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Mutant Chronicles »

”The type of furious genre picture to root for, but always ultimately disappoints”

Golden Boys »

”Watching acting legends Rip Torn, Bruce Dern, and David Carradine horde a motion picture all to themselves is the only feasible reason there is for sitting through the sluggish romantic comedy”

No Country for Old Men : 3-Disc Collector’s Edition [DVD] »

”The ‘Jam-packed’ 3-disc Collector’s Edition DVD includes a bevy of great extras, beginning with a very interesting making-of, a featurette on the director’s, and a diary of a real country sheriff.”

Kickin it Old Skool [DVD] »

”There’s not nearly enough good gags and witty storytelling to hold one’s attention for an hour-and-a-half”

Lymelife »

”…certainly an impassioned motion picture. However, it’s not exactly a revolutionary one”

Australia [DVD] »

”…not a motion picture odyssey for curmudgeons or cynics”

Watchmen : Tales of the Black Freighter [DVD] »

”The top flight animation serves the episode well as does Butler’s solid voice work”

Alien Trespass »

”..a delightful experience, lovingly made by clever individuals who know how to throttle their enthusiasm creatively, not obnoxiously…”

Gigantic »

”..a motion picture of colossal quirk, exceptional passion, and befuddling execution”

17 Again »

”Its as if the filmmakers have merely edited the good bits from other similarly-themed movies together to fill in 90 minutes”

Slumdog Millionaire [DVD] »

”The Oscar winner of ’09 is clearly a good film. Did it deserve the Oscar over ”The Reader” and ”Frost / Nixon”?, I don’t think so.”

Quantum of Solace [DVD] »

”While Marc Forster didn’t fail, he also didn’t live up to Martin Campbell’s mastery of directing action while keeping the story equally mesmerizing”

Crossing Over »

”Hopefully this is the beginning of better things to come for Harrison Ford”

One Tree Hill : The Complete Fifth Season [DVD] »

”I can see why people enjoy this show – they’re an interesting-enough bunch of characters. Will I watch it again? Nah.”

Primal Fear : Hard Evidence Edition [DVD] »

”The DVD comes in an “evidence bag” and is full of great extras, such as interviews with the crew and actors reflecting on the film and how it came together”

Dragonball Evolution »

”Don’t dare unleash your peepers on “Dragonball” – it’ll give you conjunctivitis”

Pinnochio : 70th Anniversary Edition [DVD] »

”I can’t be the first one slightly creeped out by the premise of Pinocchio – older man brings a young boy puppet to life and traps him in his toy shop”

Race to Witch Mountain »

”…non-stop adventure that’ll appeal to both old and new fans of the magical franchise”

Duplicity »

”…verbose and theatrical, often with the consistency of a large-scale stage play”

The Great Buck Howard »

”..jettisons some needed intimacy in the last act as it crams a whole career rebound subplot into a brutally condensed 15 minute block of exposition”

Sherman’s Way »

”Director / producer Craig Saavedra should teach a class on how to economically make a theatrically releasable film”

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People [DVD] »

”not a creature that compels the audience to sit patiently as narrative ends are tied together”


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