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Lost and Millennium actors join Dark Knight Rises

ClintMay 24, 2011
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Joker joins The Dark Knight Rises!?

ClintMay 21, 2011
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Here’s Tom Hardy as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises!

JessicaMay 21, 2011
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The Dark Knight Start-of-Production Announcement

Alicia MaloneMay 20, 2011
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Set pics from The Dark Knight Rises Online!

JessicaMay 18, 2011
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Set pics from The Dark Knight Rises; Liam Neeson reprising Ra’s al Ghul?

May 7, 2011
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Quick News – Lana Lang contender, Rock as Charley Pride, Batman locale

ClintApr 30, 2011
Marion Cotillard Public Enemies image (1)
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Warner Bros officially names Cotillard and Gordon Levitt part of Dark Knight Rises

ClintApr 20, 2011
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Various Casting Bits : Dark Knight Rises, Odd Thomas, Wallflower, Big Sur, Liars All

Apr 16, 2011
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Rescue Me‘s Franco gets a transfer to Gotham City

ClintApr 13, 2011
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Quick News – Life of Pi, Fright Night, Dark Knight Rises, Jeff Buckley Biopic

ClintApr 9, 2011
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Why Dark Knight Rises is shooting in Pittsburgh

left_blankApr 6, 2011
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Gary Oldman talks Dark Knight Rises

left_blankMar 28, 2011
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Dark Knight Rises Story Spoilers!

Alicia MaloneMar 3, 2011
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Will Tom Hardy wear the ‘Gimp Mask’ in Dark Knight Rises?

ClintFeb 22, 2011
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Set Pic of The Joker’s new home in Dark Knight Rises! (Updated)

Alicia MaloneFeb 15, 2011
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Batman won’t get any Dick in Dark Knight Rises

ClintFeb 6, 2011