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Monday, February 27, 2017


Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter

History tells us that Abraham Lincoln was a great man. What it doesn’t tell us is that, long before he became President he...

Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter

Thanks to a smart screenplay by Seth-Grahame Smith, who also wrote the original novel, the film never disappoints. If you allow yourself to get lost in the story you soon begin to believe that what you’re seeing on screen may have happened.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Fairytale shows are the new Viagra – massively produced things that seem to only be on the up and up. Just one difference, films...


There are three things to keep in mind when approaching ”Prometheus”. First (and let’s be honest) even though Ridley Scott’s shadow looms large over...

Happy Feet 2

“Happy Feet 2”, the follow up to Australian George Miller’s 2006 breakout animated smash hit, follows the journey of Mumble’s (voice of Elijah Wood)...

Rock of Ages

I guess I’m just not sure who this film is aimed at? It’s a bit too dirty to go the kid/tween market, yet too wholesome for young adults. The now 40 year olds who were in their prime in 1987? Yeah, let’s go with them.

That’s My Boy

I must admit at the start that I had a major crush on one of my teachers in high school. I’m not going to...

Rock of Ages

A small town girl (Julianne Hough) and a city boy (Diego Boneta) meet on the Sunset Strip, while pursuing their Hollywood dreams. Sounds like...


The visuals are expansive and at times beautiful

Take this Waltz

It's punch simply derives from the realistic storytelling

Friends With Kids

If people lived their life by the movies, no man would ever want to get married because once they put a ring on it...

Men in Black 3

It’s been 10 years since Agent’s “J” and “K” have made our world safe from aliens. A lot of things have changed since then....

Get The Gringo

When it comes to DVD and Blu-ray, you’re either an audio commentary type or you’re not. Usually it’s the film aficionado that will gladly...

Friends with Kids

I did find this movie a lot more charming than I expected

Piranha 3DD

An hour-and-a-half triathlon in tits and terror

Clip, Poster for The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Trailer premieres on MTV next week

Dark Shadows

“Dark Shadows” is just your typical ‘vampire imprisoned for centuries by a spurned witch lover after she made the love of his life jump...

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Does a beautiful job capturing the sensory experience of the location

The Darkest Hour

About as scary as a monster made out of a cup of pot noodles

A Few Best Men

It has a lot of heart and soul and it's very hard not to enjoy

The Chernobyl Diaries

Though some of the scares are telegraphed the majority of the film is pretty intense

Top Priority : The Terror Within

A remarkable film that'll make you question your leaders

Albert Nobbs

A touching narrative that seeps into the modern subconscious

Men in Black 3

A resounding return to the magic that made the original so successful

The Skin I Live In

To see Banderas act in his native Spanish tongue is riveting

Mission : Impossible – Ghost Protocol

The ”Mission Impossible” franchise is a bit like the family Christmas tree. You pull it out of cobwebs, stick some pretty things on it,...

The Lucky One

Nicholas Sparks films have almost created their own subgenre of movies at this point, in which two ridiculously good looking people meet in the...

The Avengers

I’m calling it. “The Avengers” is the “Citizen Kane” of super hero movies. If by that statement you assume I enjoyed it, you would...

The Five-Year Engagement

In terms of movies whose titles explain the plot, “The Five Year Engagement” is right up there with “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and...


Struggles to prioritize what moments it should hold still for or capture


Claire Danes & Jim Parsons board transgender family drama

Jim Parsons and Claire Danes are set to star in "A Kid Like Jake". According to Variety, Parsons and Danes will play the parents of a 4-year-old-son...