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Frank Einstein rises for Rodriguez »

"Madman" finally getting up He’s no longer onboard to direct – says Variety - but Robert Rodriguez’s long-planned film adaptation of the comic “Madman” has finally got up. Dimension has tapped Rodriguez to produce, and George Huang ("Swimming With Sharks") to direct the movie, a post-modernist reimagining of the Frankenstein tale, with a superhero twist. [...]

Fallon and Stone ride Rockett »

A new indie drama from Patrick Sisam The unlikely coupling of Jimmy Fallon and Sharon Stone will front in "Eliot Rockett," an indie drama to shoot in February, according to Variety. Fallon also has made a deal with Universal Pictures to star in an untitled comedy he hatched. Tom Shadyac and Michael Bostick will produce [...]

Daeg Faerch cast as Michael Myers? »

"Halloween" may have its Haddonfield Horrible Nice spot from the guys at Arrow in the Head who noticed that the IMDB listing for the “Halloween” remake has a youngster credited as young Michael Myers – at age 10. Slotted in for the role of the terrifying tyke is Daeg Faerch, a pre-teen horror vet whose [...]

An Australian builds a Castle »

Beattie aboard "The Punisher 2" Australian screenwriter Stuart Beattie (“Collateral”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”) has just received a nice Christmas Bonus: Lionsgate have dumped a mound of cash on Beattie’s doorstep with a note “Please write Punisher 2 for us!”. In an interview with, star Thomas Jane says Beattie’s writing Frank Castle’s next on-screen [...]

Bryan Singer on Wives »

"Footballer's" wives, that is America has snagged Pom hit “Footballer’s Wives” with plans to turn it into a hit ABC Drama series. Filmmaker Bryan Singer – responsible for current TV hit, “House” – is in talks to direct, says Variety. The new series, which will fix on football rather than soccer (obviously), has scored a [...]

Clint Eastwood involved in Rape? »

Based on the book by Iris Chang Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep, Michelle Yeoh and Zhang Ziyi are being courted to star in the $40 million dollar film adaptation of Iris Chang’s “The Rape of Nanking”. According to Monkey Peaches, the film – to be directed by Simon West (“When A Stranger Calls”, “Con Air”) – [...]

McG talks Hot Wheels movie »

"Charlie's Angels" director producing toy-turned-film In an interview with Coming Soon, “We Are Marshall” director McG says though he’ll be producing a film based on the toy line ‘Hot Wheels’, he’s not keen on directing. “That's something I'm going to produce, it doesn't feel right for me as a director at this time. I'm going [...]

Murphy books in at the White Hotel »

An abode originally planned for Nicole Kidman After years and years of futile attempts to get it off the ground, looks like the long-in-the-works adaptation of the commended D.M. Thomas novel “The White Hotel” is finally about to open for business. Though Nicole Kidman, Barbara Streisand and Meryl Streep have all been attached to the [...]

Sexy Strickland in Sisterly Series »

KaDee snags second chance TV drama Stoked to hear that the lovely KaDee Strickland – one of the most down-to-earth and darn wholesome gals in H’wood – has been enlisted for the new David E.Kelley series, “The Wedding Planners”. You’ll remember Strickland as the hot heroine of “Anacondas”. You may also remember her from the [...]

Dafoe’s career Resurrected »

Re-teaming with his "Auto Focus" director Willem Dafoe will re-team with his “Auto Focus” – still cheesed that movie didn’t do better; in my opinion it’s the best work that Greg Kinnear has ever done – director Paul ‘Don’t associate me with that dreadful frickin’ Exorcist prequel’ Schrader for the new film, “Adam Resurrected”, says [...]

From The Barnyard to Believe! »

Steve Oedekerk reteams with Carrey Steve Oedekerk ("The Barnyard") is going to attempt to breathe new life into the long-gestating “Ripley’s Believe it or Not!” project over at Paramount. The film was all set to go last year with Tim Burton directing and Jim Carrey starring, but at the last minute the studio pulled the [...]

Stallone will talk to Tarantino about Bastards »

Thinks it'll be hard to get Arnie involved, though Sylvester Stallone has been out spruiking “Rocky Balboa” this past week and chatted to our friends at IESB about what’s ahead. Though he as good as squashed the rumours last week that he’s involved in Quentin Tarantino’s next film, “Inglorious Bastards” – Stallone did say he [...]

Co-star talks Resident Evil 4 rumours »

Is "Resident Evil 3" really the end? Rumours are circulating that a planned fourth installment of the “Resident Evil” series – the third has just been completed, and the fourth was set to go up shortly after – has been put to sleep before its even escaped the studio womb. Checked in with one of [...]

Is Ryan Reynolds still The Flash? »

He doesn't sound so sure Speaking to Coming Soon, Ryan Reynolds revealed that it’s not certain that he’ll still be playing speedy superhero The Flash, as planned – but he is still interested, kinda, if the opportunity arises. Reynolds has been attached to the film since David Goyer, who directed the young actor in “Blade [...]

Tarzan’s Labyrinth »

Guillermo del Toro brings back the Lord of the Jungle The last live-action “Tarzan” flick to hit the screen – 1998’s “Tarzan and the Lost City” starring Casper Van Dien – made about as much cabbage in its entire run as an pimply corpulent whore (and TVs “Tarzan” didn’t even see a season), but with [...]

Reese Witherspoon has 80 Dates »

One of them is with director, Andy Tennant “Sweet Home Alabama” duo [director] Andy Tennant and [star] Reese Witherspoon have teamed up for “Around the World in 80 Dates”, a comedy based on the book of the same name by Jennifer Cox. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Witherspoon is only producing the film at this [...]

Drive, Captain Tightpants, Drive! »

Nathan Fillion reuniting with Tim Minear? Nathan Fillion recently snagged himself a plum new TV deal at FOX – thing is, they had to nothing to offer him at the time. Things may have changed, according to Aint it Cool News, with the former “Firefly” star rumoured to be suiting up for “Drive”, a new [...]

Die Hard with a teaser trailer! »

"Live Free" teaser hits the web Updated Eh. Maybe. I dunno. Well. Possibly. But. How. Er. What do you guys think, does this look like a “Die Hard” film? Then again, did any of the “Die Hard” sequels look like “Die Hard”? OK, maybe “Die Hard 2 : Die Harder” ‘looked’ the most like the [...]

The 2007 Golden Globe Awards »

And the nominees are..... It's officially awards season boys & girls, and second in my heart only to the Oscars is the Golden Globes - the nominees have just come out, and here's the official release: HOLLYWOOD FOREIGN PRESS ASSOCIATION ANNOUNCED THE NOMINATIONS FOR THE 64TH GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS HOLLYWOOD FOREIGN PRESS ASSOCIATION 2007 Golden [...]

Christian Slater in talks for Alone in the Dark 2 »

Michael Roesch and Peter Scheere to write/direct Christian Slater needs his head read if he agrees to this latest proposition: an “Alone in the Dark 2”. Home Media Retailing says the $7.5 million dollar sequel will be based on the events of the latest “Dark” video-game, with the first films scribes’ Michael Roesch and Peter [...]

Rambo 4 script, brilliant? »

Up there with "Rocky Balboa" apparently Latino Review have got their mitts on the dusty long-gestating screenplay for “Rambo IV: Pearl of the Cobra”, written by Stallone himself, which is finally set to go before the cameras next year. The good news is? Looks like Sly may have another hit on his hands. According to [...]

Now it’s For Your Eyes Only being made? »

Well, not entirely According to our friends at IGN Movies – via The Sun newspaper – the next James Bond movie will have its roots in the Ian Fleming short story, “Risico”. "Bosses were so pleased with how well Casino Royale has been received that work has already commenced on Risico at Pinewood Studios," claimed [...]


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