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The Viral Factor

Chou has announced that “The Viral Factor” would be his last action film. If this is true he’s going out on top!

Silent House

Olsen spends most of the film hiding under furniture

John Carter

Nothing "Pitch Black" didn't accomplish for a fifth of the price


I was constantly looking for subtext I just don't think was there

I Don’t Know How She Does It

I found myself more pensive than pleased

The Cup

the somewhat dated execution will limit its appeal


Emmerich has captured most successfully the dazzling beauty and wealth of the royal court

Project X

''Porky's'' for the YouTube generation

Todd Phillips, Nima Nourizadeh

The producer and director of "Project X" on the riotous new comedy, and "The Hangover 3"

Quick News – Feb 29, 2011

Olsen for "Oldboy", "Avengers" retitled, "One hit Wonders", "Deadpool", "Noah"


An intense crime drama that unfolds into a shattering tragedy and character study

Dragon Tattoo, Tinker Tailor, Bridesmaids sequel talk on Oscar Red Carpet

Two of them sound like they'll happen...

PSST! with Caffeinated Clint | Exclusive News

Scoops on "In Your Eyes", Ashley Greene, Ciaran Hinds and more...

Killer Elite

Another failed example of Australian filmmakers trying to make American movies


Transplants pleasing export ''Reykjavík-Rotterdam'' to Yankee terrain with good results

Lost Highway

From the surreal end of David Lynch's catalogue comes another of his 'which is the dream, which is reality' oeuvre

Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me

What most "Twin Peaks" fans want to know is whether or not the rumoured deleted scenes made it onto the disc...

Edgar Wright directing Johnny Depp as The Night Stalker!

"Scott Pilgrim" helmer resurrecting Kolchak!

Quick News – Feb 22, 2012

"Hunger Games", "L.A Noir", "The Counsellor", "Godfather" sequel, new posters...

This Mean’s War

Smartly written and cleverly directed by action maestro McG

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

The story of a boy whose love for his father continues to grow, even after he’s gone

My Week With Marilyn

Gives viewers a small look inside the life and very fragile psyche


arrelson is so good at making us feel a little unsure about those we trust with our cities, crimes and lives


Isn't a film, it's an arcade claw machine masquerading as a film

Exclusive : Game of Thrones‘ Bean joins Killed Me Adaptation

Based on Anthony McGowan's graphic novel

Safe House

A live action re-enactment of Peter Griffin battling the Giant Chicken on “Family Guy”!

Say what!? They’re remaking Hitchcock’s Rebecca!?

Because Van Sant's "Psycho" wasn't enough.

Josh Lawson, Christian Clark

We had plenty of "Questions For Ben" - and got some answers too!


A more confronting film you're not likely to see


Cool, entertaining, absorbing, a little thought provoking


Trailer & Poster: Weiner-Dog

Amazon Studios and IFC Films have released the trailer for writer-director Todd Solondz's dark comedy "Wiener-Dog". You can also see the poster below. "Wiener-Dog" will open...