A beautifully photographed story about accepting change even when it frightens you

Taking a look at that other big superhero film of the new year

Driven by a ridiculous drugs and sex strategm that won't resonate

Lily Collins as Snow White, Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen

Your cry for a "Clash" sequel was not unheard

Polanski just found the comedy in people being people

Every actor down to the smallest part has been properly cast

Ritchie seems a little too in love with bullet-time and other visual flourishes

Has an incredibly different feel to it than other films

Routh has the physicality for the brooding part, but he’s saddled with a dreadful script

The entire plot can be described in three tiny words: find the mole.

Talks about his role in new DVD release "Hobo with a Shotgun"

“Dolphin Tale” is a smart, funny film that packs a solid message

Tom Cruise is Stacee Jaxx in the film adaptation of the acclaimed musical

Some of the various characters and their related storylines fall short of believable

For a real test of your suspicion of disbelief look no further than Mad Mel's big comeback

Nothing really means anything and nothing really has any impact on itself or other characters

Everyone already knows where it’s going to end up, but Timberlake and Kunis sell it with good chemistry

Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Chris Miller and Jeffrey Katzenberg hit town!

Points to the story tellers for coming up with something rather clever

A really fun romp through the back forty of “What if” land.

A timely comedy about the collapse of the housing market and the tanking of the economy, ''Subprime'' is the story of Leo Monroe (Aaron...

Serves as another filmish reminder to watch your livers

The penguins, both real and animatronic, are cute as buttons

Educational and Entertaining!? Yep!

Entertaining but mostly forgettable crime drama

Perhaps the most engaging season yet

Is going to struggle to find its market these days


Last week, "Dredd" star Karl Urban posted that he'd be happy to do a small-screen take on the classic comic book character - should...
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