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Craig all set for Bond 22 »

craignotbond readers break down In a nice display of confidence in their new leading man, 007 franchise runners Michael G. Wilson & Barbara Broccoli have officially announced that Daniel Craig will be heading back for at least one more turn as James Bond. The upcoming "Casino Royale", based on the first of Ian Fleming's 007 [...]

Comic Con : Day 1 »

Clint Morris, live from San Diego So here we are, the only day of the year when browncoats, trekkies, star wars fans, rainbow brite buffs and dudes in hired ‘Batman’ costumes, get together. Now, you’ll have to excuse the tardiness and (probably) the grammar- I’ve just returned, a few beers later, from a New Line [...]

News from Comic Con : Stargate movie on? »

And it's not an "SG1" movie either Good news for fans of the original “Stargate” movie. Bad news for fans of the “Stargate” TV series. Dean Devlin confirmed at the “Flyboys” panel at Comic Con, today, that he’s now in negotiations to do two sequels to his popular early 90s sci-fi film “Stargate”. The movie [...]

News from Comic Con : Heath’s Joking? »

Rumour has it that Ledger is The Joker The big buzz around Comic Con - apparently reps from the studio are even suggesting there could be some truth to it to it – is that Australian actor (no, not Lachy Hulme- who was reportedly rumoured to be up for the role, too) Heath Ledger is [...]

The last stand for “Everwood”? »

All the details inside With any luck, we will have one of our own at this on Friday night, so hopefully we'll get you some neat stuff on the night itself - but for even a casual fan of "Everwood", this is gonna be a great time in Burbank: A Grand Gesture to Celebrate Everwood [...]

Fox Atomic sets up its 2007 slate »

Can you say "28 Weeks Later"? Got an interesting press release from Fox Atomic today, detailing some of it's fairly high-profile upcoming projects, so without further ado, enjoy: San Diego, CA - Comic Con (July 19, 2006) - Fox Atomic, the new youth-focused division of Fox Filmed Entertainment, announced today its 2006-2007 line up and [...]

“Deadman” walking »

Guillermo finds his next one In what could prove to be bad news for people waiting on a quick turn around on "Hellboy 2" or a potential gig Directing "Halo", Guillermo del Toro is currently in negotiations to Direct "Deadman", based on the DC comics. "Deadman" is a classic style comic character - Boston Brand [...]

“The Doom Patrol” returns »

Another DC classic heads to the screen "The Doom Patrol", the story of a group of superpowered heroes brought together by a mysterious stranger in a wheelchair (sounds familiar somehow), has been put in active development over at Warner Brothers, so says "The Hollywood Reporter". Created way back in 1963, "Doom Patrol" has featured a [...]

“Hulk” snares a Director »

Somewhere, Jason Statham is praying After a ramping up of interest in a sequel to Ang Lee's "Hulk" comes news today from "The Hollywood Reporter" that Louis Leterrier, Director of "The Transporter" & "Danny The Dog" (AKA "Unleashed"), has signed on the dotted line to take over the reigns of "The Incredible Hulk" for Marvel [...]

Moviehole MailBag – 20/7/06 »

The one with the mistaken Oscar Guest Host : Adam Weeks (did I mention I'm at MySpace now?) Hi there kids, Weeksy back behind the wheel for another crack with the Moviehole Mailbag, and all the juicy tidbits it contains. Email Weeksy for all your questions and complaints for the next couple of weeks while [...]

Preview Night at Comic Con »

Clint, in "Xena" outfit, live from San Diego Ten Minutes ago, about six zillion comic buffs (and one dude dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow) burst through the glass doors of Comic-Con, and headed for the huge exhibition hall. Yep, its preview night and anyone who knows their Frank Miller from their Joss Whedon, has hit [...]

Latest on “Arrested Development: The Movie” »

Is it dead or alive? On the set of his latest film "The Brothers Solomon", IGN Filmforce had a sit down with Will Arnett, who played Gob in the brilliant, but poorly rated "Arrested Development" - and asked him the status on what is happening with the reported feature film version: "Yeah, there has been [...]

Russell picks & chooses for “Prince” »

"American Buffalo" Director being wooed According to a report in Sydney's "The Daily Telegraph", Russell Crowe is eyeing Michael Corrente, the Director of "American Buffalo" & "Outside Povidence" for his latest project. "The Prince of Providence", adapted from the novel by Mike Stanton, centers on Vincent "Buddy" Cianci, the notorious U.S. Mayor who was indicted [...]

Akerman has an “Itch” to scratch »

Joining Ben Stiller in Farrelly brothers latest The good folks over at IGN Filmforce caught up with the smokin' hot Swedish beauty Malin Akerman, recently seen on HBO's "Entourage" (quite a bit of her seen in fact), who revealed the news that she will be co-starring alongside Ben Stiller in the Farrelly brothers "Seven Day [...]

“The Spirit” comes to life »

Will Eisner's cult favourite heading for the big screen Will Eisner's classic comic series, "The Spirit", is heading for the big screen, under the watchful eyes of "Sin City" writer & Co-Director Frank Miller, according to an article on "The Hollywood Reporter" today. Miller was chosen to Direct the film in part for his book [...]

Moviehole lands in San Diego »

Spot the jetlagged webmaster Greetings from stinkin’ hot California from a bushed baggy-eyed slightly hung-over Aussie journalist. 14 Hours on a Plane. 3 Hours in a train. All for what? To see dudes dressed up as Xena, Warrior Princess. I feel as if John Hughes has been following me around for the past 24 hours. [...]

A Scanner Comic-type Interview »

Culture Pulp meets Richard Linklater Mike Russell is a man with a plan - and that plan means doing something really friggin' groovy with his interviews, and his latest one with Richard linklater for "A Scanner Darkly" is fittingly done in comic strip form. You can check out a little sample below, but make sure [...]

Steven Spielberg Spills The Beans »

On just about everything.... Steven over at was kind enough to drop us a line about an incredible interview that he managed to snag with the man himself - Steven Spielberg. During the course of the interview (featuring guest cameo by Roy Scheider), Steven manages to wrangle details out of Mr. Spielberg that a [...]

Two join the Whisperer »

Jennifer Love Hewitt has company in season two Catching up with Jennifer Love Hewitt later in the week myself, so no dobt we'll get more details then, but meantime the TV babe's telling SciFi Wire that former "Practice" star Camryn Manheim and "Picture Perfect" star Jay Mohr have signed for the next season of the [...]

Michelle Pfeiffer invests in Hairspray »

Joining John Travolta, Queen Latifah and Amanda Bynes As we reported a few moons back, Michelle Pfeiffer looks set for a role in her second musical - "Grease 2", being the whiffy other - "Hairspray". According to The Hollywood Reporter, Pfeiffer would play Velma von Tussel in the movie, a former beauty queen (Miss Baltimore [...]

Mickey Rourke off Grind House? »

Apparently he's no longer our Stuntman Mike The only things we can ever rely on, it seems, are death and taxes. And, well, bubbles in ya’ coke. Bummer news streaming from the Grindhouse forums today, with Mickey Rourke – who many assumed was a lock for the role – no longer attached to play a [...]

Canadian Rambler – 17/7/06 »

Seeing "Superman Returns" on Canada Day in Asia With Colin Moore I'm getting to the point where I'm feeling self-conscious about my English. Not in my confidence in using it, but whether I should be. Why do I keep saying yes to Cafe Americano when I know I want plain brown-water joe. I assume the [...]


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