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Children of the Corn remake in the works? »

With Darren Lynn Bousman rumored to direct Dimension has been trying to get the “Children of the Corn” back in the summery fields – and theaters – for forever and a day. Finally, It looks like the lil’ blonde bastards may be returning to work. A few years back, screenwriter Joe Harris (“The Tripper”) was [...]

Exclusive : Burger, King of Narnia? »

"Illusionist" director approached for "Dawn Trader"? Moviehole’s heard some pretty steadfast murmur this afternoon that Neil Burger, director of “The Illusionist”, may have been approached to direct the next instalment in the “Chronicles of Narnia” series. Its alien terrain for Burger – the family fantasy flick – but no doubt his knockout visuals in the [...]

Exclusive : Caine, John Connor & Billy team up? »

Carradine, Furlong and Hopper are "Forever" David Carradine, Edward Furlong and Dennis Hopper look set to team on “Forever”, a new supernatural crime thriller from director Roger Mende. Based on an original screenplay by Camille Solari, it tells of a young woman whose visions lead her to the case of a stolen Rembrandt. The movie [...]

Bruce Willis appears in Oceans Thirteen »

Reprising his role from "Oceans Twelve"? According to, Bruce Willis has a role in the forthcoming “Ocean’s Thirteen”. It’s not known whether Bruno plays himself – as he did, briefly, in “Oceans Twelve” – or whether he’s playing a new character this time ‘round. Meantime, co-star Bernie Mac told the site that he’s confident [...]

Various News Items – 8/3/07 »

From the trades & elsewhere around the web When one just isn't enough.... From the Trades (Variety, The Hollywood Reporter) · Rachel McAdams, Tim Robbins and Michael Pena will star in "The Return," which Neil Burger will direct. The story follows three soldiers returning from Iraq who become companions on an unexpected road trip across [...]

No Billy in Beverly Hills Cop 4? »

Producer on what to expect with Axel Foley's return A fourth “Beverly Hills Cop” movie has been talked about for years – but like Apollo at the end of the Drago match, there was just no getting it off the ground. I tell ya, there’s not one writer in Hollywood (or beyond) who won’t tell [...]

Smell the Bacon? Yep, its Wild Hogs 2! »

Sequel to the No.1 comedy already mooted Haven’t seen it yet, so I can’t comment, but I’ve got the Panadol on stand-by for when I do. Talking of course about the No.1 film in the states (not that that means much – it’s the second weekend that really matters), “Wild Hogs”. According to, Director [...]

McConaughey is a Surfer Dude »

No, really, thats the name of his new film How’s this for ingenious casting? Matthew McConaughey as a soulful surfer? McConaughey has agreed to front S.R Binder’s “Surfer Dude”, a movie about a man of the waves in an existential crisis. The actor – recently in Australia shooting “Fool’s Gold” with Kate Hudson – will [...]

Shyamalan sells his script! »

the film formerly known as "The Green Effect" Someone has finally snapped up that M.Night Shyamalan fan. The suckers? Twentieth Century Fox. FOXs Tom Rothman apparently agreed to take Shyamalan’s script “The Happening” off the market. He’s greenlit the film for a June, 2008, release. According to Variety, the movie, which will mark Shyamalan's first [...]

007 singing ABBA songs? »

Brosnan joins Streep for "Mamma Mia!" Pierce Brosnan (yep, Pierce Brosnan!) is set to join Meryl Streep in the film version of the Broadway hit, “Mamma Mia!”, says Variety. The former 007 sang a few Irish standards in the indie drama "Evelyn," and sang onstage early in his career. But this will be a decided [...]

Dolittle is back talking to the animals »

Third sequel to the Eddie Murphy hit in the works Duck Eddie…. Here’s another reminder of your not-so-proud past. Twentieth Century Fox has greenlight another “Doctor Dolittle” sequel – and like the most recent instalment (“Doctor Dolittle 3”), it’ll be Eddie Murphy-less. “Doctor Dolittle 4 : First Dog” is now in pre-production, with casting set [...]

Exclusive Halle Berry is Doris Payne »

The true story of a legendary jewel thief Halle Berry’s about to leave the super-duds – and by duds, I mean spandex outfits – behind for a while to star in something a little more deep and meaningful; but hopefully, no less fun. The “X-Men” star has signed on for “Who is Doris Payne”, the [...]

Spider-Man 3 Footage Preview Event »

And talks to Marvel’s Avi Arad at the screening

Moviehole MailBag – 7/3/07 »

Finally getting around to replying to a few of you Got a Question for Clint to answer? Wanna make a comment on something? Then drop us a line Letters From Amber : I’m with you that Mel Gibson should get back on the big screen [and] not hide behind the cameras. Must be bad news [...]

Charlie’s Angels now Old Acquaintances? »

Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz may reunite Two of the cinematic “Charlie’s Angels”, Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz, are apparently mulling over an offer to re-team for a remake of the 40s classic “Old Acquaintance”. According to Sky News, Barrymore and Diaz will play an evil twosome – Miriam Hpkins and Bette Davis played the [...]

Earth to Stand Still Again? »

Scott Derrikson and Angelina Jolie onboard remake? Haven’t spoken to Scott Derrikson (“The Exorcism of Emily Rose”) for a bit, so can’t tell you whether this is full-speed-ahead or not, but according to IESB the filmmaker may be circling a remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (1951). Remember that little beautie? It told [...]

Mel Gibson eyes two new projects »

One of them, a remake of the 1950 thriller "Panic in the Streets" I dunno about you, but I wish Mel Gibson would return to our screens. In front of the camera, ya know? Not behind it. Despite the fact that he says damn-ass silly things when he’s drunk (but don’t we all?), he’s one [...]

Lucas swears that Portman won’t be in Indy 4 »

Officially debunks the rumour that Nat's playing Indy's Kid I’ve debunked the rumour about twenty-five times now, but seems nobody caught that…. Folks have still been spreading the spurious declaration that Natalie Portman is playing Dr.Jones’s daughter in the next “Indiana” adventure. Don’t believe me? Well, maybe you’ll believe George Lucas? Captain Neckless spoke to [...]

Ask A Celeb : Adam Scott’s Answers! »

From "The Return", "Ratatouille" and "Knocked Up" “Monster-In-Law”, “Torque”, “High Crimes”, “Art School Confidential”, “The Aviator”, “The Matador”, "The Return" – just a few films that feature rising young actor Adam Scott. His next film is Brad Bird’s highly-anticipated “Ratatouille”, then you'll spot him in "Knocked Up" and after that, he’ll be seen opposite the [...]

Gerard Butler to star in Watchmen »

Re-teaming with his "300" director Zack Snyder IESB has landed a plum scoop from “300” director Zack Snyder (very nice guy by the way, seems to know his stuff) suggesting he’ll be re-using (I dunno, is that the word?) Gerard Butler, the star of his new historical battle royale, for “Watchmen”. Snyder has already slotted [...]

G.I Joe starring Mark Wahlberg? »

Oscar Nominee could be playing Duke Mark Wahlberg starring in 'G.I Joe'? Yeah, Ok, I can see that. That works. Its funny. Anytime a studio is in need of a muscly young hero… they go straight to Marky Mark. Yeah, it also probably has a bit to do with the fact that he’s now ‘Academy [...]

Exclusive : Blumberg gets a Slap Shot »

Writing the remake of the Paul Newman classic And this one’s not going to feature Paul Newman’s special sauce. The Newman-starring ice hockey classic “Slap Shot” (1977) is headed for the remake machine – with Kennedy/Marshall pushing the button. The company, and Universal, have tapped Stuart Blumberg (“The Girl Next Door”) to write the script [...]


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