• Get Smart

    Based off the ‘60s television show by the same name, “Get Smart” stars Steve Carell (“The Office”) as Maxwell Smart, an analyst for a secret...

  • Rendition [DVD]

    By Clint Morris Here’s another film whose ostensibly been pocketed by ‘Where’s Wally’ – because it, like its subjugator, blends in so well with the...

  • How She Move [DVD]

    I believe the youth dancing culture that this film is geared toward will very much enjoy this movie.

  • Indiana Jones : The Adventure Collection [DVD]

    You don’t really need to bother with this one – the extras are pretty much the same.

  • Remember the daze [DVD]

    No more than something adequate to watch between commercial breaks.

  • The Cynical Optimist 29/6/08

    Adam Frazier remembers Stan Winston, ponders a "Robocop" remake, and lays out some trivia

  • The Incredible Hulk

    Kudos too to director Louis Letterier (''Transporter 2''), whose action-film skills really come in handy here. He's concocted his action scenes with flair and thought...

  • Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

    By Gareth Von Kallenbach It has been four years since Harold and Kumar embarked on their munchies induced quest for White Castle hamburgers. The resulting...

  • Cactus

    By Davin Sgargetta Considering the seemingly ill-fated recent history of Australian Cinema, with a string of mediocre products in recent years, some might say that...

  • Smother

    I don’t want to go so far as to say that it’s a good film, but I must admit, I enjoyed it. If you want...

  • Pathology

    By Clint Morris If there’s one thing you can say about Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, it’s that they’re consistent. Their first film ‘’Crank’’ –...

  • The Forbidden Kingdom

    One to catch on DVD, perhaps?

  • The Invasion [DVD]

    A ‘dash of this’ and a ‘dash of that’ usually works when cooking – but not when making a Hollywood movie

  • Superhero Movie [DVD]

    Like most gag comedies, the filmmakers have thrown a lot of crap at a wall to see what would stick. More of it does than...

  • Chapter 27 [DVD]

    Leto’s inspired performance is let down by a filmmaker’s uninspired turn behind the megaphone and a hasty hand between the typewriter.

  • Vantage Point [DVD]

    What should have been a gripping, keep-em-guessing political thriller with more star turns than the photo area on a red carpet is instead a rather...

  • Southland Tales [DVD]

    By Clint Morris This product may contain ‘traces of nuts’. The one thing I’ve noticed about the Southland Shopping Center (in Melbourne, Australia) is that...

  • Awake [DVD]

    ‘’Awake’’ is like a Transformer for two reasons – firstly, there’s ‘more than meets the eye’ going on within its controversial story, but more so,...

  • Jumper [DVD]

    By Guy Davis Despite what its title might lead you to believe, ”Jumper” is not the story of a warm, comfortable pullover. Okay, now that...

  • Definitely, Maybe [DVD]

    Featuring terrific performances by Ryan Reynolds (I take it he’s playing older here - - in real life he would’ve still been in school in...

  • The Bucket List [DVD]

    What saves “The Bucket List” from being a film only your unfussy-Nana-who-hasn’t-been-to-the-cinema-since-M*A*S*H would love is – well, Jack and Morgan

  • We Own the Night [DVD]

    By Adam Frazier Director James Gray (”The Yards”) has put together an impressive cast for his new cop drama, ”We Own the Night”. Mark Wahlberg...

  • August Rush [DVD]

    “August Rush” – the latest in a long line of ‘Why?’ efforts from the one-time king of comedy.

  • The Cynical Optimist – 1/6/08

    Burton & Depp re-teaming for "Dark Shadows", He-Man & Man-at-Arms re-teaming for "He-Man"!

  • Suburban Girl [DVD]

    Gellar’s done a good job – in fact, this might be her best work

  • Walk Hard : The Dewey Cox Story [DVD]

    A lot of work has gone into this puppy. Just a pity it’s third-act didn’t have a little more bark

  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

    I'm pleased to report that all played the game like it was 1980 again. Indy is back!

  • The Golden Compass – Single Disc Edition [DVD]

    ''Harry Potter'' had it. ''Star Wars'' had it. ''The Golden Compass'' tries hard to find it. With an impressive cast, some fun effects and an...

  • Speed Racer

    In a breathtaking whirlwind of light and sound the ‘60s Japanese anime, “Speed Racer,” blasts onto the big screen with a distinctive flourish of energy...

  • Iron Man

    “Iron Man” will be glad to know he isn’t going to be a Comic Con attendee’s breakfast.