Another "Pinocchio" movie in the works

"Paranormal Activity", "Wallflower" pics, "Breaking Dawn" TV Spots, "Muppets" trailer

Downey brings down the Law this Christmas!

And news on "Phantom Menace 3D" trailer!

What works about “Scream 4” are the very things that many might’ve expected to annihilate it

C3PO in "Star Wars : The Complete Saga" now available on Blu-ray

Professionally and technically adept animation but enough to make you puke in every other sense

Rent the kids the first "Air Bud", I guarantee they'll even find it more value than this one

It's only in the film’s final reel do things get a bit rushed and limp

"Prison Break" star to flee from Heaven

That's Jena Malone, not Alicia Malone!

Fans will immediately pick up just how much more complex the 1982 film was

The stars of the "Footloose" remake talk to Alicia Malone

Featuring sharp performances from its cast (both human and metal)

Smartly written and directed with a master filmmaker’s eye

A loving tribute to the original while standing high on its own

having characters yell “Vagina” every few minutes isn't funny

This is easily Smith's ''Pulp Fiction''.

Between all of the number crunching is a film with heart

Jason Statham's latest actioner up for grabs on DVD

It's always the quiet ones, isn't it?

A heartfelt drama that gets under your skin when it turns unexpectedly sad

It's unsure of itself, straddling the line between old-school exploitation and modern day action film

One of the best pictures of the year

For the last 20 minutes or so it turns into very tense spy vs spy stuff

If it were a flower, 'it would be a captivatingly beautiful exotic offering that, without room to grow, slowly but surely falls apart.


Lionsgate and CBS Films have slated  “Hell or High Water" to release in August in the US. The film will first open on August 12 in...
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