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Doubt »

The difference between a concert and a movie? The concert is generally considered lackluster if the artist merely reads his lines into a microphone.

And though we generally appreciate a little more than that when it comes to a movie, it doesn’t seem to matter if we don’t get more – not if those lines are delivered skilfully.

Chuck and Pushing Daisies hit Oz! »

Foxtel announces new programming from January 2009

Tropic Thunder : 2-Disc Director’s Cut [DVD] »

There’s some terrific bonuses on the DVD. There’s two commentaries (one from the cast and crew, another from the cast) and they’re both well worth a listen to (though I found the track with Stiller and writer Justin Theroux more in line with my interests), numerous featurettes on how the film was put together, another on Cruise’s make-up, a faux documentary on the faux movie called “Rain of Madness”, and some lengthier versions of some of the scenes in the movie – all very funny improvised bits cut down for running time.

Beethoven’s Big Break [DVD] »

Just when you thought the ‘’Beethoven’’ film series was as good as dead and buried – the last couple of sequels had, er, gone to the dogs – Universal throw audiences a bone by releasing a refreshingly original instalment in the assiduous K9 series that isn’t a knock-off of the film that came before it.

The Dark Knight [DVD] »

This is an epic film. A very big film. A very long film (and definitely not one for the young ones – it gets very violent at times). Nolan approaches this film as if it were any other film (in some respects, he treats it as a gangster film), not a Superhero movie, and it completely works. It’s more reminiscent of a Heat – Michael Mann’s extremely popular cops-and-robbers flick starring Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino – than a Superman or Incredible Hulk. And while those films are good, this is very good – it goes that extra mile to supply more than just great car chases, nifty fist fights and funky gadgets.

Milk »

“Milk” is no doubt Van Sant’s best film since 1997’s “Good Will Hunting,” though without Sean Penn’s award-worthy performance, I doubt it would amount to more than your average biographical feature.

Even if you have no interest in the subject matter, “Milk” is an inspiring and important motion picture that should be seen. It’s a film everyone can take something positive from, and in this day and age, that is a rarity in itself.

Slumdog Millionaire »

By Gavin Britton

If you wanted to hook up with your long lost love would you: a) give her a call, b) give Read more…

Twilight »

This is essentially Gossip Girl with a Blood mocktail. There’s more smooching, than sucking; more gazing into eyes, than poking out eyes. It might be best described as a ‘Gothic Notebook’ or ‘A Walk with a Vampire to Remember’.

Australia »

”Australia” is simply magnificent, enthralling entertainment on a grand scale, as spectacular an achievement as anything seen in the movies this year, and simply an old fashioned romance for grown ups that is heart-pounding, thrilling and cinematically exquisite, directed by a master filmmaker who has his own unique style. And these days, uniqueness at the movies is in short supply.

Spin City : The Complete First Season [DVD] »

Fox is his usual charming, pert self – playing sort-of a twist on his character from “The American President” (though ‘Louis’ was a bit of a prick, Mike isn’t). There’s also a bit of Alex P.Keaton in the character, but Flaherty’s a bit more level-headed than Stephen and Elyse’s politically-minded son. It’s also a nice change of pace for Fox – getting to play an adult and all.

Beverly Hills 90210 : The Complete Sixth Season [DVD] »

By Season six of “Beverly Hills 90210” most of us had tuned out. I know I was close to switching channels. But what’s funny is, having rewatched the season for the sake of this review, I discovered it isn’t half as bad as I remember – in fact, watching Season six of the old “90210” is a lot easier than sitting through the first few episodes of the newly launched “90210” reboot!

Hellboy II : The Golden Army [DVD] »

Guillermo Del Toro’s audio commentary is a must for fans of the man, and his fantasy film series. You’ll learn a great deal about what went into making the movie. The second audio track, featuring Cast Members Jaffrey Tambor, Selma Blair and Luke Goss, isn’t half as informative but it’s fun (for some reason Ron Perlman is absent from the commentary!).

The Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian [DVD] »

It’s getting harder to get excited about yet another big budget fantasy film. With their other-worldly animal characters, epic climatic CGI battles and socially resonant subtexts that try and appeal to adults, it’s hard not to see them as Lord of the Rings cash-ins, each more thinly disguised than the last.

Chris Lilley – Series Collection [DVD] »

Absurd, but oh-so-clever, the series is a real showcase for Mr. Lilley – who plays every main character in it! Not many actors will put on a dress, or wear some lippy, for a role – but Chris Lilley is no Jack Thompson; he’s brave!

Fred Claus [DVD] »

Whilst the film does get sickly sweet in its second half (but what’s a Xmas comedy without a ‘message’ huh?) for the most its just out-and-out good-time laughs….with Elizabeth Banks providing the hotness. Me no complain!

Quantum of Solace »

If only ”Casino” director Martin Campbell had returned to direct this one, for as good as Marc Forster is, the ”Finding Neverland” and ”Monster’s Ball” to director does seem a little out of his depth here – which could explain his precedence to put pop! above plot.

Besides it being more ”Tomorrow Never Dies” than ”Casino Royale” in tone, ”Quantum of Solace” still works – and there’s undoubtedly a lot to like about it. Most of all, it’s fun – it’s good, old-fashioned escapist fare. They mightn’t have introduced the gadgets yet – nor is the gadget man, Q – but there still enough silly spectacles to draw the popcorn-munching action fan in.

Meet Dave [DVD]
16 Nov

Meet Dave [DVD] »

Those that grew up watching Murphy on “Saturday Night Live”, and as the funny foul-mouthed star of such flicks as “Trading Places” and “Beverly Hills Cop”, are about the only ones not happy with the Eddie Murphy of today. And that’s understandable – his target audience these days pretty much starts and ends with the primary school classroom. The kids that have rushed out to see “Dolittle” or “Norbit” wouldn’t have even heard of Axel Foley, let alone be aware of Murphy’s presence in film before he could ‘talk to the animals’.

Nights in Rodanthe »

Soulful Richard Gere. Heartsick Diane Lane. Ramshackle bed-and-breakfast by the sea. Sassy African-American best friend. Slow-dancing to an oldie but goodie. Redemption for a past mistake. Horses galloping along a beach.

Rachel Getting Married »

I’m in love “Rachel Getting Married.” It’s a movie I look forward to watching again and again. I envy anyone who gets to sit down and experience its devastating performances and heartfelt story for the first time.

Brideshead Revisited »

This version of ”Brideshead” is much more effective in its smaller, subtler moments of character interaction, especially those between its three leads.

The unhappiness that Sebastian is never able to shake, the unease that plagues the torn Charles, the uncertainty that Julia carries – all of these are insightfully depicted and portrayed, and the film makes a genuine connection when these are the focus.

Big Stan »

About half the film is Schneider kicking ass – in surprisingly excellently choreographed martial-arts sequences. These are long, largely unedited action scenes that pit Schneider against whatever-big-guy-they-throw-at-him. In a large studio film, there’d be one or two of these scenes – and they’d be short, playing to cheesy music, and trying very hard to disguise the fact that a stunt man has replaced the actor for the brief scene. Schneider plays them real – like he’s filming a “Kickboxer” sequel or something. It’s very commendable.

Dying Breed »

Zoology student, Nina (Mirrah Foulkes) is headed to Tasmania to find the apparently-extinct Tasmanian Tiger, something her sister was looking into just before she died in an ‘accident’. Joining Nina on her journey are partner, Matt (Leigh Whannell, co-star and co-writer of ”Saw”) and his old mate Jack (Nathan Phillips of ”Wolf Creek”) and his girlfriend Rebecca (Melanie Vallejo).


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