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American Teen [DVD] »

“…an insightful and at times moving picture about finding your own voice”

Bride Wars »

”..a fun, light-hearted movie with good intentions. But sometimes it takes more than just good intentions”

Surfer Dude [DVD] »

”….easily the worst film McConaughey has ever done..

Son of Rambow [DVD] »

”…further verification that all you really need to crack the film business – besides a good agent – is a “good idea”…”

The Mummy : Tomb of the Dragon Emperor [DVD]
7 Jan

The Mummy : Tomb of the Dragon Emperor [DVD] »

”Try as Rob Cohen might, there’s no removing the dust and decay from his “Mummy””

Camille [DVD] »

”What a wacky, weird, absolutely over-the-top but darn sweet movie this is”

Valkyrie »

”It isn’t Singer’s best film, nor is it Cruise’s best film, but ”Valkyrie” is a much better film than anyone expected from the duo at this point in their careers”

Changeling »

”It’s not as memorable or evocative as his ”Mystic River” or ”Million Dollar” Baby but Eastwood’s ”Changeling” is still an interesting and gut-twisting foray into the human condition – something the legendary Clint has been studying since hanging his cowboy hat up in the early 90s.”

Revolutionary Road »

“….a very unsentimental ride that promises no happy endings and no Celine Dion songs at the ass-end”

Pride and Glory »

If James Foley had the flu, was dosed up on Robitussin, and had the spent the last week up watching those middle-of-the-night infomercials on TV, this would probably be the result

The Spirit »

It’s not a guilty pleasure, and it’s not one of those movies that’s so bad it’s good. It fails at even being laughable and enjoyable. I will say that some critics have chosen to be excruciately cruel to it, comparing it to ”Battlefield Earth” or ”Gigli”, but I assure you The Spirit is not that horrid – it’s just really bad, dumb and all-around worthless.

Battlestar Galactica : Season 4.0 [DVD] »

”…is undoubtedly one of the finest hours on Television”

Clint’s Top 10 of 2008 »

And my favourite film of the year is….

Seven Pounds »

If there’s one thing I didn’t enjoy so much about my days in commercial radio it was trying to run a show whilst manning the switch-heavy panel in front of me. Now if only I knew then that Will Smith was so into ‘pushing buttons’, I could’ve just called him in.

Gran Torino »

If you’re laying down your money to see say, ‘’Bedtime Stories” or ‘’The Spirit” instead of it – you need your bloody head read.

Defiance »

Its got James Bond in it. Its director did the amazing 80s war film Glory. It features the wonderful Liev Schrebier. It was filmed in lavish Lithuanian landscape. And yet ”Defiance” still manages to disappoint.

Death Race [DVD] »

A long-gestating remake (at one stage Tom Cruise was set to produce and star in it; Cruise’s producing partner Paula Wagner retains a producing credit on it) of B-movie legend Roger Corman’s wickedly violent and silly-ass 70s caper “Death Race 2000″, “Death Race” revels in its ridiculousness and the charm of its muscular lead actor.

Yes Man »

Jim Carrey really has returned to the rubber-faced antics we know and love him for. And as good as he’s been in films like “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and “The Majestic” his return to abnormality is as welcome as a zit-free face on Prom Night.

The Punisher : War Zone »

If you only have 103 minutes left on this earth, I’d recommend you have sex with a complete stranger rather than watching this piece of fluff. However, if you’re looking to burn the same amount of time to fill the otherwise void space in your life till the next big thing, you could do worse than ”Punisher: War Zone”. Lock’ em and Load ‘em!

The Strangers [DVD] »

A truly terrifying film starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman. In the vein of John Larroquette’s iconic narration of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “The Strangers” opens with a similar, unsettling advisory:

JFK : Ultimate Collectors Edition [DVD] »

Not a lot here that wasn’t included in the previously-released 2-disc edition – besides a nice 44-page book and Kennedy family featurette, ”the Kennedys: America’s Emerald Kings” (2008) – but if you’re a fan of the film you might be interested in the double-dip. Ported over from the previous release are Oliver Stone’s commentary, deleted scenes, an interesting documentary on the ‘conspiracy’, multimedia essays, production notes and trailers.

Let the Right One In »

“Let the Right One In” is one of the finest films I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. It’s a beautiful, serene experience that will chill you to the bone while warming your heart with those fuzzy feelings of young love.


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