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Saw 4 locked in for Halloween, 2007 »

Fourth one may be a prequel to the first film With “Saw 3” making a pretty penny over the weekend, its not surprising to hear that Lionsgate have announced a third sequel to the surprise horror hit of 2004 – due for release next Halloween. “Saw 3” sliced up the competition over the weekend with [...]

Time Bandits, the second coming? »

Gilliam classic getting remade The Hills Came Alive again, Hollywood developed a Grudge, The Fog rose again, and next, Michael Myers is getting a face-lift...Jane, get me off this crazy thing! The insipid trend of remaking earlier, better films continues with Variety announcing a remake of Terry Gilliam’s 80s fave, “Time Bandits”. Like a slap [...]

Lost star joins Book Club »

Now that she's escaped 'The Fog' I was actually thinking about Maggie Grace the other day. No, not in that way – in a ‘I wonder how her career is going to go after the failure of The Fog’ sense. Seems my question has been answered… well, somewhat. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the former [...]

Van Damme-less Street Fighter in the works »

To tie-in with the 20th anniversary of the game franchise Another “Street Fighter” film is happening – and mercifully, it’s without Van Damme, Kylie Minogue and that slipshod effects budget. (Though I’m sure Warner Bros Movie World in Queensland would’ve appreciated the business that a sequel would’ve given them). The film – again based on [...]

Jack Black is no longer Green »

Comic no longer attached to comic-book movie Thanks to you guys, the fans, we’ll never have to see Jack Black getting about in a green one-piece garment taking on super-villains. According to IESB, Jack Black was asked to star in the film version of DC Comics’ “The Green Lantern”, but because of the counterattack online [...]

Caffeinated Clint – 29/10/06 »

Coffee-drinking webmaster on the rampage Caffeinated Clint A weekly editorial Grande with a double shot With Clint Morris Introduction New idea for Lachy Hulme and Matthew George: ‘Lets Get Snipes’. Quarter way through coffee Hey, just saw “Children of Men” – work hasn’t enabled me to catch a lot lately, there just hasn’t been time, [...]

Dunst to be Legally Blondie? »

Kirsten eyeing Debbie Harry biopic Is Kirsten Dunst about to go from 'Kissing Spidey upside down in alley' to 'French Kissing in the USA'? According to Liz Smith's Variety column, yup. The "Spider-Man" fox is apparently being courted to star as 80s rock icon Debbie 'Deborah' Harry, former frontwoman of 'Blondie', in a movie about [...]

Beck definitely in Spider-Man 3? »

No, not that Beck.... According to "Film Ick", the question of whether or not Quentin Beck, AKA Mysterio, is appearing in the upcoming "Spider-Man 3" is a done deal. So they say. Bruce Campbell is the guy rumoured to be playing the part, which will be of an SFX guru on set of a film [...]

Samuel L.Jackson is The Cleaner »

A new thriller from Matthew Aldrich Samuel L.Jackson is to star as “The Cleaner” – a film NOT based on the exploits of the character played by Harvey Keitel in the John Badham pic, “The Assassin” (a.k.a “Point of No Return”). This “Cleaner”, in fact, is a very hygienic chap that cleans up after crime [...]

Kingsley and Mortimer in Hitchcock Pic »

The Chase Palmer film, "Number Thirteen" Ben Kingsley and Emily Mortimer have joined the cast of “Number Thirteen”, a film about the filmmaking exploits of tubby talent Alfred Hitchcock, says Varieyu. Dan Fogler plays Hitchcock in the film, which tells of the “Psycho” helmers attempts to make "Number Thirteen," a first film he never completed. [...]

Petty Remake »

Mimic 3 director aboard Death redo Filmmaker J.T Petty (“Mimic 3”) – attached to pen “Splinter Cell”, with Peter Berg, until the project fell apart at the seams – has been hired to bring back to life "Faces of Death," a feature remake of the series of gory videotapes that became cult faves in the [...]

Elf 2 still alive? »

Ken Alterman rumoured to be helming Although the man himself told us that “Elf” sequel is dead in the water – his supposition may have been a little rash. Today, The Hollywood Reporter mentioned that New Line exec cum director Ken Alterman – about to direct Will Ferrell in the basketball comedy “Semi-Pro” – may [...]

From Borat to Bruno »

Sacha Baron Cohen brings another TV character to film "Borat" star Sacha Baron Cohen is bringing another of his infamous TV alter-ego's to life on the big screen. Austrian Gay Fashionista Bruno is to be the subject of his own movie, says The Hollywood Reporter, with Universal offering up the most bank to snag the [...]

New stills from Rocky Balboa! »

Thanks to MGM DING! DING! DING! Nope, not calling the roosters for their daily feed.... but alerting you to some brand-new stills from "Rocky Balboa" that MGM has passed on to Moviehole. Written by, directed by, and starring Sylvester Stallone, "Rocky Balboa" resurrects the well-known legend out of retirement and into the boxing ring. Aiming [...]

Gossip Monkey – 27/10/06 »

'28 Weeks Later', 'Superman II', 'Under Siege III', 'Rogue' INT. PLATFORM/PICCADILLY LINE/GREEN PARK UNDERGROUND – DAY A huge gush of wind jets out of the tunnel and along the platform, making Monks’ fur stand on end as he stands waiting for a Tube train to Piccadilly Circus station, London. A wail follows it and the [...]

Superman Returns for Sequel »

Contrary to rumours that he wouldn't Seems the guy in the red underoos will get a second outing after all. Recent reports suggested that “Superman Returns” didn’t make enough bank to spur Warner Bros’ interest in a sequel, and as a consequence they were going to put the franchise on hold again. Not so, according [...]

Captain Tightpants gets Lost »

"Firefly star washes up on Island Seems Captain Tightpants hasn’t sold out to the infantry just yet - - he’s aiding whoever needs him. Nathan Fillion, best known for his role on the short-lived TV series “Firefly” and its film spin-off “Serenity”, will guest-star in an episode of the hit series “Lost”. Fillion – next [...]

Roller Girl and David Lind in Texas »

Period drama for Graham and McDermott Heather Graham and Dylan McDermott have joined the cast of Brad Isaacs' 1960s period drama "A West Texas Children's Story”, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The indie film, from Thom Mount's Whitsett Hill Entertainment, revolves around two 12-year-olds who embark on an adventure to improve their lives after living [...]

Ties to Eastwood »

Dirty Harriet ropes in Bacon & Harden for Pic Dirty Harry’s kid, Alison Eastwood, has asked Kevin Bacon and Marcia Gay Harden to star in her directorial debut, “Rails and Ties”. Bacon worked with Ali’s Dad, Clint, on “Mystic River”, whereas Harden has worked with Eastwood on both “River” and “Space Cowboys”. (It’s all about [...]

Pursuit of Happyness contest »

Fancy an internship at Hollywood Reporter or Gap? Columbia Pictures announced this week that it is partnering with eight of the world's leading companies to offer "The Pursuit of Happyness" 'Pursue It' The Ultimate Internship Contest, in which contestants will compete for dream internships at Gap Inc., The Hollywood Reporter, Morgan Stanley, NBC, the National [...]

CSI has a Manchurian Candidate »

Liev Schreiber coming to Television Comedown? Gratuity? Or favour for an old friend? Hard to say why acclaimed film actor Liev Schreiber has joined the cast of TVs “CSI”. (Guessing it may have to do with just how well the Bruckheimer show pays). Nevertheless, the star of “The Omen 666” and “The Manchurian Candidate” has [...]

New Fantasy series Rising at Walden »

Based on the books by Susan Cooper Walden Media (“The Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe”) are placing all their little chickadees into a basket that they hope will hatch a few golden eggs. The studio has announced production on the first chapter in another fantasy series they’re doing. “The [...]


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