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Oscar Winner to star in Zombie film? »

"American Beauty" fave doing "Day of the Dead" redo So, where do you go after winning an Oscar? Take up singing and eye off a Tony? Get David Mamet to write you into his latest mini-series so you can win an Emmy? Develop your own ‘Oscar worthy’ projects?, or merely head to Bali with a [...]

Violet Sanford Vs. The Virus? »

Piper Perabo to star in Post-Apocalyptic thriller I really like Piper Perabo, so I’m glad she’s moving away from, well, simply lip-synching LeAnn Rimes songs. 2007 looks like being a big year for her – though I’ve thought it before, especially when she took a brave chance on a little film called “Lost & Delirious”, [...]

Shrek 3 or Saturday Night Live reunion? »

Oteri, Rudolph and Poehler join the voice-cast A trio of “Saturday Night Live” faves are interning at Dreamworks’ – Cheri Oteri, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph have joined the voice cast of “Shrek the Third” (funnily enough, headlined by ex SNL-er’s, Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy). And what do you know? Lorne Michaels is nowhere [...]

The Wesley Snipes comeback film? »

"Blade" star for Andew Goth's "Gallowalker" Could Wesley Snipes be on the verge of a comeback? OK, probably not, but that doesn’t mean his next one doesn’t sound a tad better than his recent crop of crud (but then, anything with a script would be better than the stuff he’s been dishing out lately, hey?). [...]

Zeta-Jones going to New York, New York? »

"Chicago" star keen to do another musical Catherine Zeta-Jones is up for giving her lungs another workout (Michael Douglas just panicked and ran into the bathroom). According to Sky News, the “Chicago” fox is keen on doing another musical, and is said to have met with producers about possibly headlining a redo of a Liza [...]

Time to Eye off Jessica Alba »

Starring in remake of the Hong Kong horror hit Jessica Alba is in talks to play the lead – originally intended for Renee Zellweger, who was attached to the project when it was at Paramount – in “The Eye”, which Lionsgate have picked up. The movie, a remake of the Honk Kong horror hit from [...]

Barnard Hughes (1915 – 2006) »

Grandpa from "The Lost Boys" passes on One of the great – and I think, hugely underrated – actors of our time, Barnard Hughes, has sadly passed away at the age of 90. Fans of 80s cinema will probably know Hughes best for his role as the eccentric grandfather (“One thing about living in Santa [...]

Good Evening for Toni Collette »

Australian actress playing opposite Vanessa Redgrave The perpetually active Toni Collette (next seen – looking suitably uncultivated – in the Robin Williams thriller, “The Night Listener”) has agreed to star “Evening”, based on Susan Minot's best-selling novel of the same name. Co-starring screen queen Vanessa Redgrave and screen spunk Claire Forlani (still think she looked [...]

Whitford doing American Crime »

The star of TVs "The West Wing" Having now re-established himself as significantly more than a screen thug that can put Rober Carradine in his place (that’s a reference to his role as the smarmy ‘Roger’ in “Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise”), former “West Wing” star Bradley Whitford is ready to attack [...]

If The Shue Fits »

Raven Symone in remake of Elisabeth Shue comedy Groan. Aaargh. Jane, get me off this crazy thing! That shameless 80s treasure chest-of-cheese, “Adventures in Babysitting” (or “A Night on the Town”, as it was known here in Australia) is set to get the remake treatment – with none other than “Cosby Kid” turned one-man-army Raven [...]

Development on Arrested Movie »

Ron Howard pondering bringing series to cinemas Plans are apparently underway to bring “Arrested Development” to the big screen. (Ah, nothing feels better than giving a short-lived series - well, “Arrested” lasted a reasonable 3 seasons - a reprieve on the big screen, does it?) Speaking to TV Guide, star Alia Shawkat said "Mitch [Hurwitz, [...]

Aaron Ashmore is the new Jimmy Olsen »

Joining TVs "Smallville" Aaron Ashmore, best known for locking lips with Veronica Mars in the show’s early days, has been cast as young Jimmy Olsen in TVs “Smallville”, according to the king of everything knobs and dials, Mike Ausiello. Jimmy will apparently be a love interest for young Chloe (Allison Mack), entering her life - [...]

Vaughn for Enemies and Speed Racer »

The star of "The Break-Up" snagging big roles Seems Vince Vaughn is still as in-demand as ever - - - especially, since the success of the lacklustre rom-com “The Break-Up”, which grossed a sumly $114 million in the U.S. Now, Paul Haggis, of “Crash” fame, is looking to cast the towering funnyman in “Against All [...]

The Fly Resurrected »

Jeff Goldblum working with Paul Schrader Cradle-robbin’ – well, if the Nicole Ritchie rumours are true – Jeff Goldblum (“Jurassic Park”) as signed on for the title role in "Adam Resurrected," a World War II Holocaust drama that Paul Schrader is directing for Bleiberg Entertainment, says The Hollywood Reporter. "Resurrected" is based on the acclaimed [...]

Fancy Watching Murphy with Liu? »

Paul Soter written and directed rom-com The unlikely duet Cillian Murphy (“Batman Begins”) and Lucy Liu (“Charlie’s Angels”) will front "Watching the Detectives," a romantic comedy from the pen of Broken Lizard member, Paul Soter. Soter will also direct the film, which tells of a film noir buff (Murphy) whose world is turned upside down [...]

Dracula 1400 »

Universal puts the bite on prequel Personally, I’d like to see Patty Lussier’s “Dracula” series spin-off – telling the story of the scarred slayer, Uffizi – but I ain’t greenlighting pictures. Universal has sunk its teeth into "Dracula Year Zero," a spec written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the [...]

Dead Casting »

Ving Rhames and Mira Sorvino for horror remake Say what you will about the man – I admit, he’s the king of cheese – but I like Steve Miner’s stuff. I think he did some nice work on “Dawson’s Creek” and he put a nice polish on “Halloween H20”, and did a wonderful job on [...]

LL Cool J, the Superhero? »

Jamie Foxx championing him as a comic-book hero LL Cool J could be starring in a film version of the comic “Panther” – if Jamie Foxx gets his way. "I said, 'My man, you the only cat that can really pull this off. There's this black superhero called Panther”, Contact Music quoted Foxx as saying. [...]

Angelina Jolie doing Kung Fu »

Playing Tigress in the new Dreamworks' movie DreamWorks Animation announced today that Academy Award®-winning actress Angelina Jolie will join Jack Black, Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu, Dustin Hoffman and Ian McShane in the cast of the computer-animated comedy “Kung Fu Panda.” The film will reunite Jolie and Black after having voiced lead characters together in the [...]

The Hills Have Weisz »

Sequel nabs a director, and a returning actor German born-director Martin Weisz, whose latest film is “Rohtenburg” starring Keri Russell, will be heading to “The Hills”. The filmmaker has been tapped to direct the sequel to Wes Craven’s “Hills Have Eyes”, says Fangoria. Weisz stepped in to direct when the studio’s original choice, Michael J. [...]

Hogan doing Da Vinci for Tweens »

Aussie director doing WB's "Chasing Vermeer" Australian director P.J Hogan (“Peter Pan”, “Muriel’s Wedding”) has signed on to direct "Chasing Vermeer," Warner Bros. Pictures' adaptation of Blue Balliett's best-selling children's book, says The Hollywood Reporter. Described as a "Da Vinci Code" for tweens, "Vermeer" is a mystery adventure that revolves around a boy and girl [...]

Several stars on The Take »

Including John Leguizamo and Tyrese Gibson John Leguizamo, Tyrese Gibson, Rosie Perez, Bobby Cannavale, RZA and Meagan Good will star in the Los Angeles-set indie "The Take”, says The Hollywood Reporter. Music video helmer Brad Furman will make his feature directorial debut on the film, which was written by Josh and Jonas Pate (creators of [...]


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