Moviehole talks with the stars of new Working Dog comedy "Any Questions for Ben?"

Story of a fashion designer's work and home life

California Gurl enters the third dimension

Throw away the receipt, you won't want a refund

The director of "A Few Best Men" talks about moving on from "Priscilla", and roping in Olivia Newton-John

The script is cobbled together from the best (and worst) parts of every heist film ever made

Come for the wolves, stay for Neeson

Captured the beauty of martial arts without decorative pomp

A film with much more flash then substance

Ends up much better than it begins

"Five Minutes to Live" redone by Jan de Bont

Fox orders third pilot this week...

Rising comedy star writing bevvy of new TV shows...

Talk up their newest film "Journey 2 : The Mysterious Island" in Australia

Premiere dates for Game Change, VEEP and GIRLS also announced

Plus "Superman Lives" concept designs

Giamatti's great as always but the material really isn't much of a stretch for him

A faithful adaptation that unfolds beautifully thanks to its heart, director Scorsese

A poignant foray into the sometimes unbearable nature of teen life

New "Hobbit", "Avengers", "Prometheus", "Men in Black 3" pics and more!

Plays in front of "Beauty & the Beast 3D"

An infectiously nauseating bit of fluff that's spitting up banal, laughable phlegm

There aren't as many laughs this time

The kind of film that feels so familiar, yet isn't actually all that common anymore.

A 911 operator takes on a serial killer

Told with the emotion-gripping style that is a trademark of many Steven Spielberg films

This is one of Clooney’s strongest performances


If you're going to remake a classic, put your own, unique spin on it. Clearly, that's what "Big Bad Wolves" helmers Aharon Keshales and Navot...
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