• SXSW Review: Brooklyn Castle

    Adam's take on the true-story doco about how chess changed an entire school.

  • The Viral Factor

    Chou has announced that “The Viral Factor” would be his last action film. If this is true he’s going out on top!

  • Silent House

    Olsen spends most of the film hiding under furniture

  • John Carter

    Nothing "Pitch Black" didn't accomplish for a fifth of the price

  • Drive

    I was constantly looking for subtext I just don't think was there

  • I Don’t Know How She Does It

    I found myself more pensive than pleased

  • The Cup

    the somewhat dated execution will limit its appeal

  • Anonymous

    Emmerich has captured most successfully the dazzling beauty and wealth of the royal court

  • Project X

    ''Porky's'' for the YouTube generation

  • Todd Phillips, Nima Nourizadeh

    The producer and director of "Project X" on the riotous new comedy, and "The Hangover 3"

  • Quick News – Feb 29, 2011

    Olsen for "Oldboy", "Avengers" retitled, "One hit Wonders", "Deadpool", "Noah"

  • Bullhead

    An intense crime drama that unfolds into a shattering tragedy and character study

  • PSST! with Caffeinated Clint | Exclusive News

    Scoops on "In Your Eyes", Ashley Greene, Ciaran Hinds and more...

  • Killer Elite

    Another failed example of Australian filmmakers trying to make American movies

  • Contraband

    Transplants pleasing export ''Reykjavík-Rotterdam'' to Yankee terrain with good results

  • Lost Highway

    From the surreal end of David Lynch's catalogue comes another of his 'which is the dream, which is reality' oeuvre

  • Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me

    What most "Twin Peaks" fans want to know is whether or not the rumoured deleted scenes made it onto the disc...

  • Edgar Wright directing Johnny Depp as The Night Stalker!

    "Scott Pilgrim" helmer resurrecting Kolchak!

  • Quick News – Feb 22, 2012

    "Hunger Games", "L.A Noir", "The Counsellor", "Godfather" sequel, new posters...

  • This Mean’s War

    Smartly written and cleverly directed by action maestro McG

  • Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

    The story of a boy whose love for his father continues to grow, even after he’s gone

  • My Week With Marilyn

    Gives viewers a small look inside the life and very fragile psyche

  • Rampart

    arrelson is so good at making us feel a little unsure about those we trust with our cities, crimes and lives

  • Trespass

    Isn't a film, it's an arcade claw machine masquerading as a film

  • Exclusive : Game of Thrones‘ Bean joins Killed Me Adaptation

    Based on Anthony McGowan's graphic novel

  • Safe House

    A live action re-enactment of Peter Griffin battling the Giant Chicken on “Family Guy”!

  • Say what!? They’re remaking Hitchcock’s Rebecca!?

    Because Van Sant's "Psycho" wasn't enough.

  • Josh Lawson, Christian Clark

    We had plenty of "Questions For Ben" - and got some answers too!

  • Shame

    A more confronting film you're not likely to see


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