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Barbra Streisand : The Concerts [DVD] »

”All and all, a must have for any Barbra fan”

Notorious [DVD] »

“the film fails to generate the momentum and excitement that it could have”

Obsessed »

“…minor league ball compared to the other wonderfully lurid highlights of the subgenre”

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past »

”…doesn’t display the right guidance or magical bounce expected from its spirited premise”

Fanboys »

You’d be crazier than a drunk Aqualish to miss what’s undoubtedly one of the funnest films of this – or any other – year! Fanboys; the Force is Strong with This One!

Star Trek – Original Motion Picture Collection [DVD] »

“A set that any Human, Vulcan, or Mind Meld novice will no doubt kill to get their hands on”

X-Men Origins : Wolverine »

”It will stay with you only as long as the drive home from the cinema”

Into the Blue 2 : The Reef [DVD] »

“Like its predecessor, the new straight-to-DVD sequel – essentially a remake of the first flick – will likely garner more of a following with pervs, than movie buffs”

The Spirit : Two-Disc Edition [DVD] »

”If you’re a sadomasochist, you’ll definitely want to check out Frank Miller’s The Spirit! I promise you, you’ll be in cant-walk-from-the-pain heaven!”

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 [DVD] »

”…the bloodless nature of this sequel is tiresome to witness”

Mirrors [DVD] »

”Self-confessed horror master Alexandre Aja has Jack Bauer dodging his own reflection in this year’s laziest horror film, “Mirrors””.

Marley & Me [DVD] »

”…isn’t so much an amiable motion picture as it is a series of manipulations kissed by Floridian sun and scored to a 45-year-old accountant’s idea of a “wicked cool” mix CD”

Star Trek »

”Though not as successful a reboot as the recent James Bond (“Casino Royale”) and Batman (“Batman Begins”) series, “Star Trek” is still largely without blemish”

The Soloist »

”A handsomely assembled feature film all around”

The Informers »

“A beautiful picture of misery, but the surface quality is never penetrated to satisfaction”

Fighting »

”The punches certainly fly fast and furiously in “Fighting.” It’s only too bad a few weren’t reserved to knock Montiel out of his delusions with this dim, often insufferable urban melodrama.”

Twilight [DVD] »

”There are some awesome extras on the disc – most notably a rather extensive making-of that leaves no questions unanswered”

In Treatment : Season One [DVD] »

”Another fine example of a quality subscription-telly offering”

The Day the Earth Stood Still [DVD] »

“As a remake, had a lot of potential. There is a story and a message worth retelling and reemphasizing. Unfortunately, Derrickson’s take on it was rather underwhelming. There were several moments I enjoyed, which might actually make the film more disappointing – for the squandered prospect of what it could have been”

Crank : High Voltage »

”Surely something so gleefully disgusting shouldn’t have to work this hard to make an impression”

Frost/Nixon [DVD] »

“Frost / Nixon is Ron Howard’s best film. That’s my opinion. That’s my critique”

State of Play »

”Clicks as an eager suspense piece, offering a smattering of proper armrest-gripping moments and mouth-agape revelations to stand itself upright and deliver the goods”


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