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Cassidy Hops-a-long to Nerds remake »

"Dallas" star joins Kyle Newman's next Rising young actress Katie Cassidy – who recently co-starred in the remake of horror classic “When A Stranger Calls” - has beaten out an audition room full of perky blondes to win the role of Suzy Stone in FOX Atomic’s “Revenge of the Nerds” remake. Cassidy, who also recently [...]

Barrymore Loves Tally script »

New thriller from "Silence of the Lambs" writer Drew Barrymore is taking leave from the funky and fluffy for a while to star in a frightfest. Barrymore has teamed with “Silence of the Lambs” writer Ted Tally for “He Loves Me”, a Warner Bros thriller which the writer describes as “"taut, sexy thriller about contemporary [...]

Spaceballs the Cable TV Show »

13 half-hour episodes in the works Plans for an animated TV series spin-off of Mel Brooks' "Spaceballs" have come off. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brooks' Brooksfilms Ltd. has teamed up with MGM Studios, cable network G4 and Berliner Film Companie GmbH for an animated TV series based on the 1987 “Star Wars” spoof. G4 [...]

Casino Royale music video online »

“You Know My Name” from Chris Cornell The theme song from the upcoming “Casino Royale” is up at YouTube (at the moment) and this wee site here. “You Know My Name” is a track from Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave. Does it rock? Nah, but either did A-Ha’s “the Living Daylights” first time I [...]

Grease 3 a real downer, says Conn »

Travolta convinces original cast to stay away from it In an interview with TV Guide, "Grease" star Didi 'Frenchy' Conn says although there were plans for a "Grease 3", all the scripts sucked - and now, both Travolta and Newton-John have walked. "We've been planning one for years, and I've had meetings with writers, but [...]

Tori Spelling coming to Smallville? »

Former "90210" star snags job at Daily Planet "90210" gazillionaire Tori Spelling has snagged/bought herself a role on TV hit, "Smallville". According to TV Guide, the daughter of the late Aaron Spelling will play a gossip columnist on the hit CW show. Her character, a fellow employee of Chloe's at the Daily Planet, will have [...]

Moviehole gets a sneak peek at Happy Feet »

With director George Miller in Hollywood It was a gleeful media that gathered en masse at the Pacific Design Centre in West Hollywood for a sneak peek at one of the year’s most anticipated films: "Happy Feet". With real penguins in attendance, and the opportunity to have photos taken with these exquisite creatures, we were [...]

Yu keen for Freddy Vs.Jason Vs.Ash? »

"Fearless" director keen for sequel “Fearless” director Ronny Yu tells Coming Soon that he’d be interested in doing a sequel to his horror hit, “Freddy Vs. Jason”. And though previous word was that “Evil Dead” creator Sam Raimi had killed such an idea – Yu says the suggestion to team Freddy and Jason with Ash, [...]

Stewart keen for X-Men 4 »

Picard may be gone, but is Professor X? Patrick Stewart tells IESB that he’s keen to reprise his role as wheelin’ wise-man Professor X for another “X-Men” movie “Oh, most certainly, yes”, says the actor. “My acting, my working life has undergone something of a transformation in the last couple years and I'm set out [...]

Moviehole MailBag – 20/9/06 »

Episode : The One with a 'Cruise Fan'! (did I mention I'm at MySpace now?) Life’s greatest questions are again answered by the webbly, Clint Morris - or, some of them are, and he just waits for a few ‘illiterate silly-ass’ ones to come into the inbox so to replace the others with. Shortage of [...]

Pirates of the Caribbean 4? »

Current trilogy will end, series as a whole will not According to China Daily, “Pirates of the Caribbean : At Worlds End” will be the final instalment in the current ‘Pirates’ series, but that doesn’t mean Disney haven’t already decided to do more ‘Pirates’ films. Mark Zoradi, president of the Disney Motion Pictures Group said [...]

Ferrell on Elf 2 and Old School 2 »

He has rejected one of those In an interview with Moviehole today, Will Ferrell denounced plans for an “Elf 2” stating that although it was in the works - New Line had tried to talk him into doing a sequel to the family comedy hit - he rejected the idea. “Elf 2 got killed”, says [...]

Brad Pitt for Mission : Impossible 4? »

Gossip Monkey cries fowl on sequel rumours G-Monks here.. So, just a brief one before my column gains more inches. It was reported in one of the free newspapers in London yesterday that Brad Pitt is to take over from Tom Cruise in the hugely successful Mission:Impossible franchise in "M:I:IV". Apparantly Mr. Pitt and partner [...]

Guy Pearce Vs. Heath Ledger? »

And Lachy Hulme talks Batman rumours Its always been speculated that Guy Pearce might be involved with one of the new “Batman” movies one day – because of his association with “Memento” director Christopher Nolan, who helms the “Bat” blockies – and now, according to Batman On Film, said speculation might be spot-on. Pearce is [...]

John McTiernan to Die Hard again »

Filming later this month in Vancouver and Washington A “Die Hard” isn’t a “Die Hard” unless – well, besides soaking stained singlets – John McTiernan is involved. The guy is “Die Hard”. OK, We carry on a lot – I’ll admit, I did too at the time – about how much of a botch job [...]

Incredible Hulk director talks casting »

Original TV fave, Lou Ferrigno, may be involved Louis Leterrier, director of “The Incredible Hulk”, answered a few questions from fans on the Superhero Hype board regarding the upcoming super sequel/remake/restart. Asked who will be playing The Hulk this time around, Leterrier didn’t rule out the possibility of Eric Bana returning to the role. “He’s [...]

Damon and Shatner on Star Trek XI »

Are they Kirk-ing p for new prequel? A couple of months back rumours surfaced that J.J Abrams was set on getting Matt Damon to don the Starfleet uniform of a young Captain James T.Kirk in the writer/director’s upcoming “Star Trek” prequel. IESB had a chance to talk to Damon – while doing publicity for the [...]

Vampire in Melbourne? »

Ronny Yu plans to shoot film down under In an interview with Aint it Cool, “Fearless” director Ronny Yu says he’s going to be shooting some of his next film on location in Melbourne. Yu says the Victorian capital is the perfect location for “Blood: The Last Vampire” because “there's an abandoned army camp there [...]

Miami Vice 2? »

Farrell and Foxx hankering for some more partying I’d rather intersperse turtle shit on tofu and whack it into the blender for five minutes so I can drink down a nice mushy cocktail of crap – but some will no doubt be pleased to hear that a “Miami Vice 2” could be on the way. [...]

Would you believe Twin Peaks has been delayed? »

An update on the anticipated DVD release You want the good news or the bad news first? OK, the good news is, Diane Lane still looks tight in an undersized mini-skirt. The bad news? The “Twin Peaks : Season 2” DVD has again been postponed from release. The DVD – in the works for several [...]

Silverstone sits at Table »

"Miss Match" star returning to series television Alicia Silverstone is returning to the tube. The “Miss Match” star has agreed – after many months of negotiations – to co-star on NBC's midseason comedy series "The Singles Table”. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the “Clueless” babe will play one of the strangers, Georgia, a successful doctor [...]

Mr Minkoff doing Mr.Peabody »

"Mr.Peabody & Sherman" coming to theatres "Stuart Little" helmer - and, according to the grapevine, the man being eyed to direct the forthcoming Jackie Chan/Jet Li team-up - Rob Minkoff will direct a feature film version of the animated classic, "Mr. Peabody & Sherman”. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project had been in development [...]


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