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Shutter the Australian up! »

Taylor wins the lead role in Horror remake Put the hands together – no, not whilst doing that! – for Aussie girl, Rachael Taylor. Thr pretty blonde actress has just scored her first lead role in a major American movie. Following in the footsteps of fellow Aussie Naomi Watts – who hit one out of [...]

Scorsese planning Departed trilogy »

With Robert De Niro in talks to join the cast Robert De Niro might still win his muse back – from Leo - after all. According to MTV, the Raging Bull is in talks with director Martin Scorsese – his director on such classics as “Raging Bull”, “Mean Streets” and “Taxi Driver” - to join [...]

Stallone climbing Moses Mountain? »

May be doing a film based on the Franz Werfel novel Now that he’s won his world title belt back, a new world of opportunity has seemingly opened up for the Boxing Stallion-roo.. And he’s getting more audacious by the round. After he pummels some bullets into a few abs in the next “Rambo” sequel, [...]

Juno what Jennifer Garner’s next one is? »

Teaming with Ellen Page for new Jason Reitman pic Jennifer Garner – even with her less than stunning cinematic track record of late – has snagged another movie role. Not surprisingly, it’s a comedy. The former “Alias” ass-kicker will join “Hard Candy” castrator Ellen Page for the new Jason Reitman (“Thank You for Smoking”) comedy, [...]

Snakes on a Terrace? »

The next film for Samuel L.Jackson Samuel L.Jackson and Kerry Washington (“The Last King of Scotland”) are booking a stopover at Will Smith’s “Lakeview Terrace”. The Fresh Prince will produce the thriller, set up at Screen Gens, which tells of an interracial couple who moves into a new home, but the dream house turns into [...]

Pacino picks up the easel »

Playing Salvador Dali in a new Andrew Niccol movie Is there anything left for Al Pacino to play? Ah yes, of course, Salvador Dali. According to Variety, the Gangster-turned-blind dancer-turned-Devil has agreed to front Andrew Niccol’s (He directed Pacino in the poorly-received “Simone” a couple of years back), chronicle of the artist. The film will [...]

Gossip Monkey – 19/01/07 »

'Monkey' stumbles upon 'Face' from "The A-Team" Hey Monkians! Man, there’s some gale force winds occurring here. My fur is dancing upon my arms and legs here. Today I saw a van almost topple over. I feel a storm is due here in London. Nothing compared to the storm occurring with the everso poor Celebrity [...]

Caffeinated Clint – 19/01/07 »

This 'Posting on Friday' Thing is catching, isn't it? Its raining, Its pouring.... the Golden Globes were boring. Glug, Glug Glug, and what about… I just realized I didn’t mention the Golden Globes this week. To be honest, I’m not really concerned either. I mean, I remember the days when these awards nights use to [...]

The Braff Update »

News from the "Scrubs" star Robbed!, he was robbed I say. I of course refer to my favourite TV funny-man, Mr. Zach Braff, and his defeat to Alec Baldwin in the Golden Globes the other night, but he's still great, and eventually these Awards-type shows will wake up and realise what gold they have in [...]

Ellen Ripley going to Avatar? »

Sigourney Weaver could be reuniting with James Cameron The source isn’t exactly ‘Deep Throat’ so intersperse some table salt all over this one, but according to a tipster for Aint it Cool News, “Aliens” heroine Sigourney Weaver might be re-uniting with director James Cameron for his new film, “Avatar”. The versatile but not-oft-seen-these-days Weaver – [...]

Grace, Pena and Olyphant can now eat »

New projects for the three announced “Spider-Man 3” villain – that’s not a spoiler is it? – Topher Grace is set to headline the new time-travel thriller “Source Code”, according to Variety. While the plot – the script is penned by Ben Ripley - revolves around time travel, other details are being kept under wraps. [...]

Whitaker, one of Woods’ Creatures »

Guy Pearce and Kate Beckinsale also starring So where to now after the amazing “King of Scotland” and that not-so-surprising Golden Globe win this week for Forest Whitaker? Well, besides up? According to The Herald Sun, Whitaker – for my money, he’s just as grand in “Good Morning Vietnam” (1987) as well; check it out [...]

Updated!" >Is this Laurie Strode? Updated! »

The "Halloween" guessing game continues Update : As you may have heard, Rob Zombie has decided to delay "Halloween" and work again on the script. I wonder whether this has anything to do with the rather negative script review that AICN had up? Anyway, also heard from an actor who tells me that the role [...]

McConaughey, Gibson, Macy, Zahn…Magnum P.I? »

The cast of "Sahara" and Tyrese, for TV-to-Film offering? I like the idea of Matthew McConaughey playing Magnum P.I a lot better than I do that George Clooney rumour – love George, but this character needs to be younger, and be less ageing playboy, and more bed-hoppin’ stud – but I tell ya, it still [...]

Indiana Jones 4 writer talks »

Will Indy be old in the movie? Will it be highly referential? “Indiana Jones 4” writer [number #552] David Koepp (“War of the Worlds”) dexterously fielded questions from on what we can expect in the long-awaited fourth (and I’m guessing, final?) jaunt of the audacious Archaeologist. With his life at stake if he reveals [...]

Wanna ask Muse Watson a Question?? »

A Reader Q&A with the "Prison Break" and "N.C.I.S" star This month on Moviehole we've been hosting a special feature where folks of the film industry - including DAREN ARONOFSKY ("The Fountain", "Requiem for a Dream") and ED NEUMEIER ("Robocop", "Starship Troopers") - answer questions from select Moviehole readers - on, well, anything they like. [...]

Moviehole MailBag – 18/01/07 »

I could tell you, but then I'd have to flame you (did I mention I'm at MySpace now?) Just got enough time to answer a few letters today, but we’ll try and get through some more next week. Meantime…. Flame on…. Q.I’m not really a Jolie fan but I rather have Angelina Jolie than Rachel [...]

Is Jolie no longer ‘The Dame to Kill For’? »

Oscar Winner rumoured to be replacing her in "Sin" sequel Proceed as if you're about to step into bed with a Hilton sister- in other words 'with Caution - but nonetheless, lick your lips around this one : Angelina Jolie may be out of "Sin City 2" - she was set to play 'The Dame' [...]

Smart move for The Rock »

Co-starring in film version of old TV series Now this is fantastic casting (Well, nearly as good as Steve Carell playing the man himself). The Rock has snagged a role in the feature film version of “Get Smart”, starring Carell as bumbling agent, Maxwell Smart. Big Dwayne has real personality – and though the film [...]

TV stars to take on Boogeyman »

"Heroes", "Seventh Heaven", "Xena" & "Thief" stars' onboard sequel According to Variety, another “Heroes” cast member – they all seem to be snapping up movie roles – has snagged a plum feature gig. Danielle Savre, who played cheerleader Jackie on the show, will have the lead role in “Boogeyman 2”. She’ll play Laura, a young [...]

Moviehole at the G’Day USA event in L.A »

With John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Cate Blanchett, Melissa George, Peter Fonda One of the most lauded personalities at the fourth annual Penfolds Icon Black Tie Gala Saturday night at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles was not there – Steve Irwin. However, his presence was felt strongly throughout the evening, both in words [...]

Updated!" >Paltrow helps Iron out the cast Updated! »

Superhero blockbuster scores female lead? Update : Variety has confirmed that Paltrow has indeed been cast as Pepper Pennis. Thanks to 'Aaron' for the heads up! This bit of news reminds me of Brussels sprouts – I can swallow it, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to like it. According to Aint it Cool News, [...]


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