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Jack Black »

Mandy talks to the star of “Bernie”

Tower Heist »

An effective heist thriller with some funny moments.

The Avengers »

I’m calling it. “The Avengers” is the “Citizen Kane” of super hero movies!

Jessica Chastain may be Iron Man 3 love interest »

“Sexy Scientist” role for “Tree of Life” actress

The Hunger Games
20 Apr

The Hunger Games »

My obsessive love for “The Hunger Games” is what landed me my job at Moviehole.

There I was, standing in the juice bar Read more…

The Lucky One »

Provides you with everything you would expect from a tragi-romance film

Battleship »

The game Battleship is a bit of harmless, unrealistic, feel-good fun, and the movie “Battleship” is very much the same

Mike has the verdict on the new Three Stooges movie! »

Could have been horrible, but it’s not!

The Iron Lady »

Relies too much on dramatic music and heavy dialogue to establish Margaret Thatcher’s toughness

American Pie : Reunion »

Such a darn tasty slice of nostalgia and chunky laugh-meat that even us oldies won’t walk away disappointed

Wrath of the Titans »

“Wrath of the Titans” is 100 times better then 2010’s “Clash of the Titans.” But wait, there’s more…

The Debt
25 Mar

The Debt »

A thriller that keeps you guessing up to the end

The Raid »

A mixtape of martial arts, gun battles and blood

Comic Con Episode IV : A Fan’s Hope »

Boxes up everything you already know in one unashamedly fun package

The Debt »

10 copies of the Sam Worthington-Helen Mirren thriller up for grabs

The Hunger Games »

A gripping, harrowing journey with plenty of action and a fantastic storyline

21 Jump Street »

The film features a similar précis, but takes itself far, far, less seriously than the show did

Mirror Mirror »

Of the two Snow White films this year this will probably be the more suitable for children

Jon Bernthal Joins Frank Darabont’s New TNT Pilot
12 Mar
Written by Jessica

Jon Bernthal Joins Frank Darabont’s New TNT Pilot »

Former Walking Dead Duo re-team for new show

SXSW Review: <i>Brooklyn Castle</i>
12 Mar

SXSW Review: Brooklyn Castle »

Adam’s take on the true-story doco about how chess changed an entire school.

The Viral Factor »

Chou has announced that “The Viral Factor” would be his last action film. If this is true he’s going out on top!

Silent House »

Olsen spends most of the film hiding under furniture


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