• 30 Minutes or Less

    The star here is McBride.

  • The Woman in Black

    Radcliffe gives a strong performance; the direction is solid

  • The Dictator

    Cohen has crafted a masterpiece of political incorrectness

  • American Pie : Reunion

    1999′s “American Pie” didn’t give us just a memorable scene with a pie, it gave us quite...

  • Act of Valour

    Somehow seeing these Seals react to each situation is sobering

  • Cabin in the Woods

    Hard to say if it's a self-consciously deliberate attempt at metaphor or parody

  • Dark Shadows

    Depp shines with confusion and old fashioned determination

  • Iron Sky

    The outer space sequences are kinetic

  • The Five-Year Engagement

    A consistent and likeable film that is well worth watching

  • Robert Pattinson signs up for new Mission

    Someone likes their men sparkly...

  • Jack Black

    Mandy talks to the star of "Bernie"

  • Tower Heist

    An effective heist thriller with some funny moments.

  • The Avengers

    I’m calling it. “The Avengers” is the “Citizen Kane” of super hero movies!

  • Jessica Chastain may be Iron Man 3 love interest

    "Sexy Scientist" role for "Tree of Life" actress

  • The Hunger Games

    My obsessive love for “The Hunger Games” is what landed me my job at Moviehole. There I...

  • The Lucky One

    Provides you with everything you would expect from a tragi-romance film

  • Battleship

    The game Battleship is a bit of harmless, unrealistic, feel-good fun, and the movie “Battleship” is very much the same

  • Mike has the verdict on the new Three Stooges movie!

    Could have been horrible, but it's not!

  • The Iron Lady

    Relies too much on dramatic music and heavy dialogue to establish Margaret Thatcher’s toughness

  • American Pie : Reunion

    Such a darn tasty slice of nostalgia and chunky laugh-meat that even us oldies won't walk away disappointed

  • Wrath of the Titans

    “Wrath of the Titans” is 100 times better then 2010’s “Clash of the Titans.” But wait, there’s more…

  • The Debt

    A thriller that keeps you guessing up to the end

  • The Raid

    A mixtape of martial arts, gun battles and blood

  • Comic Con Episode IV : A Fan’s Hope

    Boxes up everything you already know in one unashamedly fun package

  • The Debt

    10 copies of the Sam Worthington-Helen Mirren thriller up for grabs

  • The Hunger Games

    A gripping, harrowing journey with plenty of action and a fantastic storyline

  • 21 Jump Street

    The film features a similar précis, but takes itself far, far, less seriously than the show did

  • Mirror Mirror

    Of the two Snow White films this year this will probably be the more suitable for children

  • Jon Bernthal Joins Frank Darabont’s New TNT Pilot

    Former Walking Dead Duo re-team for new show


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