of opportunity to get another ‘TV show cum film’ off the ground. The Culver City gang have locked in Bernie Mac and Nick Cannon to star in a [...]

Set Pics from Rambo 4 and Iron Man »

Nice look at Stallone's new body; No sight of Downey Jr yet I’ll just let the images do the talking here… Some set pics from “Iron Man” are up here : And Some set pics from “John Rambo” (or “Rambo IV”) are up here : Thanks to ‘Advanced_Dark’

Exclusive : The Little Darlings return »

Remake of the O'Neal/McNichol classic in the works Paramount Pictures have been searching through the microfiche archives to see what they can do – it is the trend, after all – again. Seems they’ve decided on a remake of that early 80s classic – and one of Tatum O’Neal’s higher points – “Little Darlings”. The [...]

Watson WILL be back for final Potter films »

Warner Bros has issued a release The following press release - conventienly written a week after rumours pegged Emma Watson as not returning for the next two films - just flittered into the inbox. DANIEL RADCLIFFE, RUPERT GRINT AND EMMA WATSON TO REPRISE ROLES IN THE FINAL TWO INSTALLMENTS OF WARNER BROS. PICTURES’ “HARRY POTTER” [...]

Spider-Man Vs. Morlun? »

Is that the plan for the fourth movie? Nothing like another ‘Superhero’ movie rumour to end the week – watch it spread like wildfire and by the end of the weekend, be considered fact – hey fellas? has been slipped a fortune cookie - on it, the note : ‘Morlun will play the villain [...]


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