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Moviehole at Sundance – Day 5 »

We check out the latest from Antonio Banderas and Dakota Fanning By Paul Fischer From the sublime to the ridiculous would sum up my experiences on this, my second last day covering Sundance. Summer Rain Antonio Banderas’ Summer Rain, [El Camino de los ingleses], the actor’s second turn behind the camera, returns him to his [...]

Bruckner on Halloween rumours »

Where Art Thou Laurie Strode? I was actually chatting to one of the crewmembers on Rob Zombie’s "Halloween" yesterday, so I can tell you one-hundred-percent that they still haven’t found their Laurie Strode. Apparently its been a difficult thing deciding which young actress should step into the slippers once worn by Jamie Lee Curtis and [...]

The Oscar Nominees Are… »

"Dreamgirls" chalks up 8 nominations It's going on 2am here in Summery Australia, and I've still got a couple of piles of work to get through before I call it a night, but I wanted to quickly jump on and let you all know that the Oscar Nominations have been announced (I probably didn't need [...]

Eric Roberts joins TVs Heroes »

Is this the comeback he's been waiting for? Its funny, my wife was just saying how Eric Roberts seems to be in every darn music video at the moment – he’s currently appearing on a music video channel near you on the clip for Akon's "‘Smack That"’ – and we wondered whether clip gigs actually [...]

Washington losing Anatomy gig? »

Insiders say he may be losing the role Remember for the next time kids; a faggot is a piece of a wood. Isaiah Washington is one talented lad, but he’s so shot himself in the foot. Like Patrick Dempsey, the role on “Grey’s Anatomy” had been a career saving grace for the former film star [...]

Smells like Kenobi’s Spirit »

From Naboo to Nirvana It comes from a British tabloid so don’t go calling your friends just yet, but The Daily Express swears that Ewan McGregor is the frontrunner to play grunge rocker Kurt Cobain in a film about the late Nirvana frontman. Courtney Love – Cobain’s loopy rocker wife; and mother of their child [...]

Planet Shyamalan Explodes »

Doesn't anyone want M.Night's latest script? What is it they say? What goes around, comes around? Indeed. Indeed. Walk around Culver City like an easy-to-please dominatrix and you’re likely to get spanked. Just ask M.Night Shyamalan. One giant ego later, and one huge flop (“Lady in the Water”) later; the one-time ‘Jesus incarnate’ can’t get [...]

Moviehole at Sundance – Day 3 »

Reviews of "Waitress" and "Clubland" With Paul Fischer My third day and a quiet one, just two films and an interview. First caught up with the luminous Zooey Deschanel, who talked at length about her role in The Good Life, as well as The Go Getter [which I’m seeing tomorrow] and The Bridge to Terabithia, [...]

Who’s Who in Cabin Fever 2? »

Some updates on the sequel to the Eli Roth hit Associate of mine is going up for a role in Lionsgate’s “Cabin Fever 2 : Spring Fever”, so thought I’d share with you guys what I know. It ain’t much. I can tell you that the lead characters they’re looking to cast are : John [...]

The Wrath of Khan »

Donnie Yen in talks for 'Genghis' movie? Just a few short years ago; Donnie Yen was struggling for roles. Sure, he was choreographing the fight scenes in movies like “Blade II” (in which he also had a small part) and “Highlander: Endgame”, but nobody seemed much interested in hiring him as a frontline actor. How [...]

Bryan Brown returns to Australian Film »

Joining Jackman and Kidman in "Australia" Legendary Aussie actor Bryan ‘What’s this great idea we’re here to piss on?’ Brown (“Breaker Morant, “FX”, “The Shiralee”) will support Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman in the local blockbuster, “Australia”. I tell ya, I’m really glad to see Bryan Brown returning to the big screen. The guy has [...]

Blade star meets for Wonder Woman »

No, Sticky Fingaz hasn't inherited the Wonder-Bra Well, it is another “Wonder Woman” casting rumour – but at least this one sounds like it’s got some meat to accompany the potatoes. Jill Wagner, formerly of the short-lived “Blade: The Series”, stopped by FlickDirect to talk up her future plans, and mentioned that she’s actually met [...]

Koepp doing Spider-Man 4 »

But who will play Spider-Man? Unsurprisingly, Sony has decided to make a “Spider-Man 4” – despite the fact that original director Sam Raimi and stars Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst have no plans in returning. "Indiana Jones 4" scribe David Koepp (whoalso did a 'little bit' of writing on the first "Spider-Man" film) tells [...]

Moviehole at Sundance – Day 1 & Day 2 »

Mixing it up with Redford for another year By Paul Fischer It's back, the first film festival of the year, and if it's January, it must be Sundance. The stars are yet again out in force, the deal makers and wanna be's gather en masse, and anybody who writes for just about anything seems to [...]

Chucky Vs Michael? »

Dourif on his way to Haddonfield This is likely to have the fanboys reaching for the nearest cleaning wipe. Brad Dourif, best known as the man behind the iniquitous snicker of ‘Chucky’ in the “Child’s Play” series, has joined the cast of Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” remake. In a round about way that means Chucky will [...]

Shutter the Australian up! »

Taylor wins the lead role in Horror remake Put the hands together – no, not whilst doing that! – for Aussie girl, Rachael Taylor. Thr pretty blonde actress has just scored her first lead role in a major American movie. Following in the footsteps of fellow Aussie Naomi Watts – who hit one out of [...]

Scorsese planning Departed trilogy »

With Robert De Niro in talks to join the cast Robert De Niro might still win his muse back – from Leo - after all. According to MTV, the Raging Bull is in talks with director Martin Scorsese – his director on such classics as “Raging Bull”, “Mean Streets” and “Taxi Driver” - to join [...]

Stallone climbing Moses Mountain? »

May be doing a film based on the Franz Werfel novel Now that he’s won his world title belt back, a new world of opportunity has seemingly opened up for the Boxing Stallion-roo.. And he’s getting more audacious by the round. After he pummels some bullets into a few abs in the next “Rambo” sequel, [...]

Juno what Jennifer Garner’s next one is? »

Teaming with Ellen Page for new Jason Reitman pic Jennifer Garner – even with her less than stunning cinematic track record of late – has snagged another movie role. Not surprisingly, it’s a comedy. The former “Alias” ass-kicker will join “Hard Candy” castrator Ellen Page for the new Jason Reitman (“Thank You for Smoking”) comedy, [...]

Snakes on a Terrace? »

The next film for Samuel L.Jackson Samuel L.Jackson and Kerry Washington (“The Last King of Scotland”) are booking a stopover at Will Smith’s “Lakeview Terrace”. The Fresh Prince will produce the thriller, set up at Screen Gens, which tells of an interracial couple who moves into a new home, but the dream house turns into [...]

Pacino picks up the easel »

Playing Salvador Dali in a new Andrew Niccol movie Is there anything left for Al Pacino to play? Ah yes, of course, Salvador Dali. According to Variety, the Gangster-turned-blind dancer-turned-Devil has agreed to front Andrew Niccol’s (He directed Pacino in the poorly-received “Simone” a couple of years back), chronicle of the artist. The film will [...]

Gossip Monkey – 19/01/07 »

'Monkey' stumbles upon 'Face' from "The A-Team" Hey Monkians! Man, there’s some gale force winds occurring here. My fur is dancing upon my arms and legs here. Today I saw a van almost topple over. I feel a storm is due here in London. Nothing compared to the storm occurring with the everso poor Celebrity [...]


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