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Speed Racer
11 May

Speed Racer »

In a breathtaking whirlwind of light and sound the ‘60s Japanese anime, “Speed Racer,” blasts onto the big screen with a distinctive flourish of energy only the Wachowski brothers can deliver.

Iron Man »

“Iron Man” will be glad to know he isn’t going to be a Comic Con attendee’s breakfast.

All Men are Liars [DVD] »

A toneless, unoriginal mess, it’s symptomatic of the “throw money at a wall and see what sticks” of Australian movies ever since.

The Kite Runner [DVD] »

Brilliantly and delicately directed by Marc Forster, ”The Kite Runner” emerges as a morality parable tailored to our more complex social and political generation.

Saw IV [DVD] »

Like the ”Pirates of the Caribbean” series, you’d have to sit down to watch the whole thing from beginning to end to keep abreast of the characters and what they have to do with each other

Music Within [DVD] »

“Music Within” plays a bit like an excessively earnest public-service announcement, but that’s not always a bad thing – at least this way the message gets through.

Shadow Puppets [DVD] »

Yes, it's cheap, and yes, it's without any real direction, but for a film that probably cost only a couple of million dollars, it is what it is. Credits Director : Michael Winnick Starring : James Marsters, Jolene Blalock, Tony Todd, Jonathan Hale Our Score : By Clint Morris My wife likes to use the [...]

Street Kings »

If you’ve seen ‘’Copland’’, ‘’Training Day’’ or ‘’Dark Blue’’, you’ve seen this

The Savages [DVD] »

A little trim here and there and this could’ve been a real winner.

The Ruins
8 Apr

The Ruins »

By Adam Frazier

Based off the Scott B. Smith novel by the same name, “The Ruins” is a mysterious horror film by newcomer Read more…

Death Defying Acts
8 Apr

Death Defying Acts »

By Clint Morris

Considering it’s a movie about Harry Houdini, one would’ve thought ‘’Death Defying Acts” would have played a lot more real Read more…

7 Apr

21 »

By Captain Cumquat

21 is what happens when Ocean’s Eleven and Good Will Hunting get drunk at the roulette wheel and share the Read more…

Diary of the Dead
6 Apr

Diary of the Dead »

By Clint Morris

There are many ways to get a message across. Some use a bottle, others use TV or Radio, some get Read more…

Flawless »

Flawless? No, but the new Demi Moore/Michael Caine staring heist thriller definitely isn't as riddled with holes as the unfortunate grade on the Rotten Tomatoes website might have you believe. Michael Caine, Demi Moore, Joss Ackland, Lambert Wilson Flawless? No, but the new Demi Moore/Michael Caine staring heist thriller definitely isn't as riddled with holes [...]

Confessions of a Superhero »

A great documentary about the many interesting characters that occupy L.A.'s Hollywood Boulevard. Take a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard and you’re bound to bump into just about anybody. From Jack Sparrow to Chewbacca, Freddy Krueger to Elmo, the walk of fame is filled with living, breathing characters. Among these mere mortals are heroes clad in [...]

Pistol Whipped

[DVD]" >

Pistol Whipped

[DVD] »

By Clint Morris Is Steven Seagal just a weight-loss program away from a comeback? I reckon so. Though the one-time action giant of the 80s and 90s had has a pretty dire run the last decade or so, headlining the types of direct-to-video actioners that Wings Hauser or Thomas Ian Griffith would’ve occupied back in [...]
Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead
22 Mar

Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead »

By Clint Morris

As I see it, there are two types of people in this world – those that wear a helmet when Read more…

Tropic Thunder trailer online »

August 15th couldn't come any sooner This looks great! Check out the trailer for the new Ben Stiller comedy "Tropic Thunder" Here. (I hear Tom Cruise is so good in his cameo that you'll all be apologizing to him for NOT sticking by his crazy phase after you see it!)
Drillbit Taylor
14 Mar

Drillbit Taylor »

By Kris Ashton

It’s clear depression really can afflict anyone, because Owen Wilson was born under a lucky star. He’s as ugly as Read more…

The Savages »

By Kris Ashton

It’s a life chapter most of us will face at some point: when old age reverses the roles of parent Read more…

Step Up 2 : The Streets
9 Mar

Step Up 2 : The Streets »

By Clint Morris

Considering rising star Channing Tatum – and his bodacious dance moves – was essentially the only good thing about last Read more…

Run Fatboy Run
7 Mar

Run Fatboy Run »

By Clint Morris

Whilst the notion of rising comic superstar Simon Pegg ditching his usual cohort, director Edgar Wright – who helmed Pegg’s Read more…


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