On This Day with Colin Moore

On This Day with Colin Moore

Released in July of 1985!

"Rambo... is a Pussy"

“All attempts at genre definition end in frustration: no sooner do you build a pigeon hole than you find a pigeon that refuses to...

“He’ll be back.” Like the perpetual sometimes hero/sometimes assassin that he is, rising after each improbable ass whoopin, the T-800 and its franchise soon...

Colin Moore returns to Mola Ram's pad for a catch-up!

Despite its failure to gain entry into the National Film Registry , it's a fine dud!

Colin Moore's 'On This Day' column covers a King classic

Is without question a different animal and one that De Palma at first declined

The passage of time has more completely sealed its place somewhere between the masterpieces ("Unforgiven") and the cow pies ("American Outlaws")

It lacked in brilliance, that's for sure, but people remember it anyway

To celebrate the release of "Man of Steel", Colin Moore looks back on the god-awful Superman threequel

The Sylvester Stallone sequel was released back in 1988

"The basic appeal to me is that it had to do with ordinary, everyday birds," said Hitchcock

Deserves entry into the Noteworthy & Nostalgic file for its undeniable 80s bent

First things first, a big thank you to Stuart Freeborn, the British make-up artist who passed away last week at the age of 98....

Frank Marshall's 1993 cannibal drama starred Illeana Douglas, Josh Hamilton, Josh Lucas, Vincent Spano and John Malkovich.

One of my first memories of "Tootsie" was as a Best Picture Oscar nominee against "Gandhi" and the Reese's Pieces creature, E.T. What a...

30 Years ago, Eddie Murphy got himself a movie career. San Francisco movie cops like to do things their way, stirring things up in...

"Planes, Trains and Automobiles" features three of the 80s best at their best - Steve Martin, John Candy and Writer/Director John Hughes. After 25...

Robert Redford lend an ensemble cast in the Phil Alden Robinson directed movie

Colin Moore looks back at the 1987 musical-drama that took the world by storm... in a week!

Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez as buddy cops in a John Badham film!

Ronald Miller is now a Quarter of a century old


Writing duo Anthony Bagarozzi and Charles Mondry are set to write the screenplay for a films adaptation of Steven Moffat’s BBC 1 series "Jekyll". According to The Tracking...
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