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From The Barnyard to Believe! »

Steve Oedekerk reteams with Carrey Steve Oedekerk ("The Barnyard") is going to attempt to breathe new life into the long-gestating “Ripley’s Believe it or Not!” project over at Paramount. The film was all set to go last year with Tim Burton directing and Jim Carrey starring, but at the last minute the studio pulled the [...]

Stallone will talk to Tarantino about Bastards »

Thinks it'll be hard to get Arnie involved, though Sylvester Stallone has been out spruiking “Rocky Balboa” this past week and chatted to our friends at IESB about what’s ahead. Though he as good as squashed the rumours last week that he’s involved in Quentin Tarantino’s next film, “Inglorious Bastards” – Stallone did say he [...]

Co-star talks Resident Evil 4 rumours »

Is "Resident Evil 3" really the end? Rumours are circulating that a planned fourth installment of the “Resident Evil” series – the third has just been completed, and the fourth was set to go up shortly after – has been put to sleep before its even escaped the studio womb. Checked in with one of [...]

Is Ryan Reynolds still The Flash? »

He doesn't sound so sure Speaking to Coming Soon, Ryan Reynolds revealed that it’s not certain that he’ll still be playing speedy superhero The Flash, as planned – but he is still interested, kinda, if the opportunity arises. Reynolds has been attached to the film since David Goyer, who directed the young actor in “Blade [...]

Tarzan’s Labyrinth »

Guillermo del Toro brings back the Lord of the Jungle The last live-action “Tarzan” flick to hit the screen – 1998’s “Tarzan and the Lost City” starring Casper Van Dien – made about as much cabbage in its entire run as an pimply corpulent whore (and TVs “Tarzan” didn’t even see a season), but with [...]

Reese Witherspoon has 80 Dates »

One of them is with director, Andy Tennant “Sweet Home Alabama” duo [director] Andy Tennant and [star] Reese Witherspoon have teamed up for “Around the World in 80 Dates”, a comedy based on the book of the same name by Jennifer Cox. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Witherspoon is only producing the film at this [...]

Drive, Captain Tightpants, Drive! »

Nathan Fillion reuniting with Tim Minear? Nathan Fillion recently snagged himself a plum new TV deal at FOX – thing is, they had to nothing to offer him at the time. Things may have changed, according to Aint it Cool News, with the former “Firefly” star rumoured to be suiting up for “Drive”, a new [...]

Die Hard with a teaser trailer! »

"Live Free" teaser hits the web Updated Eh. Maybe. I dunno. Well. Possibly. But. How. Er. What do you guys think, does this look like a “Die Hard” film? Then again, did any of the “Die Hard” sequels look like “Die Hard”? OK, maybe “Die Hard 2 : Die Harder” ‘looked’ the most like the [...]

The 2007 Golden Globe Awards »

And the nominees are..... It's officially awards season boys & girls, and second in my heart only to the Oscars is the Golden Globes - the nominees have just come out, and here's the official release: HOLLYWOOD FOREIGN PRESS ASSOCIATION ANNOUNCED THE NOMINATIONS FOR THE 64TH GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS HOLLYWOOD FOREIGN PRESS ASSOCIATION 2007 Golden [...]

Christian Slater in talks for Alone in the Dark 2 »

Michael Roesch and Peter Scheere to write/direct Christian Slater needs his head read if he agrees to this latest proposition: an “Alone in the Dark 2”. Home Media Retailing says the $7.5 million dollar sequel will be based on the events of the latest “Dark” video-game, with the first films scribes’ Michael Roesch and Peter [...]

Rambo 4 script, brilliant? »

Up there with "Rocky Balboa" apparently Latino Review have got their mitts on the dusty long-gestating screenplay for “Rambo IV: Pearl of the Cobra”, written by Stallone himself, which is finally set to go before the cameras next year. The good news is? Looks like Sly may have another hit on his hands. According to [...]

Now it’s For Your Eyes Only being made? »

Well, not entirely According to our friends at IGN Movies – via The Sun newspaper – the next James Bond movie will have its roots in the Ian Fleming short story, “Risico”. "Bosses were so pleased with how well Casino Royale has been received that work has already commenced on Risico at Pinewood Studios," claimed [...]

Peter Boyle (1935 – 2006) »

The star of "Young Frankenstein" and "Raymond" I hate relaying news like this so close to what’s supposed to be a joyous time of celebration and thanks, but even at Christmas, life goes on… or for some, it ends. The world lost another great this week, the wonderful Peter Boyle. Whether it is from his [...]

Moviehole MailBag – 14/12/06 »

Clint's back to answer your questions (did I mention I'm at MySpace now?) “Like shoving your head into a hot oven” – Anonymous, asked Clint a question, September 2006. Q.hey clint holden again i was just thinking of that they should still green arrow and the robin movie for robin the movie i would pick [...]

John Cena talks Predator 3 »

And becoming the next Schwarzenegger Wrestling star John Cena (“The Marine”), on the cusp of becoming quite the movie star, is already being touted as the next Schwarzenegger, so it’s probably no surprise that the Internet has him pegged to replace the Oak in a “Predator 3”. But are they just that – rumours? Though [...]

What’s next for Jennifer Hudson? »

"Dreamgirls" star eyeing Jackie Robinson and "A Star is Born" Rising actress Jennifer Hudson, currently starring in “Dreamgirls” told SlashFilm that she hopes to be considered for a role in the Jackie Robinson Project by “Save the Last Dance” director Thomas Carter. The film will star Robert Redford, and fixes on Robinson’s history making signing [...]

Tomaselli on Lohan’s role in The Ocean »

Seems there's truth to the rumours Just had a chinwag with filmmaker Dante Tomaselli about those rumours that Lindsay Lohan could be up for a role in his new film, “The Ocean”. Seems its true. Tomaselli says, “In a nutshell, it looks like I will be shooting The Ocean in late February, March with a [...]

Damon keen to play Captain Kirk »

In J.J Abrams' new "Star Trek" movie Though he’s yet to be asked, Matt Damon says if Paramount came to him and ask him to play Captain Kirk in the new “Star Trek” movie, he wouldn’t need to be drunk on Romulan Ale to say ‘Yes!’. "I heard that [rumour]. I think J.J. Abrams or [...]

Stiller returns for Zoolander sequel »

Joining Owen Wilson for the follow-up to the 2001 comedy Ben Stiller confirmed to USA Today that - as Owen Wilson told Moviehole a couple of years ago – he’s exploring the idea of a “Zoolander” sequel. The spoof on the fashion industry, released in 2001, has been quite the hit on DVD (and did [...]

The Shadow Strikes Back »

Baldwin's need not apply Though it mightn't be Alec Baldwin donning the nose and charcoal hat - as was the case with the 1994 film - "The Shadow" is returning to cinemas. Sam Raimi and Columbia Pictures will team up to produce a new film version on the cult comic character. The "Spider-Man" helmer is [...]

Zappa says Fraggle movie will Rock »

Talks about his plans for the Henson production Ahmet Zappa, one of the producers of the forthcoming – and rather belated – “Fraggle Rock” movie, blabbed a bit to MTV about his plans for the Muppet movie. "I grew up having the Fraggles on television, singing songs that I thought were really catchy and fun," [...]

Canadian Rambler – 11/12/06 »

Someone's been on the Romulan Ale With Colin Moore Trekking The Kirk The Quack Mondo sexy in black What up with that? Oh that. Silver corncob in her ear Don't sweat it, Uhura can hear Scotty's riggin transporter To change Chekhov into beer You gotta love it. 60s series' now a late night snack This [...]


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