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The Godfather : The Coppola Restoration [DVD]
17 Sep

The Godfather : The Coppola Restoration [DVD] »

Stylistically masterful, starring just about every great actor in the field at the time, it will be a long time before one of the 70s movie brats reaches these heights again.

10,000 B.C [DVD]
17 Sep

10,000 B.C [DVD] »

“10, 00 B.C.” is a complete and utter disaster, that should have remained a long forgotten relic and saved the audience the tedium of watching it. Where is Mystery Science Theater 3000 when we need it, as this film would be rife for their special brand of attention.

Captivity [DVD]
15 Sep

Captivity [DVD] »

Like a lot of these films, the filmmakers seem to be determined to bog the film down in as much sickly and unnecessarily distasteful imagery as they can and ultimately – and this is where the “Saw” films have gone wrong too – it loses the viewer because of it. Sometimes not showing everything is more effective than displaying someone’s guts hanging off a wall heater – the mind is the most imaginative beast of all, after all. To be informed of someone’s acid-scarred flesh is one thing, to be shown it is – well, frickin’ disgusting.

Reno 911! : Miami – More Busted Than Ever [DVD]
12 Sep

Reno 911! : Miami – More Busted Than Ever [DVD] »

Going to see a film spin-off of a TV series you’ve never seen is like joining a sports team mid-way through the season, so was I glad to discover that ”Reno 911: Miami” was no less a remake of ”Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach”!

New Trailer : Confessions of a Shopaholic »

Isla Fisher hits the big time… in a Jerry Bruckheimer production!

Married With Children : Season 2 [DVD]
8 Sep

Married With Children : Season 2 [DVD] »

There’s some OK episodes in Season 2 – actually, the one’s that aren’t as crude, but are simply clever, I find more entertaining – including one where Al fails his drivers license renewal test on the same day that Kelly passes hers and another where the Bundy’s find themselves in trouble with a killer that’s on the loose.

Robot Chicken : Star Wars [DVD]
7 Sep

Robot Chicken : Star Wars [DVD] »

”Robot Chicken: Star Wars” is double-sized episode jam-packed with over thirty shorts and spoofs paying tribute to that galaxy far, far away. Being as the writers and creators of Robot Chicken are vastly obsessed with the franchise, this special is laced with esoteric jokes and obscure references at every turn. The best of these sketches typically poke fun at silly characters, such as Jar Jar Binks, and gaps in reasoning that the Prequel Trilogy presented.

Make it Happen
3 Sep

Make it Happen »

News Flash : In a freak Flashdance, a young Honey, bound for fame, was bit by a Coyote Ugly whilst taking Center Stage at the Step Up club.

Not Quite Hollywood
28 Aug

Not Quite Hollywood »

An appropriately toned and honest account of an Australian industry that showed so much promise and proudly flexed a humour-muscle that has since been hiding under the flabby tissue of a depressing and dreary era.

Oz – The Complete 6th Season [DVD]
25 Aug

Oz – The Complete 6th Season [DVD] »

”Oz” has been a terrific show, with lots of memorable characters (Our faves are Keller and Beecher, who have had an ongoing romance… one that we all feel is bound to go bust at any moment) and some absolutely terrific storylines. Make sure you catch its final hoorah!

Heroes : Season 2 [DVD]
25 Aug

Heroes : Season 2 [DVD] »

“Heroes” is a bit like a metropolitan train – it speeds up, then slows down, then speeds up, then slows down, then comes to a complete stop… before leisurely getting going again.

Battlestar Galactica : Razor [DVD]
25 Aug

Battlestar Galactica : Razor [DVD] »

Since you won’t be seeing any ”Galactica” anytime soon though I suggest you get your wang tickled with ”Razor”. I think you’ll enjoy it – but I also think you’ll be groaning for more afterwards.

I Could Never Be Your Woman [DVD] »

Stamped in so much sweetness and features one of the best screen couples since Tom and Meg, that it’ll be about as hard to knock back as a free mystery flight.

Street Kings [DVD]
24 Aug

Street Kings [DVD] »

It’s good to see Reeves giving something resembling a performance – something he doesn’t do too often. He’s actually ‘good’ here – rather than ‘tolerable’, which is what most will expect.

Caffeinated Clint – 24/8/08
23 Aug

Caffeinated Clint – 24/8/08 »

It’s the return of Tom Cruise!! He brings the “Thunder”!

Death Race
22 Aug

Death Race »

With a little more time in shop and tinkering, this could have been a solid action film, instead it stalls at the starting line badly in need of a tune up.

The Rocker
22 Aug
Written by Adam Frazier

The Rocker »

”The Rocker” is so sweet and sugary it will give you a toothache. It’s squeaky-clean, totally harmless and so completely non-edgy. Unfortunately, it just isn’t that funny.

Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles S1[DVD]
21 Aug

Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles S1[DVD] »

The show does lack of a good unstoppable evil Terminator – Schwarzenegger was just so good in the role; Robert Patrick too – but thankfully Headey (especially good as Connor), Dekker and Summer Glau (“Serenity”) are all good in their roles

Tropic Thunder
19 Aug
Written by Drew Turney

Tropic Thunder »

”Tropic Thunder’ is, in a very subtle way not unlike some of the better films of Will Ferrell, with authentic touches in context with the film but with that ‘just too far’ edge.

Family Ties : Season Four [DVD]
14 Aug

Family Ties : Season Four [DVD] »

Regular readers of this here page (sounds funny calling this 3000-page portal a ‘page’) will know of my adoration for Michael J. Fox (And yes, I have seen “Life with Mikey” – own it too!) and more so, “Family Ties”.

The Other Boleyn Girl [DVD]
12 Aug

The Other Boleyn Girl [DVD] »

By Mary Lewens

It’s the kind of a film that should have ‘hit’ written all over it. Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson – Read more…

Weeksy’s Review : Fringe 101 »

Weeksy checks out J.J Abrams’ newest series


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