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Paranoid Park
7 Mar

Paranoid Park »

By Clint Morris

Borrowing Norman Bates weapon of choice, Gus Van Sant sliced off that part of him that only wanted to work Read more…

Lars and the Real Girl
28 Feb

Lars and the Real Girl »

By Clint Morris

Unlike one of it’s central characters – yes, the one with the price-tag, and the stiff legs – “Lars and Read more…

The Jane Austen Book Club
19 Feb

The Jane Austen Book Club »

By Clint Morris

Jane Austen books are for girls, lets admit it, and I’m not even going to try and convince the guys Read more…

18 Feb

Sleuth »

By Clint Morris

When is Hollywood going to learn – hell! Jude Law! – that remaking old Michael Caine movies doesn’t work. They’re Read more…

In The Valley Of Elah
17 Feb

In The Valley Of Elah »

By Clint Morris

Usually when you think of a ‘Valley’ you think of somewhere green, populated by pleasantry and with skies guarding it Read more…

The return of Steve Sanders! »

"90210" star to make a new buddy in Jerry O'Connell 2008 really is the year the ex-90210-ers re inherit the gold – OK maybe standard – memberships to the Viper Room (or are they too old for sniffing crack off a Playboy model's ass and listening to Johnny Depp strum a guitar?) with most of [...]
Black Water
12 Feb

Black Water »

If there’s gum on the end of your cinema chair, remove it before the film starts…. Because that’s where you’ll be sitting for the duration of this one!

Fools Gold
11 Feb

Fools Gold »

By Guy Davis

Could a movie be more aptly titled than ”Fool’s Gold”? Like the not-so-precious metal of the same name, it looks Read more…

Meet the Spartans
8 Feb

Meet the Spartans »

By Clint Morris

If “Date Movie” was being reluctantly strapped down to an iron mattress, and “Epic Movie” was feeling a sharpened knife Read more…

The Eye
8 Feb

The Eye »

By Ramius

In ”The Eye”, unfussy hottie Jessica Alba plays a formerly blind woman who, now complete with some funky new eyes thanks Read more…

There Will Be Blood
31 Jan

There Will Be Blood »

By Clint Morris

It’s dark but slick. It’s attainable but invaluable. Talking, of course, about that sought-after commodity Oil but one could easily Read more…

Mad Money
30 Jan

Mad Money »

By Clint Morris

“Mad Money” hey? Yep, if I were a greenback I’d be pissed too – after all, nobody likes to see Read more…

Mama’s Boy
24 Jan

Mama’s Boy »

By Clint Morris

“Is there anything in here that’s not utterly repugnant?”

Jon Heder’s looking at a café menu when he utters those Read more…

Exclusive Interview : Timothy Spall
22 Jan

Exclusive Interview : Timothy Spall »

British actor Timothy Spall talks to Clint Morris about his latest film “Sweeney Todd”

Inkheart moved to 2009 »

Brendan Fraser/New Line release delayed a year Brendan Fraser's "Inkheart" has been moved to 2009, according to Variety. Why? Yep, you guessed it - the writer's strike. Those behind the family adventure pic say they couldn't adequately market the pic in light of the hit television is taking from the writers strike. "Inkheart," which is [...]
14 Jan

P2 »

It's silly at times, and there are a couple of moments in the film that could've used a re-write, but for the most part, it's a fun leave-your-brain-at-the-door thriller that easily surpasses everything those horror remakes of late entail. Credits Director : Franck Khalfoun Starring : Rachel Nichols, Wes Bentley Our Score : By Clint [...]
The Orphanage
14 Jan

The Orphanage »

By Adam Frazier

As I was leaving the theater after watching Juan Antonio Bayona’s “The Orpahange,” I realized – as I brushed away Read more…

Sydney White
10 Jan

Sydney White »

By Clint Morris

As far as teen comedies go it’s not “the most beautiful of all” but “Sydney White” leaves a much better Read more…

27 Dresses
9 Jan
Written by adam

27 Dresses »

By Adam Weeks

So, what can you really say about “27 Dresses”, AKA the post “Knocked Up” Katherine Heigl R.C.V.? That’s Romantic Comedy Read more…

Feast of Love
4 Jan

Feast of Love »

By Clint Morris

Feast? What Feast? I’m famished!

Seems people aren’t just being condescending or cheeky when referring to “Feast of Love” as Read more…

The Heartbreak Kid (DVD) »

In a year of quality comedies, this is one of the best Ben Stiller, Michelle Monaghan, Jerry Stiller, Malin Akerman During the mid-to-late ’90s, the Farrelly brothers, Bobby and Peter, set the comedy benchmark with Dumb & Dumber and There’s Something About Mary – films that threw political correctness out the window and combined gross-out [...]

Smiley Face (DVD) »

To say Ms. Faris is playing against type in “Smiley Face” would be an undeniable fib. Anna Faris, Adam Brody, Roscoe Lee Brown, Marion Ross, John Krasinski, Jane Lynch In her latest film, Anna Faris plays a wacky young woman who, we gather, is ‘bent’ most of the time. In short, she’s a right nutter. [...]


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