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The Proposal »

”Thanks to former choreographer-turned-director Fletcher, Reynolds and Bullock, it’s quite simply very funny”

Chuck : Season 1 [DVD] »

” It’s not, unlike say “Entourage”, the kind of show where I’d want to sit down and watch back-to-back episodes, one after the other, but one-or-two in a row is a fun, tolerable time-passer”

Imagine That »

”A benevolent enough family dramedy, but it does a better job solidifying Eddie Murphy’s obsolescence as a big screen superstar”

Moon »

”“Moon” is a clever, captivating addition to the (mentally) lost in space genre, taking audiences to the farthest reaches of the galaxy while scripting corporate horrors perhaps too close for comfort”

The Taking of Pelham 123 »

”Stick with the 1974 version. It might seem like a still frame compared to Scott’s epileptic shock, but it still retains a sizable, pleasing impact”

Land of the Lost »

”I’d take the Kroffts’ crude filmmaking skills and limited coin any day over Will Ferrell sprinting ineffectively around a 100-million-dollar wonderland, making it up as he goes”

Away We Go »

”I hope Mendes has a few more of these within him before he lurches back to the dark side of human behavior”

My Life in Ruins »

”My Life in Ruins is profoundly nauseating, and grows increasingly repellent the more it pushes to charm”

New Trailer : Toy Story 3 »

Your first look at Disney’s second sequel to the smash “Toy Story”

He’s Just Not That Into You [DVD] »

”It’s a lot smarter, and better executed, than a lot of those fluffy Sandra Bullock-style rom-coms”

Doubt [DVD] »

”I can’t say I’m disappointed that ”Doubt” was left pretty empty handed at the Oscars this year”

Bedtime Stories [DVD] »

Excess consumption of most Adam Sandler movies can lead to a laxative effect, but never so much as his latest artificially-sweetened punnet of syrup.

Up »

”Perhaps Pixar’s most confident and irresistibly moving since their 1995 masterpiece, Toy Story”

Role Models [DVD]
25 May
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Role Models [DVD] »

”Humour as crude as a womanizing trucker. Jane Lynch, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks and McLovin in its cast. Kids in need a right belting. The funniest laughs you’ll have all year. Hey, has to be Judd Apatow’s latest, right?”

Underworld : Rise of the Lycans [DVD]
25 May
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Underworld : Rise of the Lycans [DVD] »

”Beckinsale or no Beckinsale this thing would’ve still been about as enjoyable as having teeth pulled”

Terminator Salvation »

“If Terminator Salvation were a cyborg straight off the design floor, I’d send it back – because it clearly isn’t functioning right.”

Dance Flick »

“Isn’t nearly as wrist-slittingly disgraceful as expected”

Night at the Museum : Battle of the Smithsonian »

”Hank Azaria is extraordinarily great in this film – the delivery of both Kahmunrah and The Thinker in particular are laugh out loud funny”

Curious Case of Benjamin Button [DVD] »

”The Director Approved Special Edition DVD has one of the most amazing background sequences I’ve ever seen”

S.Darko [DVD] »

”The difference between this feature’s ambiguity and Kelly’s back pocket mysteries is simple to explain: Kelly is talented.”

Angels & Demons »

“Offers a heightened sense of danger, full Vatican immersion, and another confident Tom Hanks performance for returning guests”

Enchanted April [DVD] »

”Slow moving but beautiful, this is a nice film to sit down and enjoy to escape from things”


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