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Angarano joins Chan & Li project »

From director Rob Minkoff Rising young actor Michael Angarano (“Sky High”) is set to join Jackie Chan and Jet Li in their long-awaited team-up. The film, which The Hollywood Reporter says is untitled (though says is called “The Kings of Kung Fu”), will see the actor play a troubled 17-year-old wannabe kung fu warrior [...]

Captain Adama takes on The Crystal Frontier »

Edward James Olmos to direct and possibly star Edward James Olmos, so great in “Battlestar Galactica”, is set to direct a a bilingual drama under the working title "The Crystal Frontier," based on a Carlos Fuentes novel that explores U.S.-Mexico border issues and the far-reaching effects of the two nations' foreign-policy decisions. According to The [...]

Pictures from the TMNT Premiere »

And WIN great TMNT prizes! 'Warner Bros' have kindly supplied us with a few piccies from this past weekend's TMNT Premiere in Hollywood. Those crazy green dudes..... sheesh. Anyway, scroll to the bottom of the pics to see how you can win some great "Turtles" prizes! WIN! WIN! WIN RESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES ONLY [...]

McGowan is the Woman in Black »

"Grind House" star signs for Elliot's new film Rose McGowan’s star looks set to rise – I think people thought it might’ve happened around the time of “The Doom Generation” and “Scream” but considering she then accepted a role on then deteriorating TV series “Charmed”, it was abundantly clear her star had stalled somewhere around [...]

Raiders of the Dark Knight »

Nolan and Spielberg to team Two divine brains sharing the same vision? Nice. Jonah Nolan – Chris’s brother and the writer of “The Dark Knight” – and Steven Spielberg - he’s the guy with the beard that did the alien movie with the bikes - are teaming for "Interstellar," a space adventure that’s set up [...]

Taking Titanic on the Road »

Leo and Kate to reunite! Jack and Rose are set to reunite. “Titanic” co-stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have inked a deal to re-team on Dreamworks’ “Revolutionary Road” - a film that Mr Winslet, Sam Mendes, will direct. The film is based on a 1961 novel by Richard Yates, and is described by Variety [...]

Carpenter in talks for Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Michael »

Robert Englund says the three horror icons might be teaming up Robert Englund seems fairly confident that his wish to team alter-ego Freddy Krueger up with Michael Myers – the masked maniac of “Halloween” – is going to come true. Englund tells MTV that John Carpenter, director of “Halloween”, is in talks with New Line [...]

The Mummy knows Kung-Fu »

Jet Li confirmed as the villain The oft-rumoured Jet Li is indeed part of the “Mummy 3” cast, says The Hollywood Reporter. Li will play the villain of the film, alongside returning heroes Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz. Plot details of the script, written by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, are being kept under wraps. [...]

When Betty met Dave »

Banks and friends join Murphy's latest Elizabeth Banks, known to fanboys for her role as Betty Brant in the “Spider-Man” films, is taking a trip with “Starship Dave”. The FOX pic is the latest ship to sail for Eddie Murphy – fresh from his Oscar nominated role in “Dreamgirls”. Banks will portray Gina, a hip, [...]

The New Adventures of Superman »

Online 'rumours' suggesting who the villains will be Seems there’s still life in the “Superman” sequel after all (not that I'd take the Variety item as a debunk... they couldn’t even get our ‘url’ right; don’t know how much stock you’d put into their investigative reporting – in fact, ‘Stax’ at IGN Movies had the [...]

Hilary Duff set for new Australian film? »

Co-starring Liam Aiken and Sandra Oh Hilary Duff is headed to Australia to make a film. The teen moppet has signed to star in The Emancipation of Jonny', opposite rising young actor Liam Aiken (“Stepmom”). The film enravles on the journey of a 16 year-old teenager, as he faces the ultimate decision, balancing his dreams [...]

‘Robin’ as Wonder Woman? »

Rumours emerge that Warners has chosen their heroine Web rumour of the day: “How I Met Your Mother” star Cobie Smulders has snagged the role of “Wonder Woman” – yeah, I know what you’re saying ‘it’s something different every week’ – in uncle Joel’s pricey big-screen translation of the comic. According to Film Ick, The [...]

Jack’s Back for Stargate movie »

Anderson set to freeze for "Continuum" Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM) today announced that Richard Dean Anderson will be reprising his role as General Jack O'Neill for the Studio's upcoming “Stargate: Continuum”. Anderson will join cast members Ben Browder (Stargate SG-1's Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell) and Amanda Tapping (Lt. Col. Samantha Carter) in shooting on location [...]

Get Rich or Die Driving »

50 Cent to star in new Drag-racing film 50 Cent will be behind the wheel for “Live Bet”, a new drag-racing actioner from Mexican filmmaker Alejandro Lozano, says Variety. The film, which Lazno is re-writing with Tony Dalton, is a heist film script is set in the world of underground clubs and illegal car racing. [...]

Multiple examples of employment »

"Sarcasms" stars good ensemble cast Timothy Hutton, Mira Sorvino, Dana Delany, Stockard Channing and Mario Van Peebles will star "Multiple Sarcasms," a new NYC-set drama, says Variety. Writer/director Brooks Ranch’s film is set in 1979 and follows a man stumbling through a series of midlife missteps and deciding to write a play based on his [...]

Emile Hirsch is Speed Racer »

The star of "Alpha Dog" and "The Girl Next Door" Emile Hirsch – who, according to the final season of Project Greenlight, is a hard catch – is in final talks to star in “Speed Racer”, says Variety. Based on the 1960s Japanese cartoon series by anime pioneer Tatsuo Yoshida, pic will follow the adventures [...]

Sony buzzing for Green Hornet movie »

The producer of "XXX" and "Fast and the Furious" onboard Looks like “The Green Hornet” is finally going to fly. Just a couple of years ago, The Weinstein Company had the rights to the TV series and had asked Kevin Smith to write the film version. At one stage, Jake Gyllenhaal was said to be [...]

Cruise is Top Gun for Singer’s next »

The lead in Bryan Singer's new WWII thriller It didn’t take Tom Cruise long to win his way back into the ‘worth bothering with again’ leagues. (Admittedly, no one wants to speak bad about the head of a film studio – Cruise recently took the head position at the newly reformed United Artists – do [...]

Will Snake lose the Mullet? »

John Carpenter talks "Escape from New York V2.0" SuicideGirls spoke to the big man himself, John Carpenter, about New Line’s plans for his “Escape from New York” – and the illustrious horror-meister revealed that he believes it’s a prequel (to his film) that they’re actually doing. I spoke with Will O'Neil who wrote one of [...]

DVD Interview : Borat Sagdiyev »

Yep, we speak to the man himself To coincide with the release of "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan", Moviehole talked to the man himself, Borat, about his debut feature. Keep the kids eyes away! Why have you choose to make this movie? I was give honour to make [...]

Moviehole MailBag – 21/03/07 »

Enough to send you to the brink Got a Question for Clint to answer? Wanna make a comment on something? Then drop us a line Letters From Helen : That sucks that Emma Watson is quitting Harry Potter. Is this for real? I despise recasting actors. Helen, you need to go back and read the [...]

Angelina Jolie is Wanted woman »

Joins Freeman and McAvoy in new action pic Universal Pictures has set Angelina Jolie to star alongside James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman in "Wanted," an action film based on a graphic novel that Timur Bekmambetov will direct, says Variety. The movie will be Jolie's next, with shooting to begin in Eastern Europe in May. McAvoy [...]


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