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Watts up with Ring 3 and Birds? »

Naomi may do one of those So Dreamworks have opted against rushing in and doing a “Ring 3” – English language one – after all, hey? Talking to Bloody Disgusting, Producer Roy Lee says he’s decided to put it off for a while. I’ll tell exactly what’s happened here. Naomi Watts passed on “the Ring [...]

Caffeinated Clint 5/1/07 »

Rippin' em new ones a coupla days early So anyway, isn’t anyone going to write in and mention how ironic it was that near ten minutes after I ripped him a new arsehole for not starting on the new “Indiana Jones” already, that George Lucas came out and did just that? I’ll take credit for [...]

Directors linked to Scanners and Saw IV »

And E.T's mother is now Laurie Strode's mother! As any regular reader of the site knows, I’m not the biggest fan of these incessant horror remakes. I don’t hate them, in fact, some of them are quite good – Didn’t mind what they did with “The Hills Have Eyes” and “When A Stranger Calls”, and [...]

Gossip Monkey – 5/1/07 »

Monks on "The OC", "36", "Blonde Ambition" and more Shana tova! A gut yohr! To my Cantonese friends; Kung hé fat tsoi! For my Dutch readers; Godt nytår! The French romantics among you; Bonne année! My Bollywood Hindi chums; Nav varsh ki subhkamna! To George Clooney; Felice anno nuovo buon anno! To Irish Dreamtime; ath [...]

George counts from 13 to 36 »

Clooney joins De Niro for Copper Remake Now this is a double-act: George Clooney and Robert De Niro. Two of the best actors of ‘our’ times are teaming up for a remake – obviously spurred on by the success of that other little English-language remake of late, from Martin Scorsese - of the French cop [...]

Pitt and Jolie mulling Smith sequel? »

Keen to work together again Whether it’s because they feel they’re onto a good thing fiscally, whether it’s because it’ll be a nice tie-in with the upcoming TV spin-off (announced last week), or simply because there’s no better excuse for some simulated rumpo… Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are rumoured to be toying with the [...]

Wanna ask Darren Aronofsky a Question?? »

He's happy to answer Moviehole readers' questions You got something to say to director Darren Aronofsky? We’re letting YOU ask a question to one of the best filmmakers in the Wood they call Holly. Whether it is about his classic “Requiem for a Dream”, his one-time plans to bring “Batman” to the multiplex, or his [...]

The OC gets KO’d »

FOX series will end this season Retail sales of wife beaters are about to go down a notch. FOX has decided to – not surprisingly, since ratings had dipped dramatically of late – to cancel “The OC”. "'The O.C.' season four finale will also be the series finale," said Josh Schwartz, the show's creator and [...]

Kevin Smith to Die Hard? »

Cast in the new Bruce Willis blockbuster I was always going to be there, clammy-handed, anyway, but this latest bit of casting news for “Live Free or Die Hard” has me a little more jazzed to see the thing. Almost - but not quite - Gene Kelly Jazzed. OK, so it’s not Alan Rickman doing [...]

The Bionic Woman is back! »

Warner Bros bankrolling new version of TV hit Another sign that the ground below is about to tear down the middle, hot ash is going to rise through the cracks and Tom Cruise is about to expose himself as the devils disciple… “The Bionic Woman” has just been resurrected. Warner Bros is bringing back the [...]

The Hot Stars of 2007 »

About to get their big break in the Year of the Pig! Sly will be back, Bruno will be back, Ben Stiller is still in work and Nicole Kidman still has the monopoly on the best leading female parts around - - but some new faces are also going to come in with the current [...]

Worst Nightmares Heating Up »

news removed at the request of screenwriter

TV is the Pitts »

"Mr & Mrs Smith" series gets the greenlight ABC has given the thumbs up to “Mr & Mrs Smith” – Nope, they’re not bringing back the ol’ Scott Bakula series of the same name – a new TV series based on the Pitts actioner. The film's writer, Simon Kinberg, penned the pilot script, about John [...]

Mercury Rising for Depp? »

"Queen" biopic rumours Sounds about as likely as John Travolta making a good film again, but never the less, tis’ the silly season so why not jingle the bells and see what ridiculous rumours bounce off ‘em. VIP member of the ridiculous rumour club, Johnny Depp – last we heard he was mulling a Michael [...]

Mike Myers making a comeback »

In at least three new films Have never really been a big fan of Mike Myers. Sure, most of his films have been, well, entertaining [enough], but watching him do his same old shtick over-and-over again is like watching “Baywatch Nights”. Once was enough. “Wayne’s World” was the film that turned him into the pre-Jim [...]

Jones in June »

Fourth "Indiana" film has a start date If only to shut up the skeptics – a club of which I’m a honorary member – LucasFilm has slipped a few more details about the swiftly full-speed-ahead “Indiana Jones 4”, which Uncle George announced starts filming this year, for a release next. According to The Hollywood Reporter, [...]

Silent Night, Deadly Remake? »

Sony's bringing Killer Santa back Santa had a glass to the door at the Sony Screen Gems office just before Christmas, and along with a ride on his most buck-crazy reindeer, whispered in my ear what he heard the suits discussing. A remake of “Silent Night, Deadly Night”. Yep, the next old horror classic to [...]

Agoraphobic’s Guide to 2007s Films »

All the direct-to-DVD releases worth looking out for With so much emphasis on the films that will be playing at a multiplex near you in 2007 – you know; blockbusters like “Live Free or Die Hard” and “Zodiac” – I thought I’d give you agoraphobic’s a look at what you can expect next year from [...]

Indiana Jones 4 Officially Announced! »

In theaters May 2008 Pinch me. Fuckin’ Pinch me. Make it hurt like a dominatrix giving two-for-ones. Word has just fluttered online - coincidentally only moments after I chastised them for the lengthy delay in “Caffeinated Clint” - that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have finally announced production on “Indiana Jones 4”. Yep, they’re still [...]

Caffeinated Clint – New Year Edition »

See in the new year with a Latte! So it’s over. 2006. Thank friggin god. I tell ya, that year hurt more than buying a beer and packet of chips at the last concert I went too (How are those prices hey? For that price, you’d think you’d get a sucky-fucky in the alley behind [...]

The Weeksly Late Edition – 29/12/06 »

Adam’s Top 10 of 2006!

Songs and Scenes from Source »

"Highlander : The Source", that is Loved “Highlander”. I don’t know whether it was the music (by Queen), the cool character (Sean Connery as Ramirez!? Gold!; Clancy Brown as The Kurgan!? Double Gold!), or the proficient (not usually words associated with the guy) direction by Russell Mulcahy, but it was such a slick for its [...]


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